Big Ben to Brussels

Supported by Keen Footwear and Marmot, with carbon offsetting by Carbon Foresight. Thanks also to Orbis Globes, Murray PR, the kind folks at Green People and all our backers through Kickstarter.

The Mission:
To send a message to the COP15 conference expressing our desire for action on climate change. Come join us!

This summer Roz rowed solo 2,600 miles across the Pacific from Hawaii to Kiribati, where she saw the human face of climate change. Kiribati, a scattering of small coral atolls, will be uninhabitable within the next 50 years as climate change causes rises in sea level and increasingly frequent major weather events. Click here to watch a video about Kiribati and climate change.

Big Ben to Brussels:
Roz is now taking a message to the climate change conference in Copenhagen, in her role as United Nations “Climate Hero”. With a small group of friends she will set out on Nov 20 to walk 200 miles from Big Ben to Brussels, where she will join the United Nations Climate Express train for the remainder of the journey to Copenhagen. Click here to meet the team.

Earth Balls:
During the walk they will gather signatures on inflatable “Earth” balls, to be delivered to the conference as a petition calling on the delegates to take decisive action on climate change so that more countries and regions do not suffer the same fate as Kiribati.

The Route:
Come and join us! For an hour, for half a day, for a full day, or even the whole trip. Click here for details of the route. And we’d love to interview you for our film to find out who you are and why you care about climate change.

Walk With Us – Online:
Can’t be there? You can still show your support for our cause by going for a walk, wherever you are! You can sign up for our environmental mission, called Pull Together. Take action on CO2 levels by walking more and driving less. Good for your body, and good for the planet! Match the the 10,000 oar strokes Roz does each day on the ocean by walking 10,000 steps a day and sharing your results online. Click here for details.

Support Us:
You can also support us by pledging financial support. In return we have all kinds of exclusive Roz Savage goodies on offer. See Kickstarter for more details.

Follow Us:
We’ll be posting photos, videos, blogs and Facebook and Twitter updates on this website throughout the BB2B walk. Roz will also be writing exclusive blogs for Keen Footwear, and the Wend Magazine blog.

If we all pull together, we CAN save the world!


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