It was easier to work in dry conditions: La Gomera, November.

Rita Savage

17 Jan, 06 – 19.30

Late Addition: Wed.morning: Roz managed to upload her dispatch for Day 47. This has now been added to her previous dispatch about Fundamentals at her request. Do read about what happened then.

Roz has had a day off from rowing today, not by choice but by necessity. She did not wish to miss doing her dispatch, but once again is prevented by non-functioning gadgetry. Following the rough waves of the last couple of days she is coping with a painful shoulder, broken oars and wet, wet, everything wet.
When daylight came this morning she went out onto the deck to see what damage had been done. In spite of carefully stowing her oars and lashing them together and to the boat, there was further damage. The spoon of one of the oars was lying on the deck, another one hanging on by a thread. She had already separated the boat hook into two parts to make splints for the oars. She now took one part, hammered it flat at one end, and has attempted to use it as a splint fastened to the spoon with Stikaflex (? spelling).
The instructions state that the surfaces must be clean and DRY. Ha ha. How do you dry something when everything you own is wet? She now has to wait until tomorrow to see if it holds. In spite of not being able to row at present, she has travelled about 27 miles today with the help of wind and waves. The weather forecast implies that the rough seas should moderate by the weekend. Let

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