In the middle of last century, somebody setting out to row an ocean would have had no means of communicating with people ashore. We are almost reaching that situation with Roz at present, as her technology is giving her serious problems. She cannot send or receive emails, nor can she send her blog. We are working to find ways around the problems. Meanwhile I will do what I can to keep you informed of the situation. Be assured that Roz herself is just fine.

The Solara gadget sending her position via satellite has also stopped working, but we are hoping to get her position relayed twice a day so that we can follow where she is – especially important if you are taking guesses on Go Roz Go about her date and time of arrival – wherever that may be.

To those who follow her on Twitter, again we hope that something like normal service can be cobbled together before too long. Please be patient.

Sadly there will no photographs by Roz, she cannot find any way of sending them through.

Pepsi Refresh is giving away tons of money!  This message came through from Blue Frontier Campaign:

Please help us win $50K to support our Ocean Explorers Roz Savage and Margo Pellegrino, two women effectively raising awareness on the threats the ocean faces and the need for conservation measures.

All you need to do is click here to vote:

You can log in with any email account, or just link to your FB page and it will log you in automatically (it will NOT appear on your FB). You can vote EVERY day until May 31st. And please spread the word!

For more information on the Ocean Explorer project, please visit:

The money being donated through Chip In for Roz’s projected Foundation is creeping up slowly. Grateful thanks to the latest donors:  Brian Racz, Jessi Sensabaugh, John Grandefeld, Joan Sherwood and dolceVia Fine Arts.

Other Stuff: Please accept my thanks to all who have recently sent comments, messages on Facebook and emails. I won’t be able to send them to Roz, nor to answer you individually. I will be making copies of any vital messages for Roz to read at a later date.

Position Sunday morning: Latitude 01 23.765S, longitude 164 56.627E


  • At least part of the problem is that Roz’s antenna is very close to sea-level so its horizon is very near and it can’t ‘see’ a lot of sky. Then there’s the polar track of the satellites which means that they are farthest apart at the equator, hence Roz’s antenna can’t always see two at a time to ‘hand-off’ between them.

    Well done, Rita, you fill-in very well!


  • Perhaps Roz should have brought along an array of high-gain directional antennas. The situation may improve as the atmospheric conditions change. If it were me, I wouldn’t go out there without an HF radio and an amateur radio license. When satellite communication fails, an HF radio might get a groundwave to a nearby island during the day, or even better, bounce a signal across the ocean at night. Only problem is that HF antennas are not very efficient unless they’re rather long, but still, it would be a level of redundancy in her communication gear.

    Oh well, I’m sure she’s fine. Knowing Roz, she’s found a way to turn it into a positive and enjoy it, or at least learn from it. Love that about her – she can take any situation and find a way to look at it with the glass half full! Besides opening my eyes to a heightened level of environmental awareness, that’s what I’ve learned most by reading her blog and following her adventures. Life is so much better with a positive attitude.

    I do feel bad for her mum, who is no doubt worried by the lack of communication with Roz.

  • I’ll miss her tweets and blog but the main thing is that she’s all right. Hope she won’t get lonely without us.

  • Querida Guerrera

    Si vienes alguna vez por Chile , estas invitada a mi casa , te convidare el mejor te ingles que pueda conseguir… no te lo pierdas..son muchas aventuras las que viviras aca…
    Nos vemos pronto

  • Russ, I think she will be very lonely without her faithful followers – as well as being deserted by Alf! Leonel, thank you for inviting Roz to your home in Chile. Perhaps, one day . . .

  • Thanks, Rita. Hoping Roz keeps southing and her email, blog and twitter transmissions resume. Hoping you are able to talk with her periodically and get her longitude, latitude and update on her spirits and conditions.

    Thanks for posting the link to the Ocean Explorer voting … I cast my vote and left a comment ;-D

    All best to you and …

    Happy rowing, Roz!

  • I’m so glad you can fill in a bit, Rita. Perhaps you can tell embarrassing childhood stories about Roz until she gets into a more sat-friendly area. The next time you communicate with her via Sat phone, you can tell her about our splendid plan and she’ll row down into more southern latitudes lickety-split with that inspirational incentive.

    Can’t wait to hear about whatever adventures she has while she’s off the grid.

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