Got 3000 to spare? It’s 2am, and I’m lying in bed worrying about how I’m going to pay the next instalment on my boat.

I’ve been working immensely hard on the sponsorship drive, and I have a good number of promising leads. But promises don’t pay the bills.

I’ve read many books on expeditions, to poles, mountains and oceans. I know the sponsorship drive is always the hardest part. I also know the money usually turns up in the nick of time. A kind soul comes up with the readies, and our hero is saved from ignominious defeat, his dream strangled at birth by the cruel hands of poverty.

As a past ocean rower, Damian West, said to me the other evening, ‘All you need is one stroke of luck’. And I’ve been working hard at making my luck.

But right now I can’t see where the money is going to come from, and so I’m lying here in bed at 2am, worrying and hoping and praying for that stroke of luck to strike soon.

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