It’s been a long and very hot day. The wind has been against me most of the time, but varying in strength, so at times I could make headway, and at other times I couldn’t and it was best to put out the sea anchor to try and prevent myself being blown too far backwards.

So I rowed most of this morning, then when the wind picked up this afternoon I put out the sea anchor and spent my time tidying and drying out my 23-foot home. I dragged out the mattress and sleeping bag from the cabin to dry them in the hot sun, and dangled a few damp clothes from various antennae on the cabin roof. I mopped out hatches and bilges, and generally put things in order.

Then around 4pm the wind dropped so I pulled the sea anchor back on board and got rowing again. It was a perfect evening for it, especially after the sun set. Most nights have been overcast and the stars have been hidden, but tonight was beautiful – a bright half moon casting a path across the ocean, and stars twinkling above me as I rowed across the calm waters.

As for actual progress, the final score was Wind 5, Rower 5. After being blown back a bit I’m back to the same longitude where I was this time last night. So it hasn’t been the most productive day miles-wise, but I’ve got a drier, cleaner boat, and hey, I got a good workout.

[photo: drying the laundry – Brocade style]

Position at 11pm Pacific time, 0600 10th July UTC: 27 07.782′ N, 128 39.167′ W.

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Today the ocean has been a beautiful place to be – so let’s preserve this wonderful wilderness. Simply go to and click on the Make a BLUE Pledge button. Costs you nothing, and it helps save the oceans – and the planet!


Thank you for all the lovely messages of encouragement. It all helps! Thanks especially to Deanna, Antti, Erin, Joan, Ken, Mark, Gene, Dana, Chris, Linda, Ryan, Ian, Dale, Helena (thanks for the fantastic Henley Regatta story – rowing suspended for rain? Pah! Wimps!), Skip, Roger (all trash stays on board to be brought back to land, and recycled if possible), James, John, another Roger (finger still about twice the size it should be, and tender, but I’m surviving! Thanks for asking.), Jennifer, Claus, Duane, Humphrey (thanks for the inspiring life change story!), Steve, Tricia (great pledge!) and Abigail.

I’ve been informed that I’m in the current issue of Departures travel magazine. Honoured I’m sure!

And a special hello to Sarah, Bill, Jack and Grace – hope your wedding is a wonderful and happy occasion. And that the sun shines on you literally and metaphorically!

And congrats to Gus and Cathy on the impending new arrival. How exciting!

Congrats also to Benn on his selection for the US Olympic slalom kayak team!!

Lovely to hear news from dry land, and lives moving on and changing. Marriages, babies, Olympic selections.. Nice to be reminded what real life is like!

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