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On Friday June 4th 2010 Roz rowed into the harbour at Madang, Papua New Guinea, to a rapturous welcome by 5000 people.

Jan Messersmith writes about his encounter with Roz: http://www.messersmith.name/wordpress/2010/06/03/the-soaring-spirit-roz-savage/

Sir Peter Barter wrote:

Roz Savage arrived in Madang this morning at 0800.

The former Governor of Madang Province, Sir Peter Barter, said she was escorted in by a flotilla of 100 traditional canoes from all the villages around: β€œThey had leis and flowers and guided her into the harbour.”

More than 5000 men, women and children, many in traditional dress, lined the entrance of Dallman Passage and Kalibobo Village, waving as she moved slowly into the dock at the Madang Resort, where Roz will stay as a guest for four weeks.

On arrival she was met by customs, immigration, quarantine and officially cleared and then welcomed by the Governor Sir Arnold Amet. Literally hundreds of people shook hands with Roz, and had pictures taken.

Sir Peter welcomed her, explained the purpose of her visit, and Roz then spoke saying she chose Madang on the advice of Jean Michel Cousteau who visited Madang in the 80’s with his father, Jacques Cousteau, the famous family known for their underwater research and filming, both of whom spent several months at the Madang Resort with their famous vessels making a film.

Picture: Peter Barter.

Roz spoke of the millions of strokes and together she had crossed an ocean; she went on to tell the people that they too could make a contribution by many people doing small things to look after the environment.

She told the crowd that during her stay she would visit schools, meet the students and talk to them about protecting the planet, our only planet!

Numerous people presented bilum bags, yabob pots and other gifts as an appreciation and the formal welcome was done by children from Milne Bay and students of Krangket Island.


  • Wow! Roz! Wow! It looks so beautiful there, you look beautiful! So happy for you! Congratulations!! Love and Cheers from the Baio family! xoxoxo

  • ROZ!!!
    you did it! I just finished my cancer treatment last week and you have been such an inspiration to me. The awareness you have raised for the stewardship of our environment and the power behind sharing your story… it changes lives. It changed mine.
    Congrats… hope to meet you some day!

  • Congratulations on being the first women – and climate activist – to row across the Pacific Ocean unassisted! Way to go Roz! We’re very happy for your achievement. When things settle down a bit give Nikki or me a shout – we’d love to have you on the TWiEpodcast again real soon!

    And more pictures please! Wow, looks real colorful there in PNG. Really missed having pictures from your voyage, oh well…

  • Congratulations, Roz!

    It would have been nice to welcome you on land at Madang. You are truly an inspiration for those of us who wish to follow our heart’s desires, take the journey to self-discovery, stay the course when difficulties arise, and be grateful for everything else along the way.

    I hope to meet you someday! Enjoy your new adventure in Papua New Guinea.


  • Oh Roz! I have been checking your posts everywhere, on and off all day–because I am SOOOOO excited about your stunning achievement! I’m thrilled that you received such a beautiful and warm welcome, together with the little preliminary welcomes yesterday as you approached Madang. I’m still a bit mystified as to what you were doing and where you were between Day 47 and Day 48–it looks like you rowed like crazy in the dark the last few miles, then took a long nap somewhere in order to arrive in the morning at Madang proper. You definitely look energized and significantly less wobbly than on your arrival in Tarawa all those months ago!

    Anyway, congratulations yet again for what you have accomplished, and what it means–for all of us and our beautiful blue home. And now, pretty please–lots of pictures, blog posts and updates on your adventures in Madang!

  • Wow, looks like the locals really threw a welcome party! A turnout of 5,000 people is incredible, considering the total population of Madang is about 27 thousand (according to Wikipedia). The mighty Pacific has been completed. What a day for Roz! Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations Roz!!
    It looks like they gave you a wonderful welcome. Enjoy the beers and showers.


  • Way to go Roz…you are a true woman to “ride the river” with and yours is one ridiculous accomplishment and one to feel great about for sure
    yahoo!!! you are the real deal lady wonder…good job!

  • wow!!! I’m so thrilled by this extraordinary accomplishment! Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Wish I could give you 48 belgish chocolate truffles now… πŸ˜‰
    all best

  • Congratulations Roz! A truly fantastic achievement, and thanks for letting us follow you along the journey. I hope you have a great celebration and a well earned rest!
    Best wishes


  • In this wild hour of jubilation I want to have a moment of silence for Roz’s fallen traveler. We should reflect on the comfort and companionship that this fellow traveler provide Roz as they crossed the ocean together. Yes together they faced danger, clam seas and challenges that we, the ones safe on land, can only imagine.

    Alf may you rest in peace.

  • Roz – did you know, you share your birthday with Jan Messersmith?! See his Facebook page.

    What happened to Alf? I must have missed that post … RIP, Alf. You were a worthy companion.

  • Congratulations Roz on successfully completing this incredible challenge. Looks amazing there – what a greeting! One world but a world away from that chilly, wet, muddy scene in Essex when I saw you on your way to Brussels. Hope your great achievement will enable your message to be heard far and wide and will spur others to action. Well-done!

  • Roz Savage
    How wonderful!!! congratulations !! Looking forward to meeting up again – enjoy!! Much love Trisha & Alan – Kew xxxxxxxxx

  • CONGRATULATIONS Roz!!! I am thrilled for you on this amazing accomplishment. It has been a pleasure to watch over the past few years as you worked toward this goal of crossing the Pacific. You are an incredible example of dedication, hard work, and the will to overcome all obstacles to obtain what you want in life. We can all learn from you. Looking forward to seeing what you do next! May you travel safe, enjoy good health, and continue to inspire us to follow your example of protecting this wonderful world of ours. Thanks for a great adventure!

  • Congratulations Just outstanding. I wish more people knew of you outstanding feat and your remarkable cause. Rest well have a cold one or two and think of your next great adventure. You are truely remarkable as well as all of your support staff and help.

    Raymond M

    Austin, TX.

  • Well done, Roz! Your wit and good spirits never flagged (or at least never for very long). I suspect you have already started thinking about your next adventure, no?

    -jim S.

  • OH, ROZ! What a fantastic day and an amazing accomplishment!! (Been a bit in the bleachers this last leg of your journey — rather then front and center as I was for most of your last leg — as my world has been a bit discombobulated as of late) . . . but I simply had to find out how you are as you celebrate this absolutely amazing feat, so I came to join the well-wishers here today to congratulate you! I look forward to reading your next book … and to becoming a bit more involved w/ the ecoheros website, etc., once I settle into my new home and regroup a bit!

    Here’s a big finish-line hug and warmest wishes … Naomi in NY

    PS: Rita, you did such a FANTASTIC job in so many ways assisting Roz (not to mention the behind the scenes things we Rozlings aren’t even aware of!) You’re an amazing woman, and it is clear that the ‘apple did not fall far from the tree’! πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful pics, so decorative and a fitting tribute! Texino, funny post on the previous blog. Along with Roz’s incredible adventure, the interesting cast of characters floating along side here, much like the “fishies”, have added an enjoyable layer of color I will nearly miss until the next adventure.
    Also, curious… what did happen to Alf?!

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