Grey Skies

It is now nearly 80 days since I last looked in a mirror, and it’s probably just as well. It would probably crack. I must be looking like the wild woman of the forest – or more accurately, the wild savage of the seas.

But the great thing is: I really don’t care. It really doesn’t matter. The fish don’t mind (or, if they do, they are too polite to say anything).

We generally live in a very looks-ist world, where we all, no matter how much we try not to, tend to judge on appearances. Well, I do, anyway. It’s hard not to, because when you first meet somebody that is all you have to go on.

And so many of us end up judging ourselves by appearances too. Am I having a bad hair day? Am I wearing the right clothes for the occasion? Does my bum look big in this? I know for sure that it affects me to some extent when I’m carrying extra pounds, as I tend to just before a big ocean row (see my TED talk for the evidence).

So it is tremendously liberating to be at least 1,500 miles from the nearest human eyeballs (assuming for now that the folks on the space station aren’t looking). It’s paradoxical, that although what I am doing out here is so very physical, I am less conscious of myself as a physical being, even when bits of me hurt. I feel almost like pure thought. Even the pain is something being perceived by my mind, rather than something that exists in the relevant part of my body. I can say that “my shoulders hurt”, but it is my mind that is bothered about it, not my shoulders.

Here, more than anywhere else, I understand the notion that our world is a manifestation of our thoughts, that what we think becomes reality. And that if we want to change our world, we have to start by changing our thinking.

Oh heck, how did I get onto this? This is Philosophy-Friday-type stuff. Today’s was meant to be a light-hearted blog about me looking like I’m being dragged through a hedge (or ocean) backwards – which, come to think of it, I am.

Other Stuff:

Just as I was finishing the above, the most almighty wave collided with the cabin wall, about half an inch behind my head, with a deafening din. My adrenaline is still pumping. No damage – it was all talk and no trousers – but bloody hell it was loud. Which reminds me that the waves are due to be even bigger tonight than they were today, so I had best get horizontal asap, as my bunk is by far the safest place to be.

In summary of today, grey and chilly and rough. Rowing across waves no fun at all – a very wet and splashy business. But decent progress made.

Pippa – a big mug of organic miso soup went down very well at the end of a hard day. Thank you for your magnificent shopping expeditions in Perth – very much appreciated.

Quote: “Act as if you were separate from nothing, and no one, and you will heal your world tomorrow.” (from Conversations With God
Photo: grey skies today.

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  • I’ve really enjoyed learning more about Roz Savage and now I’m loving following her blog.  Be safe Ms. S. !

  • “I feel almost like pure thought”.   WOW, that must be a unique and freeing feeling.   Perhaps you are a yogi after all! (and I don’t mean bear).  Be safe.

    • Perhaps Roz is distantly related to Yogi Berra?  Let’s go get some pic-a-nic baskets Boo Boo.

  • Yesterday’s comment about the economic growth fetish of modern society, Roz, was absolutely spot on. You nailed it. I’m behind on your blog because I’m working so hard on a project!! 

    I know others have said this, but I wish we knew where you were–DON’T YOU TARE DELL US! I’m thinking you’re just about rounding the mouth of the Amazon soon to reach Hudson Bay. 

  • Howdy Roz,  It just came to me that your ocean row is like a giant economy size seshin (sp). Lots of thought.  Not sure if I spelled seshin correctly.  In buddhism it is a long meditation usually 1 week where one sits and meditates all day.  We really can do wonder filled things by taking thought.
       Have you seen any beautiful sunrises or sunsets lately?  Perhaps the green flash?  All the best,   Stephen 

  • It is funny . . . I will be out on a long bicycle ride with nary a thought about whether there’s wild hairs sticking out from under the helmet . . . or my jersey is out of place . . . or . . .

    But the minute I pass a mirror, or a window, when I’m done riding I suddenly have to make sure all is in place and looks its best (or the best it can).  We’re funny that way . . .

  • Damn, Roz! It sounds like you’re headed full tilt toward a quasi Hermetic as above, so below/Zen one with everything experience if you’re not there already. If you succeed you might be able to become the wind like the protagonist in The Alchemist. That kind of mojo wouldn’t hurt the milage.


    P.S. The towel is in the mail.

  • Dear Roz; Thank you for devoting so much of your blog in response to my comments. I feel obliged to continue the correspondence but am reluctant to take up so much of your space. So I shall email my clarification to you so that your Mum can pass it on and you can decide whether to post it.
    Meanwhile, be sure that you have my unqualified support in whatever you decide to do (except, perhaps, just one thing!),

  • Hello Roz!
    Loved todays quote and then I got to thinking about all the first of the blog and how great you looked when we met just after you finished the Atlantic row. I have determined that no matter how frazzeled you may look at times, you “clean up nicely”!  I am constantly amazed how you handle the stress and the long hours of rowing. I am excited about and for you and I pray you are making progress!  Hugs,  Roger

  • You made me laugh out loud as recovering from feeling utterly stupid in cap and gown….why did I feel stupid? Because I was proud of the learning, how I had improved my knowledge….intangible things not how i looked – I had only been thinking that it would be so much better if we could release our brain from our heads to send them off to the graduation with their own little mortar board if necessary…..and let them take the credit just for once 🙂 
    Getting thirsty…..need that drink soon…..row girl row 🙂

  • You know that quote, “Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt” ?

    I feel that way about mirrors. I think myself prettier without them!

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