That well-traveled head.

As I was looking at the wiggly line on my GPS the other day, the line that represents my course, I started wondering what kind of a path it would create if you fixed some kind of a sensor to the top of my head and followed the track in 3 dimensions as I go about my normal onboard routine. The sensor would create a wiggly trail, showing where my head spends most of its time. Let’s call it a squigglometer.

The outer limits of the wiggle would be fairly small. My head rarely goes more than 3 feet into my sleeping cabin, as I sleep with my head towards the hatch and my feet down towards the stern.

Then there are the 7 or so feet of the deck – I move around quite a bit there, to all corners at some point in the day to open a locker, pump water out of a locker, cook meals, go to the bathroom etc, although most of the track would be in a back-and-forwards line above the rowing seat.

And a couple of times a week I might pay a visit to the forward cabin to retrieve some food or a piece of kit. But my head doesn’t go very far in – maybe 2 feet at most.

So overall, my head moves through a space roughly 12 feet long by 6 feet wide by 5 feet 4 inches high. I’ve never been in a prison cell, but I suspect that my domain on board is smaller.

It would be amazing if there was a kind of universal squigglometer, tracking everybody in the world as we go about our business. I suspect that about a hundred years ago, the wiggles would be mostly fairly small and local, like lots of tiny peppercorn curls on the surface of the Earth, as we walked or cycled to our place of work and home again, visiting a few friends or relatives, and the stores, but all within a pretty small radius of home.

Now it would probably be very different, or at least in the western world. People hopping on planes like they were buses. Long commutes. Foreign holidays. All kinds of hectic, crazy wiggles zigzagging across the planet as we whizz around in a frenzy of activity.

Maybe it’s a sign of getting older (all of 43!), but I’m starting to yearn for a less frenetic way of life. A bit less activity, and a bit more time to focus in on the important things. Despite its many shortcomings as a lifestyle, it is one of the things that I cherish on the ocean. A break from the whizzing. Life gets very simple.

So as I sign off for today, I will wish you the best. May your life be happy, and your wiggles be small!

Other Stuff:
Here’s our Roz Roams podcast, “Purple Prevailing”. Thanks Vic Phillipson!

Graham – thanks for your message. Please give your students a big ocean wave from me!

Betsy – great to hear from you! Hope all is well in your good green world.

Seadoo – I haven’t read “The Butterfly Effect” yet, but I completely get the concept. EVERYTHING is connected! That is why EVERYTHING we do matters.

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  • “Maybe it’s a sign of getting older (all of 43!), but I’m starting to
    yearn for a less frenetic way of life. A bit less activity, and a bit
    more time to focus in on the important things. Despite its many
    shortcomings as a lifestyle, it is one of the things that I cherish on
    the ocean. A break from the whizzing. Life gets very simple.” Sounds very Morrie-ish – In Tuesdays With Morrie, and absolutely right and best for all of us!

    •  Pretty Pic BTW… And Love The Wigglometer idea… Time-Lapse might be cool too – barely moving 100 years ago as you said, to zooming the planet today a minute later, to lots of running back and forth to the loo in both cases…

  • Yes, I love The Wigglometer Idea too. Mine wouldn’t have moved much over the last 2 days as we’ve had more rain in 2 days than we’ve had in 6 months!  

    •  HEY Dear @9ded466cb37f14648c547bf3da0e14bf:disqus  Maybe the Wigglometer tracing could change color, pulsate, generate “Light Music” as each person is doing different things during the day… Here in Texas it would never change color – from Boring Beige, pulsate or make music because we never do anything differently – but for the rest of the world’s tracings, Might be fun to see…

  • Roz’ route on-board was quite short
    As she paddled to all the world’s ports
    She dreamt of amazing inventions
    To discuss at her next conventions
    Which will make the audiences snort

  • Can’t agree more. I spend my life travelling! This month: Denver, London, Newark, NJ, Buenos Aires, Kingston, Jamaica and Bermuda…then home to New Hampshire and my wife wants us to go away for the weekend ….!!NO!!! aargh, leave me alone!
    I want to press life’s ‘pause’ button…
    got any room on your boat…?

  • Airline pilots spend their work day in a small room, cosmonauts and astronauts spend months in a 3 bedroom house. I think what you are are doing and the view helps.
    What you are putting yourself through for your cause, our cause, is an inspiration. I think and do more about conserving since I heard of you and started following your row. Thank you for the inspiration. Oh, by the way, the world did not end today.

  • Just want to say that I have just come across your great adventure, by serendipity, and I wanted to embrace you in a gorgeous huge halo of everything that is beautiful and blessed on this Earth.

    Guy Dauncey, Victoria BC.

  • It could be done, actually (the Wiggleometer). There are accelerometers which detect movement in three dimensions. We just need some means of recording the output and displaying it on a 4-dimensional array. I’ll get onto it.

  • Hi Roz,

    You’re lucky your head stays so close to you. Mine’s alway whizzing into the past, the future, and other continents. It even goes to places that don’t exist (Narnia), places I’ve never physically been (Like your boat) or places I can’t get to (ditto). It’s very distracting and definitely bad for driving or operating heavy machinery. Keep your head close!

  • Perhaps in tune with eat, pray, row… The wiggleometer inside your head can be trained to be at peace regardless of the data coming from the wiggleometer out side of it… To be at peace in any storm, whether physical or symbolic is only one of the reasons you command my (as I am sure other’ s) respect. Your story is so much more than movements. It is a balance between inner peace and the conviction to bring awareness to a great audience. I salute you Roz Savage. Others have hidden in search of peace. You do so in absolute exposure! Wow! A Row Roz Row!

  •  Great to find our Roz in a better frame of of mind today. Let our heads all bob as we sing “And…always look on the bright side of life… ” Keep on pulling Roz. Jim Bell (NSW Australia)

  •  Sorry folks – Wigglometer should have been Squigglometer. Now amended. Apologies to those of you who mentioned it in your comments. 

    •  @d9af093cfe929083ea9270ba4c02b5e6:disqus Even Better!!! How about this? The BASIC Wigglometer – Yours for just 19.95; The DELUXE Squigglometer – Yours for just 29.95, and the Super-Stupendous Squigglo-Wigglometer – Yours for just 39.95!! And that’s not all, Buy within the next 24 Hours and get an autographed bottle – signed by Roz Savage – of Indian Ocean Water from Roz’ Row Boat’s Bilge – While they last…

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