I write in haste once again, folks, as I am now out of the saddle and into the fire of my San Francisco / Bay Area Tour 2010.

Getting ready for my first century

I survived the Climate Ride! The first day was a hilly century (100 miles). I’d had no opportunity to train on a bike, so it was a pure victory of mind over matter. I’d been so focused on the 100 that my body was rather astonished, and not altogether pleased, to find out that I expected it to do another 60 the following day. A flat tyre gave me at mile 56 gave me a moment’s hope that I could quit without dishonour, but then a fellow rider gave me her spare inner tube…which exploded when I started to pump it up. Again hope surged. But then the support vehicle turned up and replaced my wheel. So there was nothing for it but to get back in the saddle. Circumstances conspired to make sure I got to the end, whether I wanted to or not!

The Climate Ride was exhilarating and thought provoking. I had the perfect amount of time to ride alone and ponder and also be with friends both old and new who share a common bond in the love of our earth and oceans. The spectacular California coastline sprung surprise after breathtaking surprise as the miles unfolded. Getting out and enjoying nature is especially important for anyone involved in preserving it for the future. It was good to be reminded of what we are working for. The scenery needs to be witnessed on first account and its grandeur can never be appreciated from a mere blog. I urge you to get out and see it for yourself. Perhaps join next year’s Climate Ride, either East Coast or West.

On the road - Highway 1

Even if you can’t commit to a 5-day ride, biking is a wonderful way to get around – not only a mode of transportation, but also a way to enjoy and explore the wonders of the world around you and burn a few calories at the same time.┬áPark a few miles further from work and commute in, especially when the weather allows it! Even a few days a year will set an example to others that one tiny action will set ripples of change.

Filming a promo clip with Conrad, official Climate Ride cameraman and survivor of Kiribati 2009

I was especially impressed with the Bike Friday owned by one of my fellow riders. Perfect for a homeless nomad – or a commuter. Look for yourself and see if one fits your needs.

The ride itself was a logistical magic show – seemingly effortless but no doubt with a lot of frantic activity going on behind the scenes. Bravo to the Climate Ride organizers and their ever vigilant staff, for making last week’s ride a truly memorable and special experience. All power to your elbows! (or quads?)

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  • Great to bike behind you Roz – you took off splendidly round the Mendocino Headlands with your characteristic bravery sporting cleats for the first time on a 320-mile ride! I highly recommend joining Team Roz next year – we had a blast – thanks for inviting me to your team.

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