The ocean got camera shy – this is my best attempt at capturing what I mean by ‘sweet water’.

8 Jan, 06 – 22:16

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I’ve been asked to clarify what I meant yesterday by ‘sweet water’. With apologies to Mr Tiny Little for appropriating and possibly misinterpreting his phrase, what I mean by it is big friendly waves rolling in the right direction.

If the baddies are the hit-and-run drivers/waves that smash you upside the head and then race off without a word of apology, these waves are the good samaritans of the road, gentle giants that pick up a hitch-hiking solo rower, carry her a few yards and then deposit her a little closer to Antigua, moving on with a gentle fizz of dispersing bubbles.

They are to be blessed, and I’ve taken to giving an appreciative ‘ooh’, ‘aah’, or ‘waheyyy’ when they come along, just to let Mother Nature know I’ve noticed her generosity and in the hope that she’ll send a few more my way.

Thanks again for all texts, especially to Romy – you flatter me, my dear, I’m not a wise woman yet, but I’m working on it, and hopefully a little wiser every day. Big thanks also to Tiny, for his helpful and encouraging words – yes, I, too, feel like I’m starting to get the hang of this ocean rowing lark at this stage. And my cabin isn’t always that messy, honest – I had just been Matron-ed! And thanks to the other regulars too.

Wind: NE, force not known as nav instrument still not working
Weather: sunshine and cloud
Sea state: rough
Hours rowing: 10

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