Hemp cookies – taste even worse than they look.

Not much meat on this flying fish.

11 Jan, 06 – 19:26

For GPS position, race position and miles from La Gomera, see http://www.atlanticrowingrace.co.uk

Since the demise of my camping stove I’ve had to get more creative with my cooking.

Breakfast has been a problem – flapjack alone gave me too much of a sugar rush followed by a sugar crash, and I was finding cold porridge rather hard going first thing in the morning, so yesterday I tried making some oatmeal and hemp no-cook cookies.

Roz’s Recipe

1 sachet Mornflake Oats 2 Go porridge
1 scoop hemp protein powder

Add enough water to make a stiff paste and stir thoroughly. Shape into cookie shapes and place on billycan lid. Leave to ‘bake’ in the sun for as long as you dare before a wave or rain shower gets to them.

Serving suggestion: best chucked overboard – I managed one bite before consigning the remainder to the waves (with apologies to any fish hoping for a tasty tidbit).

So today I’m trying the hemp powder mixed into a protein sports drink with a little bit of coffee. I haven’t drunk coffee since setting out from La Gomera, but felt the need for something to solve my mid-morning energy crisis. It seems to be working well, giving me sustainable energy throughout the morning, although it has also necessitated frequent visits to the bedpan.

It’s not quite my ideal breakfast (New York style French toast, topped with melting butter and maple syrup, liberally sprinkled with cinnamon, served with fresh fruit and ice cream) but it’s a damn sight better than those hemp cookies.

Sorry to hear about the mishaps that have befallen Digicel, Pacific Pete, Rowgirls and Gurkha Spirit. Wishing all the best to all.

Thank you for texts and messages from: Natalie (will answer your questions tomorrow), John T (character assessment – scary! Thx for reassurance after yesterday’s frank expose on the finances of a would-be professional adventurer), Tim in Ithaca (no, not ‘By the time I get to Phoenix’. Nice try, but no cigar!), the Galls (like your perspective on my performance compared with All Relative!), Mike C, Tim Harincar at WebExpeditions, DB (maple pecan is favourite), Prince’s Trust, Abigail James, Virginia, Flemming in Denmark, Victoria Humphries (your polar example has helped keep me going – anything IS possible!), Sam K (hope you had a good gym session), Mac from Team Sevenoaks (you’re on).

Wind: NE
Weather: sunshine and cloud, occasional shower
Sea state: calm earlier, rough later
Hours rowing: 14

Casualty List

I thought it might be interesting to keep a tally of items that have ceased to function, got damaged, disappeared overboard, or otherwise ceased to be of service:

3 oars damaged (another one last night)
Camping stove
Navigation instruments
Thermos mug
Lid off thermos flask
Drinks bottle
Storage jar
Alpaca skin seat cover
Lip salve
Milton fluid
…and a comfy foam cushion for sitting on

With apologies to the ocean for unintentionally leaving such a trail of litter.

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