Monty at Southborough School

20 February 2006

Rita Savage

Once again my grateful thanks to those who have sent encouraging messages today. Still no news of Roz. Probably we will need to wait until she arrives in Antigua.
It seems quite extraordinary that today I have received messages from three schools where the pupils are following Roz’ voyage on the internet. We did know about Southborough Junior School in Hampshire, because they have sent Monty their mascot along with Roz on her boat. They have met Roz, supported her with a fund-raising cake sale, and have sent messages before. Then I received a message from the Island Academy in Antigua, and pupils there are hoping that Roz will arrive during school hours so that they can go to the harbour to welcome her in.
The third one was from Diane, Roz’ cousin, who is a teacher at Eldwick Primary School in Yorkshire. She says that pupils and staff are following Roz’ track and are all very proud of her. I wonder whether any pupils will be inspired to tackle something adventurous in their lives? I have already had messages from two female rowers who seem to be thinking of rowing across the Atlantic – solo, I wonder? Whatever will their mothers think! My advice: take plenty of duck tape and make sure your satphone keeps working.

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