Support Yacht Aurora

29 Dec, 05 – 20:00

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‘I want to be alone’, actress Greta Garbo is reputed to have said, and I know what she meant.

Yesterday morning my mother tipped me off that the blob representing support yacht Aurora was approaching my blob on the Woodvale map, and I guessed I was in for visitors.

The prospect made me distinctly grumpy. I had to dig out some shorts to make myself presentable, having been rowing butt naked for some time now. This created two problems – it is a lot harder to go to the loo (ever tried maintaining three points of contact while pulling down your knickers?) and my slippery lycra shorts kept sliding off my alpaca skin seat cover.

But moreso there was a feeling of being intruded on. I’ve got rather used to being the only person as far as the eye can see.

It was nice of them to drop by. They shot some photos and video which I hope come out well, and it was good to chat with my friend Dan Byles, who rowed in the 1997 race with his mother.

But I was relieved when they left, although the impression remained for several hours afterwards that I was not alone, the ghost of their presence lingering on.

An aside: I have figured out why I feel ambivalent about the race (apart from the fact I’m not winning it). I see myself as an adventurer rather than a competitor, and the way I see it, adventures don’t have rules.

Rita Savage’s PS: Sponsored mile: Roz will soon reach mile 611, kindly sponsored by Iona Pearey.

Wind: 15-20 kts, NE to E
Weather: overcast
Sea state: rough
Hours rowing: 12

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