.Not saying I’ve missed these things, because it is just a different existence out here – but they are all things I enjoy that I haven’t been able to do for over three months now: And now that the end of my voyage is drawing near, I am starting to think about my “other” life again – my life on dry land.

– bathing in fresh, not salt, water – washing my hair – getting dressed up and putting on makeup – eating out – having a drink with friends – walking – trees – massage – freedom to do a lot more things than can be done alone on a small boat – NOT rowing – curling up in a comfortable chair with a good book – the internet – emailing my friends – not just my team – people – chance meetings – serendipity – using my Macbook rather than a PC – my coffee-shop-and-journal therapy sessions – going to see a movie (is “Sex and the City” still showing anywhere? I left a week before the premier!) – a glass of something nice – champagne (Veuve Clicquot), wine (chenin blanc or pinot noir), beer (English) or margarita (straight up with salt) – depending on mood – and, of course, caramel lattes!

I am not wishing my time away (much), but the ocean is a tough environment and I am looking forward to being somewhere where the sun is high and the living is easy (or at least easier).

Other stuff:

Position at 1945 24th August HST, 0545 25th August UTC: 22 01.106’N, 153 46.358’W.

Today has been a bit poor on the mileage. The wind is good now, but for most of the day it has been very variable due to squalls. And it was very light last night – normally I would expect to make about 9′ of longitude overnight, but last night I only got 4′, so that was not a flying start to the day.

But the weather varies quite a bit from day to day, so with a bit of luck tomorrow will be an improvement. But we may now be looking at Sept 1 or 2 rather than August 31. It doesn’t matter too much one way or another – so long as I get there safe and sound.

Thanks to Karen and Megan for the kind donations – much appreciated, and Karen, I promise I will put it towards my day of massage and pampering. I can’t wait!

To Texino and anyone else who is concerned about the safety of my arrival in Hawaii: please don’t worry! It will be, errr, challenging, but my weatherguy and I (and various other helpful people, including the wonderful folks at the Waikiki Yacht Club) are all on the case and will make sure that my landfall is as safe as possible. Worry ye not! That’s OUR job!

And thanks for all the other lovely messages of support too. Each and every one is read and appreciated.

Click here to view Day 92 of the Atlantic Crossing 2 March 2006: Has she or hasn’t she? About drinking ballast water.
(Tomorrow these details will be rather late in the day as I am travelling to San Francisco from the UK – Rita.)

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