Dark Clouds: Picture by Roz 29th April.

This blog was dictated by Roz and transcribed by her mother, Rita Savage.
Today was a little bit wet in the way that Siberia is a little bit chilly, or Everest is a little bit of a hill. It rained all day, varying only in its intensity.
Wet weather is inconvenient. It doesn’t really interfere with my rowing, unlike tennis, and more like rugby, one of those activities that you can do in almost any weather. It is just less pleasant.
Hands and feet shrivel and turn white, rowing cushion is perpetually sodden, cabin and bedding can’t be aired everything gets fusty, musty, and clammily damp.
In the absence of sunshine, how are my solar panels? I didn’t run the watermaker today, I didn’t want to overtax the batteries and I also wanted to make sure that I had enough power left to boil water to have a hot dinner. I hadn’t expected sunlight to be in short supply at this stage of the row, and it would be unfortunate if on the very day that I most need a hot dinner I don’t have enough power to run my electric kettle.
This too will pass, although it could last a long time. According to my weatherman, Lee Bruce, this patch of wet and stormy weather extends for hundreds of miles to the south and west of my current position, so it is unlikely that I will row my way out of it any time soon.
Other stuff: I have just finished listening to Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, a very interesting book, the first in a trilogy about the colonization of Mars. So far it is not a very optimistic view of human nature. The first one hundred colonists don’t do too badly, but by the time the population has grown to a few thousand humans have managed to replicate most of the worst aspects of life on earth and even worse, managed to stir up all kinds of envy and civil war amongst the overcrowded, overstressed billions left behind on the old planet.
It would be pretty amazing to have an opportunity like that, to start with a completely clean slate and try to build the best possible kind of society starting from first principles to optimize human happiness. It would be hugely challenging but I would hope that we would make a better job of it than the fictional characters in the book.
Speaking of places far from earth with of the loss of my email capabilities, I feel oddly detached out here like a fellow astronaut in my little space capsule. At the moment I am speaking with Mum every day while we get our new contingency procedures running smoothly but due to cost and time constraints, our phone calls have to be fairly businesslike and to the point with not much time for news. Given that Britain is in the grip of a general election I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies
I hear that we have over 2000 sign ups to Ecoheroes already. This is excellent news. It cheers me up immensely to think of all our Ecoheroes green-deeding away. Keep up the good work.
Position at 20:16 hours: -02.26883S, 162.62601E.

Grateful thanks to very recent donors to the Foundation Appeal: Cindy Bergmark, Georgi Tsolov, Stephanie Tobor, Charlotte Dixon and Richard Zwiep. My apologies to earlier donors that I did not have the opportunity to thank you on the blogs.

Roz may not have much sunshine at present, but if you have, do check out the solar-powered items listed under Eco-Friendly Items on her Ebay store.


  • Does Roz have any way to collect rain water on board? Seems like that could be an alternative water solution for the rainy cloudy days.

  • Roz, Thank so much for all you’ve been doing. You have so inspired me. I’m on my own journey in europe for 1st time. I saw you on TED.com today for 1st time and have been listening to your recordings on your website all day. While i’ve been taking a day of rest on my own journey through Europe. Currently in Paros Greece. I’m a canadian and have been very saddend by the litter of bags an bottles i found on the beach when i got here. This is a dream i’ve been waiting 40 years for and this very much tainted it and brought me down to earth and a sad reality.
    I had a child early on and raised him by myself and never thought i’d even make it to Europe or anywhere. Now i’m on an 11 week journey, trying to figure out the rest of my path in life. One day i picked up a discarded shopping bag on the beach and just contineued to fill it with garbage i’d see, just because it bothered me, and got all kinda looks like i was a bum. But you, your message and endeavors reminds me i was doing the right thing. You have realy inspired me and I hope i can inspire others. And i’ll continue to pick up the litter as it see it. And maybe on way i’ll figure out the rest of my path on my way down the beaches. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
    All the best to you.

  • mary k – nice story. You are not alone picking up trash as you walk on the beaches, as other Rozlings have expressed similar stories. I know from experience that it feels awkward the first couple of times when we think we look like a bum or whatever, but it catches on when others see us doing it — and when somebody says “thank you” it turns to exhilaration. I know that from experience, too!

    I hope Rita will summarize this for Roz when she talks with her.

    Happy hiking!

  • Roz does keep us all on the right path Mary K, I do the same each time I visit my favorite beaches.
    Best to you Roz and Rita, thanks for keeping us informed!

  • Roz,I just found out about you and your journey.I watched a you tube video where you taked about writing 2 obituaries and then made the decision to follow the path that you are now on.Hearing your story was inspirational to me personaly and now when I feel overwhelmed or feel that things are difficult I think of you rowing alone through rain and storms. I am reinspired to take the path out of my comfort zone.Thank you for your inspiration, dedication and strength.I am sharing your story with my friends.I live on the Oregon Coast and we are all very concerned with the health of our oceans.You may feel all alone in the middle of the ocean but many ,many people are with you in spirit!
    Thank You!

  • Hey Mary K and John H … last night I used Roz’s Eco-Heroes for the first time and there is a green deed “pick up trash from the beach so it doesn’t become marine debris and kill wildlife” … have you see it yet? It’s easy to signup and get started … http://ecoheroes.me/ … check it out if you haven’t already!

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