We have a lot to catch up on.

It has been a year since my last newsletter. A lot has happened.

First, I’d like to welcome the folks who have signed up recently, probably because of my new career direction (of which more shortly).

And say “hello, old friends” to the folks who have been following my updates for up to 20 years – from my life-changing travels around Peru, across three oceans solo in a rowboat, through a doctorate and the publication of four books – up to the present day.

The reason for my long silence? I’ve been going through a transformation. And no, it doesn’t involve foreign clinics or facelifts (clearly!).

It was 19th September 2022, and I’d watched most of the Queen’s funeral on a friend’s TV. That evening, I was sitting on the bench in my front garden, gazing down the valley and reflecting on the Queen’s life of tireless devotion to public duty.

Since I’d finished drafting my latest book, The Ocean in a Drop, in March last year, I’d been trying to figure out what came next. In my 20 years as an environmental advocate, I’d learned a great deal about why changing to a more sustainable way of life is hard, but is necessary, and very possible. What to do with this knowledge? How to be of service to creating a better future?

And suddenly, inspired by the Queen, it came to me. For all the many flaws of our current political system, it seemed to me that the best way to create positive change would be to stand for Parliament.

Since then I have been on a whirlwind political journey, fast-tracking through the approval and selection processes, and have now been chosen by the Liberal Democrats to be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the new South Cotswolds seat.

For my overseas readers, we don’t yet know when the next General Election will be, as we don’t have fixed terms in the UK, but it has to be before January 2025. So there is no time to lose. I am hitting the ground running (or hitting the water rowing).

I’ll keep you posted – stay tuned for updates.

(I am still available for speaking engagements on non-political topics. Parliamentary candidates don’t get paid, and I still have to pay the bills! Contact my manager, Miriam Staley, for details.)

Life of Roz

Those of you who followed my ocean rowing adventures will have got to know my mother, Rita. She was an absolute pillar of strength while I was at sea, and more than once had to step in to keep my blog running when gremlins and seawater got the better of my technology.

So I’m sorry to share the sad news that she passed away in March this year, aged 84, two weeks after suffering a severe stroke. While I’ll miss her every day, I’m glad for her sake that she didn’t have to endure a long, lingering departure. She had made it very clear in advance that she would not find that acceptable. So my sister, Mum’s dear friend Jean, and I can still remember her as the independent, capable, courageous woman that she was.

Upcoming Events

It may be early to be thinking about Christmas, but there are some wonderful festive markets to look forward to. If you’re a potential stallholder, you can apply now for a spot.

The Wickwar September Bash is coming up on 16th Sept.

If you’re sweltering in our belated summer heat, you might like to know the Stratford Park Lido in Stroud is staying open two weeks later than usual, until 17th Sept.

The cycling Tour of Britain will be racing through this Cotswolds this Saturday, 9th Sept, starting in Tewkesbury and passing through Cirencester and Tetbury before finishing in Gloucester. Exciting for cyclists, maybe less so for motorists! Look out for road closures.

The Twinning Society Murder Mystery is this Saturday, 9th Sept. Tickets still available. Hosted by the Purton Amateur Dramatic Society at Cricklade Town Hall. And if you don’t make it home that night, you could still be around the next afternoon for a Pop-up Picnic Concert by the Cricklade Band at Saxons Rest, near the Town Hall!

(If you have local announcements you would like me to share, please ping me at rozlibdem@gmail.com.)

Roz at Large

I will of course be at the Lib Dem autumn conference in Bournemouth from 23rd to 26th September. I expect I will see many of you there!

I’ll be at the Planet Local Summit in Bristol on 29th-30th Sept.

Then I’m appearing with Wilder Journeys editor Laurie King at the Blue Earth Summit in Bristol on 11th October at 5pm, and speaking at Explorers Connect, also in Bristol, at 7pm on 12th October.

I’m scheduled to be on BBC Politics West on Sunday 15th October.

In the meantime, if you live in the Cotswolds you’re likely to see me out and about on a frequent basis. Look out for the yellow hat – and I’ll be under it!

Reasons to Be(e) Cheerful

Purton’s Church Street Bee and Bug Habitats are on their way – 3 new wildflower areas to support biodiversity. Fantastic! The Parish Council asks that everyone “Bee Patient” while the sites are under construction. 🐝

Quote of the Week

“Stay away from those people who try to disparage your ambitions. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.” (Mark Twain)
With much love


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