Rita Savage

26 December 2005

Roz using her satphone.

Isn’t it wonderful the way in which we can keep hearing from Roz about her daily life on the ocean wave? Until, inevitably, the system fails in some way. Perhaps the iridium signal that she uses was overstrained at Christmas with all of us onlookers sending messages to the rowers in the Atlantic Race. Whatever the cause, Roz has not been able to write and upload a dispatch on this Boxing Day.
A friend Adrian has given her some advice about the weather which has really cheered her up. She will be saying more about him when she is able to write her next dispatch. So, once again she is able to get behind the oars without being blown back towards La Gomera.
Keep thinking of her and encouraging her in your thoughts! Greetings for the New Year, Rita Savage

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