Oh UncaDoug, what have you started? Last night I couldn’t get to sleep, and started thinking up limericks. And it’s gone on all day today too. Once you start thinking in limerick-ish, it’s very hard to stop. I hope this wears off soon!

None of them are very good, and I’m afraid they are mostly about me, but there isn’t much alternative material available out here.

My name is useful in that it rhymes with “Oz”, but not very useful in that it doesn’t rhyme with much else. I thought about changing my name to “Janet”, which rhymes conveniently with “planet” and “dammit” and other relevant words. But that seemed a bit drastic.

So here we go:

There was a young rower called Roz
Who rowed across oceans because
Of concern for the Earth
And to reduce her girth
That tubby young rower called Roz

Hmmm, not bad, although a bit of a switch of theme halfway through.

How about…

Roz set out to row across oceans
She wanted to cause a commotion
“We must take care of this Earth
This place of our birth
It deserves our respect and devotion

Ah, a bit earnest, and not at all funny.

Then there was the blatant sponsor-pleaser, dedicated to Sue Losson, the marketing manager of Green People skin products:

There once was a rower called Roz
Who rowed many miles because
Of concern for the ocean
She used lots of sun lotion
Supplied by Green People’s Sue Loz

(with apologies to Sue for vandalizing her name)

Or my final effort, which relates to my current inability to break free of the coast of Australia, and my penchant for a certain kind of espresso:

There was a young rower called Roz
Who left from the shores of fair Oz
Two weeks later she was back
Lamenting the lack
Or caramel lattes. Poor Roz!

Okay… I won’t give up the day job!

Other Stuff:

As aforementioned, I continue to weave figures of eight off the coast of Western Australia. Having busted out of the Leeuwin Current, I now find myself back on the wrong side of it, and another day or so of headwinds forecast. My weatherman and I are discussing options…

While I was stuck on the sea anchor today, it seemed a good time to do some laundry. But now I am running out of chores to do around the boat. The winds had better change soon before I get too bored!

Washing Day

Today I ate the last of my fresh bread. A seriously delicious fruit and walnut loaf from Abhi’s Bakery in Fremantle, with canned butter, swiss cheese, and ginger honey from Denmark in Western Australia. Sounds odd, but was completely scrumptious. But now, alas, gone. I had to throw the rest of the bread away. Having been okay for 10 days, in the space of 24 hours it all suddenly turned green and hairy.

Episode 29 of the Roz Roams podcast is now live “Attack of the Ocean”. Thanks, Vic. It must have been a nightmare editing job because of our comms problems!

Richard in DFW, good luck with the upcoming. I’m sure baldness will look very distinguished! Loved the quote from MASH – one of my favourite shows too!

Pippa – thank you SO much for your list of things that you have changed in your life to be more eco. It truly warmed the cockles of my green heart. If you haven’t seen it already, I really enjoyed watching the movie (and reading the book) “No Impact Man” about a New Yorker who goes as low impact as he can. It’s funny, thought-provoking, and somehow makes it okay to take your own food containers to the store!

Thanks, also, Pippa, for the fantastic pillow for my bunk. For so many reasons, just about my favourite object on the boat. It signifies the end of another day, and permission for a well-earned rest…

Pamela – thanks for the Yemaya description. Beautiful! You asked about dreams. I dream a LOT, because my sleep is so interrupted. Often about food. And friends. Friends eating food. etc etc.

Michael Guy – you gave me a bit of a funny turn just there. I thought you might be a different Michael Guy that I knew (blush!) many years ago…. but he wasn’t from Florida. Happy to make the acquaintance of a different “Guy”!

General comments: I’m bummed about the tracker too. Not that I ever got to see it, of course, as I was out here doing it! There is a slight chance that we may be putting together a very odd kind of tracker that would show my progress (or lack thereof!) but not my location. I know it sounds cryptic, but stay tuned and we’ll see if we can work it out.

Aimee – thanks for continuing to send through the comments, with editor’s notes as required. Very much appreciated!

Sponsored Miles to be rowed all over again! (having lost 59.78 miles going round in a circle)

Kiran Prathapa, Lucie Petrickova (Adam Henton, Simon Henton, Lucie Henton ), Geoff Gassner, Penrallt Coastal Campsite, Nancy Wilhelms, Janet Maher, Larry Grandt (for Kevin), Michelle Pitman, Monica Wilcox, Jo Fothergill, Jay Peterson, Russ Neal, Bradley Kehoe, Peter Wilkinson, Chris Walroth, Megan Lutz, Larry Grandt ( for Rica)


  • This will be brief – One of the spots they removed the other day has begun to bleed badly… They do that from time to time – Cancers develop their own blood vessel supply which can be tough to beat sometimes… So, Sitting here bald with a pressure bandage on it – I have gotten very good at those… But if it does not stop, I will have to take myself to the hospital to get it cauterized…

    Anyway, My fav:

    “There was a young rower called Roz
    Who left from the shores of fair Oz
    Two weeks later she was back
    Lamenting the lack
    Or caramel lattes. Poor Roz!”

    Now Roz, a suggestion from an ocean sailor regarding this trouble that you are having with winds and currents AT THE MOMENT! I don’t know if this will go against some Ocean “Rowing” Rules & Regs??? Could you jury-rig a sail with a sheet or tarp – it does NOT have to be big (in fact small would be better)… Set it to catch the wind, and use an Oar as a Rudder to steer partially perpendicular (45 Degrees or so) to it… This should get you across the current – perhaps at a different angle or course than you wanted, but once through it, you can correct for that then, or modify the course accordingly at that point…

    Oops, Better go to the hospital…

  • LOL Roz … you are so modesto but brash (pun intended, add a “t”) and “Roz” is inimitable and there is nil rhyming! I sense the opening line of a haiku … beware ;-D

    As explanation for fellow Rozlings, Claire Winstone and I had some fun at Roz’s expense on Facebook http://on.fb.me/Limerick4Roz … it was a repost from http://bit.ly/RozOzDay4 and went like this:

    There is a fair goddess from Oz
    Whose visage we know has no flaws
    She roams without spectacles
    With shouts quite respectable
    She’s drawn many cheers and applause

    to which Claire commented: “Why Doug, that may be the first ever non-bawdy limerick in existence!”

    and I replied: “ah, there must be bawdy subliminal meaning”

    and after much shucking, jiving, jousting and variations (some better, some worse) we arrived at this:

    There was a fair rower named Roz
    Who launched from the west coast of Oz
    An ocean to row
    And Sedna’s new glow
    We thought she would search for Macaus [but meant Macaws*]

    * NOTE: Macaws are indigenous to continents and island nations to the east which was the direction Roz was headed at the time … 180° the wrong way :-(( That was Day 4 which seems to be deja vu Day

    Well, in spite of the winds, it looks like it was a bright sunny Earth Day for ya, mate. I love the feel of my undies after hanging in the sun all day … nice feel and smell, and used no energy.

    Let’s hope Poseidon favors you tomorrow, and also Great Zephyrus, exalted ruler of the West Wind: http://bit.ly/T-3WineWInd

    Row blimey, Limey Roz! ♥

    • “I love the feel of my undies after hanging in the sun all day … nice feel and smell, and it takes no energy.” Now Doug, I agree Clothes dried in the fresh air do feel great – unlike anything that comes out of a dryer… But, One question, Why are you smelling your “undies”? Sorry, Couldn’t resist!

      • Well, Richard, my intention was to be a bit facetious as clothes hung out to dry tend to absorb the outdoor odors, but on the other had acquire a stiffness and coarseness that some may not enjoy … thus .. ta da … fabric softener, which makes me sneeze! But, hanging on the line, your nose is right there, can’t miss it … refreshingly clean. I suppose I could have used towels and sheets, but then it wouldn’t have drawn any interest. Coarse clean smelling undies … ahhh … LOL

        • I was just being funny, you know? Everyone loves the smell of outdoor-fresh laundry on the line… If they are close enough to smell it otherwise, they are too close…

          • I knew that ;-D but perhaps others didn’t know my facetious and ironic sense of humor equals yours, and on second thought might not have been apparent .. so we are all on the same plane … wry and dry sometimes leaves others cold with a wet blanket, so to speak … I know, terrible mixed metaphors … I will try to restrain myself henceforth ;-D

  • Oh, UncaDoug, what have you done to our poor girl. As if insomnia weren’t bad enough.

    At least let me contribute a few more rhyming words.

    Cause, maws, hurrahs, pause, bras, gnaws, claws, draws, schnozz, was, paws, jaws, ta-tas (could be as in goodbyes or breasts), blahs, guffaws, now I’ll probably be thinking about this all day.

    Against my better judgment in encouraging this limericosity, here is my own contribution for my significant rower.

    There was a young rower named Roz
    Whose oars were quite rough on her paws.
    But she pulled on tenaciously
    And thanked sponsors quite graciously
    After all it was for a great cause.

    Have a great day at sea.

    Joan in Atlanta
    (I’m posting from iPad, and it’s not going to show my Facebook pic)

  • Oh, and thanks for posting the pic of Woody in his natural habitat –at sea. . Unca Doug and I were wondering if, during your bored spells, maybe you were following our posts (about Woody) on your links–or if you just have ESP (as I was just asking for a new WOODY pic.) I guess you won’t be lashing him to the prow anytime soon (WOODY that is, not Doug 🙂 Doug and I like to think we are entertaining you with our antic antics 🙂

  • OK, I’m back and ready to limerick…

    There was a rower named Roz
    She paddled her way for a cause.
    Two steps forward – Thanks for that.
    One step backward – what the heck.
    At least she has not come across Jaws.

    Never tried this before… Hope this was an OK first attempt?

  • There is a woman named Roz
    Who gives the Goddess a pause
    She wonders what must
    A rower with such a lust
    For life should trust in a gust !

  • Hi Roz. So now I am watching your progress for a third time, starting with California. I have to admit thinking sometimes you are a lunatic! But underlying that is a deep admiration for your resolve and courage. I so wish there were a lot more people on this planet who could stick to such ideals come what may.

  • Nice to see another colorful topside shot from the deck of Sedna! When we see you dong laundry we know everything is OK! I’ve got such a great photo album of your shots since leaving Freemantle. Really sprucing up my Download folder with Blues, purples, blacks and the touch of your red ensign. I followed you on your last Pacific leg but never thought to photo log it! Its the only way for now I’ll ever see those waters. I’m wondering if your winds have held steady NE, just checked the MSAT for W.Austrailia and looks like a big L way off to SW in S. Indian Ocean is your problem; if only you can get up closer to the tropics past 25 I’m guessing you’ll finally find calm waters. But of course I’m only guessing your locale. I know every sailor breathes a sign of relief when they finally get out of the mid latitudes and get under a gentle trade wind. I hope that circulation moves off and spells you some relief to row out of there!

    Thanks for answering me, no I’m American and I know there are a lot of “Guys” even Michael Guy’s in Austrailia, including one guitarist I know. I’m a piano player. Wish I could get the podcasts, haven’t had any luck here where i only have dial-up. Tomorrow Easter I am celebrating your determination with a row around my Big Lake Kerr here in Florida (maybe about 10 miles only) but I know wind isn’t the problem, only HEAT! It is up to 90 here already, but I will have calm waters and I’ll cast a line for a bass or two.

    Just imagine: if you had to row this like in the days of Joshua Slocum with no communication with your friends and mum? Imagine the isolation, thankfully it is bad enough at times I imagine, but at least you have a line to the world. I’m looking forward to sponsoring some miles in May and June and as long as you’re out there.
    Wishing you calmer waters, Hang In, they are coming…
    Michael Guy, Florida

  • Hi Roz, I enjoy your blog and the podcast with Vic. I’m curious why you aren’t doing Roz rows with Leo Laporte. Absolutely no offence intended to Vic!

    • Kate, I am only guessing, but looking at the TWIT schedule, there is little room for Leo to do another podcast, even a short one with Roz. If fact, Leo recently handed off one of his longest running podcasts to another host in the TWIT group.
      Vic is doing a great job, so I would encourage everyone to tweet/email about the Roz Roams podcasts, and tell all of your friends to listen. They can get the podcasts through iTunes or by going to http://www.rozroams.com

  • HB Absolutely!!! Too many people start things – Lazily, decide it is too much work, and leave the mess – and their mistake for starting it in the first place – up to others to clean up, pay for and deal with – sometimes even the victims of their laziness… Unfortunately I have first hand experience with that going on three years now…

  • But Roz! You ARE the ONLY subject — or object — of ROZLING affection. There IS NO alternative material for us ;-D

    We love to haunt and taunt you because you engage and entertain us!

    ♥ all your attempts … valiant, brilliant, and actually quite good!

    Good on ya, mate. Sorry to have spoilt your sleep and focus. We had a jolly ol’ time on your facebook page, chalking up

    I just now read your tweet with much chagrin, but as usual, you emphasize the “grin” in “chagrin”: hanging on sea anchor going wrong way fast. hilarious how little net result in last 10 days!

    Now you have more time to compose limericks … with a grin ;-D

    Hope it doesn’t drive you mad! It really wasn’t our intention.

    Row with a smile, Roz!

    And in closing … one more, one …

    There once was a grinning lass Roz
    Whose girth was ne’er cause for the blahs
    While sunning her freckles
    She rowed in round circles
    Rhyming with jaws**, ta-tas**, Sandy Claus

    ** Thanks, Joan ♥

  • A woman named Roz paddled the world.
    The Wind left her hair in nothing but curls.
    Some Currents pushed her forward.
    Some Currents pushed her aft-ward
    Some waves just encouraged her to hurl.

  • Type new comment; I don’t think so. In fact, I think everyone who comes here is aware that ocean rowing is a serious and costly undertaking loaded with rules and regulations designed for the safety of the participants as well as the build of the boat. The boats are equipped with a rudder and Roz used to have a roll up canvass sun shade but had to take it down as the association felt it could be used as a sail. It might be a good idea to go to the ocean rowing web site and read about the rowers lost at sea. Strong boats and experienced rowers each one. Most of the craft found in good shape;just abandoned. What happened? Did the rower like our Roz dive in after a piece of floating gear, only to find, in the oily flat calm
    that a current was afoot? Panic would have finished her, but she was well into her third ocean and you learn. Still some of the big names in the sport; gone in a flash. My wish is for everyone here to write whatever he or she wants, however; a few words of reminder to stay safe and come back whole can’t hurt. Hey Roz! Take care!
    Captain Texino

    • Hey Texino, Thanks for answering the question I posted… As an ocean racer with all sorts of rules and regs to keep us safe – including what can be used on the boat and what can’t, I had a feeling that using a sail to help Roz row across the current – she would still have to paddle – would violate the rules and regs… I Googled Ocean Rowing Rules Regs and found no mention of sails – that’s why I posted the question, because I still wondered…

  • Hey All – MOST ESPECIALLY ROZ, Texino’s and Doug’s comment reminds me of something I mentioned here earlier… Roz is attempting the nearly impossible, in an extremely dangerous environment. I used to do it in 50′ racing sailboats – and that scared the s**t out of me at times… What Roz is doing is not for the faint of heart, weak of body, mind or soul… This is not a goal that will be achieved in the next minutes, hours or even days… So please, Roz too, stop looking at what you all have achieved, or haven’t achieved, these last 10 or so days… PLEASE look at what you, Roz, have achieved in these 365+ days at sea, what you have achieved in these 43 years, and what you will achieve in the next 40 or so – the amazing part of your life JUST BEGINNING as I said the other day at 40…

  • Roz, watching your tweets yesterday helped complete the thought:

    she’s modest but brash
    vig’rous tackling curent trends
    wind and waves crashing

    Row brashly, Roz!

    • it happened again … that was comment #23 ♥ on this post
      (perhaps a good omen you’ll cut loose from Leeuwin soon)

      • Roz, I’m up early hoping to read good news how it went today, enjoying my home brewed cappuccino and oats … pondering:

        Roz challenges fear and mortality
        While full of fresh raw vitality
        Heeding the consequence
        Hoping the wind relents
        Poseidon she jousts decidedly

        Hoping to hear “Northward, Ho!” from you today ;-D

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