Today (July 1) is the birthday of a dear friend of mine, Dr Aenor Sawyer – also my expedition medic, veteran of the 2008 Sedna salvage mission, and healthy bones advocate. So this gives me an excuse to plug two new ventures, one hers and one mine.

First, Dr Aenor’s venture. Dr Aenor is passionate about bone health the
way I am passionate about the environment. I still have one of her “Make
It Or Break It” bone-shaped stickers in my boat’s cabin. She is starting
a skeletal health program at UCSF, in a multi-disciplinary way for all

In the book I was listening to a few days ago, “Don’t Eat This Book”, it
mentioned that youngsters used to drink more milk than soda. But now it
is the other way around. Milk (amongst other things) makes for healthy
bones. Soda doesn’t. In fact, I think I am right in saying that soda
reduces the ability of the body to absorb calcium, but feel free to
correct me if I’m wrong. So the world needs Dr Aenor’s program, and
others like it, if the next generation isn’t going to suffer from
osteoporosis as well as obesity, diabetes, ADHD, and the other evil
side-effects of a “modern” diet.

Oh, and by the way, we’re lucky Aenor is around to do this. She very
nearly died of cancer, and then metastatic cancer. But either life
wasn’t ready to let her go, or she wasn’t ready to let go of life. Or both.

Second, my venture. Well, not really a venture, more of a book, and a
future, currently-non-existent book at that. I just thought you’d like
to know that I spent a chunk of last winter writing a book about my
Pacific crossing, particularly focusing on the environmental stories
that I encountered en route – plastic pollution and the JUNK Raft, sea
level rise and the effect on small island nations (like Kiribati), and
my walk from Big Ben to Brussels for the COP15 UN climate change
conference. I’ll be doing some revisions to the draft when I get back to
dry land, and I hope to have the book out next spring, although no
definite book deal as yet. My literary agent is working on it.

Lookout: Roz and Aenor

The book also features Dr Aenor and a couple of other friends in the 2007 tale of how we salvaged my boat, left abandoned and drifting a hundred miles off the California coast when I was unwillingly airlifted by the US Coast Guard after twenty foot waves had capsized my boat 3 times in 24 hours. I’d met Aenor for the first time only a few weeks before I’d set out on the voyage, but in my time of need she offered to come help in the mission to find my boat.

I hope my book makes it into print so you can read the full story – it
was one of those episodes that was immensely stressful at the time, but
makes a great salty sea story afterwards – drama, humour, romance (well,
the ending of one, actually), and a life-affirming tribute to the value
of friendship.

Thanks for everything, Aenor, good luck with the new program, and happy

Other Stuff:

Today was pretty productive. The wind is backing to where I want it, and
increasing in strength. The next few days will be a bit bouncy, but
should see me make a few good miles.

The electrical system gave me a momentary heart stoppage this afternoon,
but I disconnected everything and reconnected it, and we seem to be back
in business. For now.

I’d just like to say a quick thank you to the good folks at Wilderness
Family Naturals. The bountiful goodies you sent me continue to be
highlights in the day. Current favourite is the coconut cream in jars. I
quite happily eat it by the spoonful, just as it is. Deeelish!

Quote for today, sent to me by Mariya Gold: The Dalai Lama, when asked
what surprised him most about humanity, answered “Man. Because he
sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money
to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future
that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not
live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to
die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Photos: Aenor the Bone Doctor, Aenor the Boat Spotter

Sponsored Miles: Grateful thanks for miles sponsored by: Megan Lutz, Stanley Miller, Sally Phillips, Rolando Cuadrado, Chris Ferreira, Wayne Batzer, Anny Wildy. Special thanks to Melinda Griffith for sponsoring miles in honour of Aenor Sawyer’s birthday today.


  • Happy birthday, Dr Aenor. Thanks for looking after Roz back in 2007. Yes, it’s a good reminder to look after our bones, especially after Rita’s accident. Lots of fresh green veggies & weight bearing exercise & sunshine will do the trick too. (I think you’re ticking several boxes, Roz)

  • Happy birthday, Dr Aenor. Thanks for looking after Roz back in 2007. Yes, it’s a good reminder to look after our bones, especially after Rita’s accident. Lots of fresh green veggies & weight bearing exercise & sunshine will do the trick too. (I think you’re ticking several boxes, Roz)

  • “If man is to survive, man must first learn to live.”

    “The complexities of the world are not of the physical, but of the Spiritual. When we understand the difference between the two, then we can work together in harmony as one.”

  • I read before if I am not mistaken that bathing on the row boat was sponge and bucket. I was watching James (Tiny) Little’s movie and his row boat was equipped with a shower with solar hot water and a fridge. Have you thought about making a solar shower on your boat? Hot water may refresh the muscles.

  • Happy Birthday, Aenor. Cass sent this to me 🙂 Wow, you Sawyer’s are amazing !  Peace and love to you. Kim Rohrs Savage

  • Yes a big happy birthday hug to Dr. Aenor! Gratitude for all
    adventurers into oceans with unknown outcomes! Whew – can I sign up for the
    next one? From my family experience with calcium. And trying to stay informed
    for my own bone health and that of friends in my life. Increased Calcium alone
    is not the solo solution to reduced bone loss. Far beyond the contents of this
    blog but many combinations of factors are required to design a chemical
    (natural or processed) combination to improve bone strength.  Increased dairy by it self is seldom the
    balanced prescription. Bioavailability and absorption are key components in the
    bodies’ ability to fully use each daily dose of calcium intake . One of the key
    ingredients to this required balance is magnesium. No set ratio is recommended
    with out a total evaluation. Over consumption of dairy in an attempt to reduce
    bone loss. I will let Dr. Aenor handle that medical answer. With out magnesium,
    sunshine and exercise added to the measured calcium ingestion. Bone loss can likely
    increase. The type of (milk or vegetable, etc,) and volume of calcium matters .
    Like many things with the human body ,more than is needed , often makes matters
    worse. I look forward to reading Dr Aenor book. I am grateful in advance for
    her devotion to improving health .  We
    can never know to much about our bodies and the fuel we feed it .


    Your batteries and charging. I do not know if you have a
    volt/ amp meter on board? Or how and what your electrical combination set up
    presently consists of . If your charger comes down to the last leg of
    reliability you can – macgyver  the
    situation. Still maintain full charge and safely power this incredible
    environmental journey. I will try and re-read past blogs to catch up on the
    solar/ charger details that challenge you.


    Famous events of this day.

    Well the list was to large to include- so I will rejoice
    that Roz Savage put in another day at the oars to further her amazing journey .
    While sharing and caring for our planet. How many total miles do you anticipate
    for this Indian ocean journey Roz?


    Be safe and enjoy the birds coming your way.



    Thought for the day:

    After all god made man and then said: I can d better than
    that- and made woman.

     Adele Rogers
    St. Johns

  • Hey Roz, can’t wait to read your Pacific tome … Glad you mentioned the role Dr. Sawyer played in the recovery of Sedna …


  • Yet again you continue to inspire. without my daily dose of Roz life would be less rich. Regards to “Lovely Rita, data maid” for a fast recovery.

  • Wow!  Roz, you knocked me out with that one!  You so stunned and moved me with that incredibly kind Birthday message…What an honor to have popped up on your mental “radar screen.”  And that “shout out” for Bone Health – from a row boat in the Indian Ocean!!!   Another first, in a long line of many that I have experienced since my blessed first encounter with you!  And the discretion to not mention which birthday…though each one is miraculous!  And the Dali Lama quote …perfect.   As so many others have said, you inspire me, enrich me, challenge me and remind me of the true gift of an extraordinary friend. So you, who are both etraordinary and my dear friend, thank you so very much.
    Safe travels, Roz. I am standing by as always. Aenor

    PS:  thanks to the kind folks on this list for the many nice Bday wishes and to dear Melinda for sponsoring the July 1 miles!

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