Remembering the huge problems we had trying to find a suitable place in Hawaii for Brocade to hibernate last winter between Stages 1 and 2 of my Pacific row, it is nothing short of miraculous that Nicole has been able to find an ideal spot here on the tiny, densely populated island of Tarawa. Brocade’s new home is at the Marine Training Centre, and we will be forever indebted to Captain Superintendent Boro Lucic, the smiling Montenegran who runs the Centre.

To give you some idea of just how miraculous this is, here were our criteria for Brocade’s temporary home:

–       facilities for lifting a 1200lb boat out of the water

–       under cover storage for boat

–       something on which to store Brocade (her trailer is still in Hawaii)

–       separate storage for boat’s contents

–       security

The MTC has been able to supply all this – and more.

I spent all day there yesterday with Ian and Hunter. Conrad filmed us while we worked hard to empty the boat of every last food ration, waterbag and marine flare.  There was an astonishingly large pile of stuff on the ground next to Brocade by the time we had finished. Then everything had to be sorted – stuff to store, to go back to the US, to be discarded. Many things had to be cleaned and/or dried. In the baking sun water evaporated quickly – from our bodies too, and we had to beware of heatstroke. Finally Boro loaned us some new recruits to help carry everything to the cool store room where it will spend the next few months, safe from rats, ants and the intense heat. Apparently Jason Lewis’s supplies were largely destroyed by rats. They don’t kill them here because they are supposedly the spirits of ancestors, but I am keen to avoid having my oatmeal eaten by somebody’s Great Aunt Betty.

It was a long, hot, sweaty day, but now Ian has clear space so he can work on the things that need to be repaired or enhanced before Stage 3. Today he is trying to fix the watermaker. No luck so far. Other things on our To Do list include:

–       connect cable to external satphone antenna

–       improve storage of sea anchor line (needs to be more secure, as Stage 3 will likely be rougher than Stage 2, with higher risk of capsize)

–       add struts to bimini so it doesn’t flap in high winds

–       replace stereo (Lazarus was working more consistently towards the end, but is clearly not in perfect health)

–       plus, of course, get the boat shipshape and Bristol fashion, all lockers cleaned and bleached, decks scrubbed, and hull de-slimed.

So Brocade’s physique is on the way to recovery – but how is mine? I’ve regained 4lb in 4 days, which is no bad thing. My perception was that I’d eaten more and lost less weight this time around. So you could have knocked me over with a feather (possibly literally) when I stepped on the scales to find that I was 107lb  – exactly the same weight as when I arrived in Hawaii last year, and representing a total loss of exactly 30lb in 104 days.

My skin is still rough and sunburned. I suffered from heat rashes and spots the whole way across, but they are diminishing gradually. I also have some nasty areas of sunburn on my face, which are peeling pinkly now. Hmmm, attractive. I am going to be one wrinkly old lady. Anybody know a good dermatologist? I’m not joking!

My hands, though, are the area of my body still showing the clearest evidence of my recent endeavours. I can’t fully extend my fingers nor clench them into fists – the skin is too tough, tight and callused to allow full movement. But they will recover in time. The calluses are already peeling off now that they are no longer needed.

Someone made a comment that I don’t look like someone who has just rowed 3,000 miles, but I’m not sure what such a person should look like. Maybe he expected me to have shoulders like a Russian shotputter’s. But unless I was taking muscle-enhancing steroids all the way across that wasn’t going to happen. I just don’t have enough testosterone in my body to get that kind of muscle growth. I’m sunburned, scarred and skinny – and hopefully a little bit wiser. And that will have to be evidence enough of my latest ocean adventure.

Note: I still have very limited internet access. The technical infrastructure here on Tarawa is not up to US standards, nor is it ever likely to be. We were told that many of the Pacific islands are going to benefit from new cables being laid across the ocean floor to deliver high data speeds and communications links. But Tarawa is truly in the middle of nowhere… and on the way to nowhere. So for the foreseeable future they will have to rely on satellite connections.

For me personally, this means I have not been able to download my emails, and accessing websites or webmail is slow or sometimes impossible. I still haven’t had the opportunity to have a proper look around my own website, which went live while I was out on the ocean. So please bear with me. Thank you!

A HUGE THANK YOU: From what I hear from Mum and others, there has been an amazing outpouring of congratulations in the Rozling community. I just wish I had the connectivity to be able to play a more active part in the celebrations. I feel a bit like the corpse at the funeral – a great party being held in my honour, and I can’t be there! But hopefully I will clamber out of my internet coffin shortly and get back to full online life – and we’ll just have to celebrate all over again then!


  • Regarding the podcast, I wonder if the satphone has a jack for using a different/better microphone? I’m no expert on sound, but during the interviews with Leo I wondered how many of the dropouts reflected a flaky satellite connection, and how many reflected squelching of the handset’s microphone when used in the wind.

    I know this won’t be near the top of your list, but I thought I’d mention it for consideration.

    Regarding your upload times, you might find it worthwhile to learn a bit more about optimizing photos. Again, I’m no expert, but simply loading your photo into ImageReadyCS and saving the “optimized” version to disk reduced the file size from 49,614 bytes to 21,973 bytes. Running that file through jpegtran, with the “-copy none” switch to strip the JFIF tags further pared the file to 20,902 bytes; all with no discernable reduction in image quality.

    Personally, I hope you’ll use optimization to justify uploading images with higher pixel counts in the future (e.g. 640 * 480 instead of 300 * 225), but simply saving money and upload time would probably justify the extra steps.

    Take care!

  • Great report on the state of things, Roz. I was wondering about your hands and nails and what sort of condition they were in. I’m very happy to hear the Brocade will be safe and sound for the winter.

    Sounds like the 2010 push for Australia is likely to be pretty exciting. I look forward to hearing what course you’ll try for in that leg. I’ve heard there are rough waters on the east coast of Australia, but I don’t know if it’s somewhat isolated or the whole coast.

    Continued good fortune to you! Tell Nicole to post the book tour schedule!

  • As an Australian with lots of crusty Solar Keratoses on my arms, and other bits. I hope you will be able to be “Sun Smart” for your next part of the trip. What sort of sun screen have you been able to use? Jim Bell Australia

  • It’s nice that the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place.
    Thanks for recounting the “mundane” aspects of your clean-up.
    Inspires yet another haiku for you …

    middle of nowhere
    sunburned scarred skinny but safe
    Roz and world rejoice

  • ROZ: All this amazed ‘Yank’ can find to say is that the song is absolutley true when it says: “RULE BRITANIA; BRITANIA RULES THE WAVES!”

    You are indeed one awesome Brit! Get in some well deserved R&R now.

    An admiring ‘Rosling’ from Colorado

  • “Apparently Jason Lewis’s supplies were largely destroyed by rats. They don’t kill them here because they are supposedly the spirits of ancestors, but I am keen to avoid having my oatmeal eaten by somebody’s Aunt Jemima.”

    That really shows a disrespect to the VERY generous people of Tarawa who not only allowed you to enter their country, they actually rolled out the red carpet for you and had welcoming ceremony! I cannot offer moral or financial support to someone with this lack of tact, respect, and gratitude. I think your ego is getting out of control. Good luck to you on dealing with all of that, I’m officially not following this journey anymore.

  • Miss Inquisitive, may I be the very first person here to have the privilege and honor of saying the obvious: You are behaving like a first class arse … and are the LAST person Roz needs to be “following this journey” with her! I, for one, will be glad to see you find some other person to harrass and belittle. Some folks take themselves (and everything else in life) waaay too seriously — and I suspect you are one of them. For clearly, Roz is not the sort of person who deserves the kind of inane judgments like the one you just spouted. Pity that you cannot see that.

  • I am so amazed at this story and your accomplishments. For that that little extra drive in life I will be following your blog. Great job and never stop dreaming. Proud of you

  • Naomi, I was just waiting for the puppets to come out of the woodwork on that one … pardon the mixxed mettaphor … it’s just one of several incarnations of the puppet mastter we have come to know and love. I support your valliant attempt to quell itt.

  • Roz,

    By your accent you are clearly British. There are differences between the English language and the American version of English. Although I grew up eating Aunt Jemima’s maple syrup on pancakes – because the name represented a fantastic cook from the South – over the years it has taken on a derogatory racial connotation.

    Could you modify your blog to read something like “avoid having my oatmeal eaten by someone’s reincarnated aunt”. Or just “eaten by rats”.

    I am white and even I cringed at the wording “Aunt Jemima”.

    By the way, when I was 19 I visited a friend’s family farm in Lincoln, Kentucky. Southern cooking is as good as advertized by Aunt Jemima! A southern grandmother who cooked for hungry farm hands made a hungry teenage boy feel like he was in heaven. My favorite pie is banana cream. She made a special pie just for me! – on a large pizza pie plate with cream made from milk fresh from their cow that morning!

    It took me 2 days to eat the banana cream pizza pie – for dessert with every meal!

  • I do know a good dermatologist = me.

    If you happen to be in Bellingham Washington, USA….look me up and I will treat your skin problems for free. It would be well worth it to meet someone of your courage.


  • Naomi,

    If we ever start a Rozling coed intramural baseball, or football, or soccer, or whatever team on here, I’m picking you for my team. I love the way you stand up for the people around you, and protect the home team.

    And as for the trolls, who keep promising to leave, there really is just one thing to say, isn’t there?

  • Hi Roz, Rita, Nicole and team Roz – I am amused by some of the blog comments and how so often people need to make it about them and their perspective, which, of course, overrides the significance of your major achievement…

    Roz, Rita or Nicole, please let me know if there is anything I can do from this end to help in any way! I am here if you need me. And if you decide to visit Dr. Bruce Bowden, please pop over the border to Vancouver – I would love the chance to host you in our beautiful city again! Love to all of you!

  • Clearly the expression “Aunt Jemima” has a significance in the US that is very different from the way it is understood in England, which, as everyone knows, is Roz’s country. Roz would never knowingly insult anyone and will be most upset to know that she has done so inadvertently. (I am writing this because Roz cannot yet get access to these comments.)

  • Perhaps Naomi should take a step back as that reply is unworthy of this blog. I don’t beleive in any way that Roz meant it intentionally – just as I don’t believe Miss Inquisitive is a first class arse. However the fact remains, for a huge population the term is truly offensive.

  • My “arse” comment was not only accurate but also appropriate — as it was a simile, not a metaphor (someone acting LIKE something, not being the thing itself — big difference). From here on out, I’ll heed UncaDoug’s earlier advice and no longer comment in any way on posts that misrepresent Roz’s motives … lest I become “TRULY offensive” to a “huge population”!

    (Richard and UncaDoug, thanks for your comments — loved your tt shorthand, Unca.)

    Now on to the important subject at hand: ROZ’s enormous accomplishment! I’m really enjoying your last few posts, Roz, and thanks for letting us “in” on all the little behind-the-scenes things that are necessary in preparation for the next leg of your journey. What a gift that the Brocade has been tucked away in such a generous fashion via Captain Superintendent Boro Lucic. (Thanks Mr. Lucic). I’m also enjoying reading your old posts starting from the very beginning of your Pacific row … jotting down the names of any audio books that catch my interest. Who knew you’d be an ace ocean rower AND book reviewer all in one?!

    Aloha nui loa, Roz.

  • In my area of the world, the city of Medellin,Colombia we call people like you “verracos” (feminine “verracas”), Rozita… (the “ita” being a tender, sweet, kind, diminutive). We love you dearly for your feat, both physical and mental, but much more for the sevice towards global conscience for the conservation and care of our “spaceship -should I say boat?- earth”
    New cheers for you, your team, and all the loyal Rozlings!!!

    And thar sounds swell, a new celebration once you get a decent Internet connection. I think all of us R ozlings will stand by!!


  • PS: to my last … Let me echo Roz’s THANKS to all the trainees at the Marine Training Centre there in Tarawa who helped move and store the Brocade. You da best!

  • I had a story ready to file about “Raj Savage” complete with a list of quips made re. the natives. I’m loth to send it though because I have the feeling that the Island is lacking a decent “Boozer” where Team Roz can let it out a bit and being used to an ex-pat’s life, I understand the need completely. With that in mind I’m holding off on any and all negatives until these important things get sorted out.

  • Hi Roz, for the next trip to Oz, don’t forget some sort of bird deterrent from your decks and solar panels. Enjoy Tarawa! – Sindy

  • The Preacher’s Kid made it!
    In honor of Rev. Savage
    Mis. Roz, do you think you go to Tauranga, NZ?
    Can you visit S. and N. island, from Aussie land?
    Prepare to eat Marmite and Vegemite.
    Your biggest Fan!
    Antonio(not Italian or Mexican – American, GBUSA)

  • Hiya Roz.
    It’s me Antonio, just want to congratulate you, CONGRATULATIONS – Roz Savage! we look forward to meet you in Aussie Land and Kiwi Land (GW)
    Your Biggest Fan,
    ANTONIO (from Da South)

  • Cheers to Ian Tuller! Hip-hip-hurray!
    Cheers to the Brocade’s 24/7 “bodyguards”! Hip-hip-hurray!

    and just for good measure, Hip-hip-hurray to you, Roz. Hope you’re still getting those massages. Your muscles must still be saying “thank-you, thank-you, thank-you”!

  • Oh, you so totally rock! Thanks so much for sparking our imaginations and sense of adventure. Everyone I know, myself included, enjoy living vicariously through your amazing adventures. Thanks for continuing to motivate us all to do better and to do what we can to protect our natural resources-truly safer than money invested in stocks, bonds, or banks. My children-all of our children-thank you for it!

  • Roz, your lack of internet leaves us in the dark once again. Thank goodness for the tweets. I hope you are taking well deserved R&R as your make Brocade ship-shape for your upcoming leg to Australia. I also hope you are able to connect with “The Age of Stupid” Director Franny Armstrong or Producer Lizzie Gillett and find a way play an active role in the global premier September 21/22. Kiribati Screening is listed “TBC”. If you and TeamRoz can pull it off, I think your participating in the global premier from Kiribati would be the icing on the cake of your accomplishments thus far … if your schedule allows. If it’s possible, we Rozlings would have an EXTRA extraordinary experience attending local screenings knowing you are doing the same in the middle of nowhere … or maybe it’s really ground zero.

    the age of stupid
    world premier on tarawa
    icing on the cake

  • Amazing how one woman with a boat and incredible guts can creep into my entirely mundane day and make me stop and think! Yesterday I grabbed an iced coffee at McDonalds because it was close and I was thirsty for something more interesting than the water I carry with me. As I went to throw the empty cup away I stopped and thought “must rethink this!” I have a stainless steel water bottle and a favorite insulated coffee cup I’ve had for years, but when I go to get a tall, cold summer drink, it comes in a disposable cup. Into my mind popped an image of Roz rowing all alone across a huge ocean and I thought–“I can do better!” So I’m on a quest to change that small thing–because of you! Rowing oceans is a very big thing, and finding a perfect iced latté cup is very, very small. Yet you are an inspiration to thousands of people, all over the world, to stop and think, every once in a while (or a lot!) “I can do better!”

    Thank you for that moment, and I hope you had a well-earned rest following your boat-unloading day!

  • Roz, on your Massage Me Like a Pina Colada post you concluded with … [Note: All travel by members of TeamRoz is balanced by carbon offsets to maintain our carbon neutral status.]

    Just out of curiosity, which offset organization(s) do you use, and how did you determine that the money is actually spent on effective carbon negative projects. Since this industry is in its infancy, many people would probably appreciate a bit of an education in this. Personally, I do not fly much at all lately, and have yet to research this. Just this evening, the link to this TimesOnline article was tweeted by Franny Armstrong.

  • Roz, I worry about your skin getting so sunburned out there, sunscreen notwithstanding. Fair-complexioned lassies are at higher risk for skin cancers and while the baseball-style caps you wear are very fetching, they don’t seem to do an adequate job of protecting your sweet face from the blazing orb. Perhaps you might consider something like a Tilly hat, since they are considered to be indestructible, and provide a bit more shade. I’m not totally sure what type of hat would be best, but I’m thinking something with a brim all round, instead of just in front. We want you whole and healthy for a loooong time after this great adventure is over!!

    Oh, P.S. I found a reusable cold drink bottle with a flip-up straw for anyone else who likes their smoothies/iced coffees in the summertime without a disposable cup:

  • Roz, here is a little more information on The Age of Stupid screening Sept 22 in Kiribati:

    Kiribati – Potentially screening at a Sports Stadium with seating for 5,000 people in what must be the most ambitious screening anywhere

    Hope you can find a way to participate …

  • They probably expected you to look like a Viking God. However! I think you look great. You look like a woman who’s just put her body, faith, mind, and spirit to the test – and it looks like you succeeded. I’m still rooting for all to go well, and I’m very glad that Brocade found a temporary home.

  • My “arse” comment was not only accurate but also appropriate — as it was a simile, not a metaphor (someone acting LIKE something, not being the thing itself — big difference). From here on out, I’ll heed UncaDoug’s earlier advice and no longer comment in any way on posts that misrepresent Roz’s motives … lest I become “TRULY offensive” to a “huge population”!
    Consider me one too, Nicole, “third world country, Aunt Jemima”??? In my book, being insensitive of indigenous people and culture and being environmentally conscience doesn’t walk hand and hand. You lost me too.

  • My “arse” comment was not only accurate but also appropriate — as it was a simile, not a metaphor (someone acting LIKE something, not being the thing itself — big difference). From here on out, I’ll heed UncaDoug’s earlier advice and no longer comment in any way on posts that misrepresent Roz’s motives … lest I become “TRULY offensive” to a “huge population”!

    Nothing is gained when it is gained at the expense of others.

  • Just for the record whether or not Roz knew the detrimental connotation of the term I will not repeat, it doesn’t matter. They didn’t come to you, you went to them, they are not there to apease your culture, you are guests in their country. Mocking their indigenous spiritual beliefs is an insult.

  • I’m British by birth, immigrated to the USA eighteen years ago, and have friends and acquaintances of various ethnic origins. However, I was not aware that “Aunt Jemima” was regarded as an insult until it was mentioned here, and I still have no idea why it is considered offensive. Consequently, I cannot see how on earth Roz would know it was so. Certainly in England, which is her country (as anyone who has even glanced casually at this website must know) the term has no unpleasant connotations.

    Similarly, there is no excuse for attacking Roz, or anyone else, for saying something that she could not possibly know was an insult to local peoples. A polite explanation would be more appropriate than an attack based on the apparent assumption that she intended a deliberate insult.

    Due to the communication problems, as has been made clear several times, Roz almost certainly cannot read these Comments, so is not able to respond yet.

  • Way to go, Roz!!!

    This is a great thing you are doing, an important thing, and it is appreciated.

    Just put your ear to the ground the next time you are in a quiet place.
    You’ll be able to hear the planet say “Thank You”.

    Thank you, Roz.

  • Aunt Jemima is a trademark for pancake flour, syrup, and other breakfast foods currently owned by the Quaker Oats Company. The trademark dates to 1893, although Aunt Jemima pancake mix debuted in 1889. The Quaker Oats Company first registered the Aunt Jemima trademark in April, 1937.[1]

    The term “Aunt Jemima” is sometimes used colloquially as a female version of the derogatory label “Uncle Tom”. In this context, the slang term “Aunt Jemima” falls within the “Mammy archetype”, and refers to a friendly black woman who is perceived as obsequiously servile or acting in, or protective of, the interests of whites.[2] The 1950s television show Beulah came under fire for depicting a “mammy”-like black maid and cook who was somewhat reminiscent of Aunt Jemima. Today, the terms “Beulah” and “Aunt Jemima” are regarded as more or less interchangeable as terms of disparagement.

  • Naomi coming from NY could hardly not know that the term used was extremely derogatory and her response again TRULY offensive. I also don’t believe that in 5 days since the original post the communication link is so bad that Roz and team haven’t heard from someone in some way about this. It takes away from Roz’s achievements when it’s difficult to get past it, but there it is – still…..

  • george NYC and others:
    I have sent an email to Roz’s private address and not yet received any response, so we can be confident that she is not aware of this matter or else is unable to respond. As I have said before, my wife and I know Roz well enough to know that she would never knowingly be rude or insulting to anyone. We must be both tolerant of her lack of knowledge of somewhat obscure insults and patient for her response to your Comments.

    On a personal note; as a Brit in the US I have occasionally bridled at remarks that I found offensive but which were not understood as such by the speakers.

  • Such an overreaction and outpouring of judgment and condemnation from a literal handful. I expect to see a spectrum of contrition and retractions when all is said and done. Appreciate your thoughts, John. Thanks!

  • Hmmm…close to 20% is is not a handful and the remark is not obscure – wrong on both counts. There’s also some significant impact difference in a blog like this that is attached such a worthy cause and much publicity. I would not discount so lightly the impact of the unintentional.

  • Hiya Roz,
    My prescription for your sun burned skin from your trip is to use aloe vera juice to moisturize your face. Coconut oil for your hair.
    There should be aloe vera plans in Tarawa, ask around.

    I went to ponte vedra beach today and saw another empty white bucket.
    On my way out filled it with plastic sandals of all sizes, kids and adult. It was full, i have to leave some behind.

  • I think I agree with Naomi, that Roz should be a little careful how she describe anything about Tarawa (I have noticed that in her blog since she arrived), Internet, the polluted lagoon, their belief system.
    You have to give Roz a break however, she’s been under the sun for a long time.

  • Correction: I agree with Miss Inquisitive not Naomi.
    You just need to sensitive with remarks about any country or people.
    I reckon Roz is still recovering and a little unhappy of where she ended up instead of Tuvalu.

  • Roz! I make an amazing shea butter/beeswax hand creme that will save your hands! Honestly, they will be in ship-shape in no time! I just need an address to send some to you – a congratulatory gift from me! I’d be honored if you would try it! I call it Shepherd’s Friend Hand Creme, as I am a shepherd and my lifestyle is very hard on hands. Give me an address and I’ll get some in the post right away!

  • I think this is a major over reaction. It is quite clear she didn’t mean it in any negative way, and it’s clear that if she knew about the problems it was causing she’d address them right away. The people saying this isn’t so, are just causing negative reactions and negative opinions that are not accurate. Get over your judgmental opinions and realize that she made a simple mistake, and will likely rectify that mistake once she is aware of it.

    Jeesh! Lay off and get a life. 🙁

  • Hi George NYC: Yup, I’m a New Yorker and saying Aunt Jemima here, as far as I know, brings up memories of pancakes — hardly “extremely derogatory.”

    Hi Nancy: If you asked a boatload of New Yorkers, you’d be hard pressed to find even a few who think that “Aunt Jemima” is the female version of an Uncle Tom (that is simply ridiculous — or I’m living under a rock). Someone on Wikipedia may think so but not here. She’s a marketing tool used on a pancake box in the 50’s and 60’s that many a Baby Boomer associated with yummy comfort food.

    I think what’s being overlooked in our discussions back and forth here can be put into one word: CONTEXT. I chided the poster because I think he ignored the context. The context being RELATIVES and FOOD. What I think happened was that Roz, rather innocently, thought of “aunt” … and then followed w/ a quick name association that undoubtedly popped into her head related to food — i.e., Aunt Jemima! I think it was the furthest thing from her mind that since Aunt Jemima was dark-skinned, that somehow using that name would be more relevant to the people of Tarawa! To imply that is to not have gotten the heart of Roz as it’s been expressed consistently and eloquently in her blogs here for months of entries. After all, the context was to rodents EATING her provisions and how happy she was (AND thankful to the people of the island) that her boat was being protected from that! Keep in mind that the locals KNOW she is a Brit … and that she would NOT ascribe to their beliefs about rats being relatives! Duh. Clearly they would know that her comment was not about black people or to knock their religious beliefs! These people are not living under a rock somewhere — to imply they’d be so easily insulted is to imply they are uneducated and they simply are not. They are aware others hold beliefs different form their own, for heaven’s sake!

    Offending anyone was the furthest thing from her mind, imo, and if the easily offended person who insinuated this racist thing into the thread to begin with really had gotten the heart of Roz via all these blogs, he would know that and THAT is my main point here: Roz’s comment was never intended as that person suggested it was intended. And INTENT is all. HE — not Roz — imo, is the one to be chided for insinuating that her intent was arrogant or racist in the first place! And THAT is why I chided him. HE is the person who ascribed to Roz sinister motives where none existed. Indeed, why are we not all offended by THAT? I make no apology for what I wrote. Agree with me or not, I care little.

    The whole reason I bothered to write this lengthy comment is because I don’t want to see Roz censor her free and honest and refreshing spirit because some like to find fault where none exists. In doing so she is unjustly put on the defensive. It bothers me, and it should bother all of us. Just leave my name out of any future posts that want to continue to ascribe to Roz racist or arrogant motives she doesn’t have, okay. I’ve had enough of it.

    Roz: Hope all is well with you and your Team — and that good things have been accomplished there w/ the people who have welcomed you so heartily and whom you, in turn, have thankfully embraced!

    Naomi in NY

  • Maggie … do you have a website? Winters in NYC are pretty hard on the hands too (wow, you’re a shepherd? Cool!) and I’d love to purchase some — if it is a product you make/sell.

    re my above post … meant to write “subscribe” to their beliefs, not “ascribe.”

  • Dr. Bruce Bowden (Belligham,WA)
    Can you treat Roz virtually from Bellingham? Unless Roz is State side soon, it’ll be awhile. Do you have any suggestions?
    just a thought Doc.

  • Naomi, I concur. CONTEXT. What you did not mention is the CONTEXT in which the initiator of this entire concocted controversy is a mere pupett (I can’t say that it is not unlike the hand pupett Miss Piggy, and the similarity ends with the hand) of our beloved detractor-in-chief whose perplexing plaintive perspective has been clear from the beginning. Had the pupett-master left it alone or been polite and diplomatic instead of judgmental, this discussion would be taking an entirely different course. Time for a course correction. Again, I expect retractions and contrition will be in order.

    Maggie, I have been using Bag Balm (which is very greasy) and a prescription for eczema to fix my cracking and flaking fingers. The prescription seems to be helping — although the eczema has not been cured — but what I really need is a an effective lotion to keep the skin moist … I would love to try your lotion potion, and would gladly pay handsomely. My email address is at the bottom of the page that links from my name above.

  • Naomi, people wanted to know why the term is derogatory, I posted it. Feel free to do the research yourself if you feel as though the information provided by wikipedia is incorrect. The one thing I know for sure is that there are a great deal of other people in this world that are aware that the term is regarded as a term of disparagement.

    “After all, the context was to rodents EATING her provisions and how happy she was (AND thankful to the people of the island) that her boat was being protected from that! Keep in mind that the locals KNOW she is a Brit … and that she would NOT ascribe to their beliefs about rats being relatives! Duh” – Naomi

    I believe that if we haven’t got something nice to say about someone’s beliefs we don’t talk about it for we are all solely responsible for our own beliefs and actions.

  • There is no sense repeating what Brit John Kay said very well here and here. Do we each know what is disrespectful or insulting in England, in France, in Guyana, in Hawaii, in Idaho, in Japan, in Korea, in Tanzania, in Tarawa?

    Maybe it’s as simple as saying Tawara instead of Tarawa. Roz knows that distinction even at sea with an 11th hour course change — she never mispronounced Tarawa! Did she chastise Leo Laporte for not getting it right? Never! Sorry, but she let her civility and good nature show.

    Each one of us is “ugly” somewhere at some time in some circumstance. So, please don’t be too harsh … what do they say about casting the first stone? … judge not?

    This “discussion” is neither civil nor respectful. Can we please turn it around? Unless, of course, there are other motivations, in which case, please just leave and talk to the wind!

  • If Roz didn’t believe that she could row across the Atlantic Ocean she wouldn’t had been able to do it. To be truthful when I tell people about her the first thing they say to me is, “Is she out of her mind?” I am willing to admit that I came to her defense.

    Think about it………

  • Call it what President Obama refers to it as and is….a learning experience. I personally don’t have any dishonorable intentions.

  • Roz’s new blog Thanks for the Memories posted last last night. Her final paragraph …

    APOLOGY: I am profoundly embarrassed. I have been unavoidably offline for the last week, so had no idea of the row brewing over something I wrote in my last blog. I was not at all familiar with the US connotations of “Aunt Jemima”, and am horrified that some people interpreted this as a racial slur. Nothing could have been further from my intentions. During my all-too-brief time in Tarawa I developed the greatest respect and love for the people there. Apologies for any offence caused.

    Thank you, Roz. You are a true champ deserving of a ticker tape parade for what you have done.

  • Well…now that we know it is offensive to many – why not alter it?

    I use this site as a motivational tool for my Junior High class and also encouraged other colleagues to do the same – many are not white, they are from the NY area, and this has been a source of a lot of discussion. We’ve gone from the excitement of Roz’s day-to-day progress to discussions of this blog and the responses. Their consensus is it was unintentional although in itself still offensive. They struggle with the responses that seem to paint a picture of concerned comments as if they were attacks against Roz as a racist. I suppose there’s something to be gained from these discussions, but the problem is more time was spent on something other than the achievements, goals, awareness of what good one can do in this world. However, does this mean there’s no time to correct what we now understand will be offensive to some or should we require someone to read through pages of e-mails to get to the apology?

  • It is a mixed bag isn’t it Keishak? I too have very mixed emotions. I needed some clarity. The first thing I did was research the history of the island itself. That led to more questions. I was pretty devastated to find out the devastation that took place there during World War II., (just for warning there is some foul language on it). It left me wondering what happened to Gilbert inhabitants during that devastation. I no longer have my doubt as to why there is so much poverty there. My heart breaks for the Gilbert People. Now their island is being threatened by global warming.

    There is more than meets the eye as to what true success is and as painful as it is it can’t continued to be ignored. It is up the humanity to decide what they don’t want and start focusing on what they do want. Humanity needs to learn how to deal with diversity and contrasts in our lives in constructive way…….NO MORE WAR!

    You are correct in saying that once we realize that something is offensive that it needs to be changed. I believe global warming is just tip of the iceberg. There are a vast number of issues underneath the iceberg that has created the dis-ease of our environment. It is important to address those issues because the evolution of our society is going to fall on the hands of the upcoming generation of this world.

  • “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – Native American Proverb

    It is about time we started acting like responsible adults!

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