Blogging in haste again today, as conditions remain boat-tippingly rough. Not that I’m complaining – today was really quite enjoyable, absorbed as I was in Rob Lowe’s Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography

I got thinking about the better-known people I have met over the short course of my ocean-rowing career, who I most certainly would not have met if I was still working in a London office. The list includes: Leonardo di Caprio, Edward Norton, Glenn Close, plus numerous other actors, politicians, explorers, yachtsmen, authors, environmental campaigners, and more marine biologists than you can shake a stick at.

There are quite a few more people I would love to meet, too, such as Ted Danson for his work on ocean conservation, Prince Charles for his forward-looking initiatives, and Johnny Depp just because.

Even though I’m not a “People” or “Hello” magazine reader, it is undeniable that there is something indefinably alluring about the famous. I envy them their ability to bring attention to a cause. They are believed more than scientists or experts, or at least, more notice is taken of them, purely by dint of their being famous. George Clooney driving a hybrid probably does more for the cause than any number of earnest experts publishing their analysis of climate change. (Now there’s someone I’d like to meet – George Clooney – after Johnny Depp, of course.)

I can’t help but wish I had that kind of influence. But I’m working on it, and maybe by the time I’m through….

Other Stuff:

Episode 47 of “Roz Roams” – “News from the Purple Sauna” – is now live!

Quote for the day: “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” (Andy Warhol)

Photo: with esteemed deep sea pioneer “Her Royal Deepness” Dr Sylvia Earle at the Smithsonian

Sponsored Miles: Thankful to Carl Jones, Lars Rabbe, Christina Dennett, Andrea Dennett, Doug Grandt and to India John (Aimee Devine) for donating to today’s progress. Between them they have sponsored 25 of these miles.


  • Roz, everything is relative … you may not be rich, and perhaps not as famous — yet — but you are richly famous and influential in Rozling circles.  I am certain this is true for all of us Rozlings: when I mention to acquaintances where you are and what you do, their jaws drop and they become all ears; enthralled. You have accomplished much more than some who happen to be glitz and glamour, and own expensive stuff just because they have tons of cash. You have earned your fame the old fashioned way … a stroke at a time.

    In a few minutes, I will head out to the back country of Yosemite with the goal of just enjoying the natural beauty and to climb one of Sierra Nevada’s highest peaks tomorrow.  If you listen very carefully about midnight your time, you just might hear your name being shouted from the 13,061 foot (3,981 m) peak of Mt. Dana.  I don’t suppose many of the rich and famous have had their names resonate and echo across the peaks of the Sierra!

    Row famously, Roz!

    • Howdy UncaDoug, 
           Have a great time on Mt. Dana,  I can not remember being in a more beautiful place, lots of wildflowers, lupine, indian paintbrush, casiopea and monkey flower.  And the most beautiful view from the top.    Great idea to give Roz a shout out.     Cheers,    Stephen

  • Hey Roz, it looks like you have influence now on 9,000 people on just twitter alone! I wonder how many others you’ve influenced through TED and other speaking engagements??

  • Roz, I am much more impressed by your efforts than by any of the other folks you mention. Someone who drives a hybrid in between jetting here and there and back are merely trying to impress a subset of society. They are hypocrites. Be impressed with the folks who day in and day out do things because the things are important to be done.
    Keep on rowing.

  • Confidential – I am seeking to gain more recognition for Roz in the UK but she must not know about this!
    If Roz has inspired you, or in any way helped you to make choices and changes concerning your lifestyle, I would love to hear from you. I need to provide some testimonials. It does not matter which country is home to you.  Please send me your story (briefly!) using the Contact at the foot of Roz’s website page. She cannot access the internet while she is at sea.
    Please do give some idea of which country you live in, and, if you are willing, your name. This could really lead to something big for Roz.

  • Don’t forget how many would love to meet you, and treasure the chance. You’re our celebrity! And, if celebrity means someone who does something we aspire to but can’t, then you’re it, Roz. Damp cabins and all!

  • Rich you are Roz. I agree with UncaDoug.You continue to inspire me. I thought about you today,like every other day.Wishing you peace and happiness on the high seas. AmyinAustin

  • Everyone I tell about you is amazed by your courage and dedication to saving the planet. You are an inspiration to me and my friends and family. I agree, being famous for being famous is not the same as living your convictions every day.
    Row amazingly Roz!

  • In this most recent podcast, Roz talked about maybe revealing her location in some way as she gets closer to land. I’m thinking this may not be such a good idea as she would be much more vulnerable/easy to get (by pirates) as she gets closer to land…as well as more valuable as she gets closer to the finish line (since sooo many people want to see her finish).

    I’m willing to wait and see the map of her journey once she is safe on dry land. I just want her to be safe! If that means being extra secretive, I, for one, am totally Ok with that!

    Stay safe Roz!

    • I’m with you on this. My suggestion is that Roz shows her track from day one through, say, day 50. That should be interesting enough for the time being.

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