UPDATE: Roz has ARRIVED in Tarawa!!! – 2pm Tarawa time / 4pm Hawaii time.

TeamRoz back in Honolulu relaying the plans for today…

As of 10:30am Hawaii time (which is what is displayed on the RozTracker), Roz is just 11 miles from the southern tip of Tarawa where she’ll be arriving. Nicole just called in via sat phone to let us know that the plan is for the film crew and support crew to leave by boat from Tarawa at around 2pm Hawaii time (12pm Tarawa time) to rendezvous with Roz.

From there, the boat will guide Roz through the treacherous reefs that surround the atoll to help her get safely to shore. This will be tricky, so it’ll take all of Roz’s efforts to stay on course and safe. She’s been rowing hard all morning… she can almost taste the cold beer, no doubt!

RozTracker GPS updates are now every 20 minutes, so check back often to see exactly where Roz is!

As soon as we have any photos, videos, and updates, we will be sure to post them to the RozTracker. In the meantime, spread the word in whatever way you can so people can follow these last few exciting miles!




[Photo: Children of Tarawa welcome TeamRoz to the airport. Can’t wait to see Roz’s reception!]


  • Since you had to put some clothes on after you saw the fishing boat, I guess you are no longer a naked savage. Must be nice heading for land after 100 plus days.

  • First the US Marines in 1943 and now Roz Savage invade the beaches of Tarawa. I like Roz’s way much better! GO ROZ!!!!!

  • I’m sure you weren’t surprised to see the fishing boat, but imagine their surprise upon seeing you? 🙂 On a more serious note, I’d just like to say how wonderful it’s been to follow your progress, you’re a shining example that dreams really can come true.

  • I hope you keep the video footage up for a while. I will have to miss it live and look forward to catching it later! This day has been a long time coming. Fingers crossed for a safe arrival!

  • Waiter! Waiter! All the cold beer this very tired young lady can enjoy at her first sitting! And Roz, with that cold beer, a huge toast from Rozlings all over the planet whose aggrieved climate you have so courageously rowed for!
    Three Cheers, dear Roz, Three HUGE Cheers !!! !!! !!!

  • Hi everyone! All is well on our end. Radio and locals have been notified of Roz’s impending arrival. There will be a very traditional welcoming committe-should be a fun surprise for Roz. We’re the Attorney General’s office now getting some online work handled. We’ll soon meet up with Emil and Rob to board the boat around 11 in Betio, will head out at noon! YAY! Have the satphone handy so can connect with Roz at any time. I know she must be getting tired, but when I soke with her a couple hours ago, she was SO jazzed, especially to be coming all the way in to Tarawa under her own steam. I’ll be posting Evoca voice updates from the boat using the satphone, so keep checking the Roz Tracker for the very latest! Thanks for all the support…

  • Goooooooooooooooo, Gooooooooooooooo, Goooooooooooooo ROZ! Soooo proud of you! I tried TWEETING in response to one of your recent tweets … when land was just 15 miles away, but not sure you can see Twitter responses.

    This is just SO exciting!! It’s 6:30 pm in NY … and if I read the blog above correctly, your escort boat will be leaving Tarawa to meet you in just an hour and a half. So, the “UMPH” girl is soon to arrive on TERRA FIRMA. Thank GOD for dry land, eh?!!

    I just re-watched your interview w/ Roxy of “Beach Walks Hawaii” posted just before you left Honolulu … wherein you say you find your best spiritual connections expressed within human interactions, something the ocean does not well afford one . . . so let’s hope you have lots of that human interaction today, and have a fantastic “spiritual” experience as you see all the smiling faces awaiting you as you de-boat! Here’s to good friends, good beer, and loads of folks wishing you well as you come down the “victory lane”!

    Look forward to seeing your arrival photos and video, if that is at all possible … and of course, I hope you have some place MARVELOUS to lay your weary bod down tonight (and of course I hope a scrumptious bubble bath awaits you as well). You truly have earned both, I think. 🙂

    Warmest wishes and a few hugs … Naomi in NY

  • Congratulations to Roz on her accomplishment. However, it would be prudent if she and her team came clean regarding the assistance she received some days ago (for some distance), before an international story is published. Not everyone involved in helping her get to Tarawa in the last few days has been quiet and it hurts the overall accomplishemnt and credibility of herself and her sponsors….

  • You are awesome Nicole, as are all of your support TEAMROZ. No man (or woman)is an island. All of you are Roz’s rocks. And you all do rock! All the best from Durango, Colorado, USA.

  • Re: “so tired. not much sleep in last 48hrs.”
    Wishing you cool cucumber slices from my garden for your poor, tired eyes! Just a “few” more strokes. You can do it! (Don’t know how you do it, but know you can and do!) Fairly blowing across the tracker map along with many others, with a whoosh of following sea! Deep peace to you once you are safely berthed!

  • Nicole, you really do ROCK, girl! Thanks for making this one of the best Saturday nights ever … thanks to you and ALL of Team Roz that have busted your butts in the last weeks … and most obviously in the last week or so … to bring Roz safely to land. Can’t wait for the updates! I hope you, too, have a wonderful bubble bath and place to call “home” tonight as well, for you, too, have most definitely EARNED it! You are one person I’d love to have with me if ever shipwrecked somewhere or lost in the woods. Talk about cool, calm and RESOURCEFUL … like I said, you rock.

    Yup . . . Roz, Rita, You and ALL of Team Roz absolutely R O C K !

    ps: don’t know what TT is referring to above … but I’m sure we’ll hear all about it.

  • After 2:30 am in Saudi Arabia and staying awake for your landfall. Can’t believe it is actually happening. What an incredible achievement for you and your team, Roz, and all carried off with such equanimity and aplomb, glomming fish and frigate birds notwithstanding. May you enjoy many long luxurious bubble baths and ice cold beers in the days and weeks to come (between interviews of course) and can’t wait to see you again. Thanks for inspiring all of us.

  • How fantastic Roz !! I have a very cold “Green Man” Organic Beer (from Dunedin, NZ) to share a toast with you upon your arrival. Looking forward to all of your welcoming festivities.



  • Well said Judi.
    With a 20 m.p.h. wind, you can easily row 50 plus miles in a day. Sarah Outen did precisely that in the Indian Ocean a few weeks ago. Back to you TT; your rocks, my hammer!

  • Give it a try, Colin. I got caught in a storm at the edge of Hecate Straight at Dixon Entrance for 3 1/2 days with a 40 hp motor fighting the 40 – 60+ mph winds. If you know anythng of that area, it’s a miracle I didn’t swamp or have the hull gutted.

  • MJ ROFLMAO .. how do YOU think she managed to only move 15 miles in the 4 days that she went incognito.. The CoConut Computer went further than that !

  • Roz, your determınatıon and stamına are ınspıratıonal. I hope you have a feast, no more Larabars and all the cold pınts your tummy ( quıte concave by now I bet ) can hold. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Way to GO ROZ!!!! Been faithfully following you for years! Hip Hip HOORAY for your completion of Stage II. See you in San Francisco or Seattle. I’ll buy your beer then! Bless you Nicole for keeping us all posted. And Hello to Rita! Enjoy yourselves! Mission accomplished! Love, Bev and new dog, Izzy (she is a love)!

  • Have you all been listening to Nicole’s recordings on the Roz Tracker? I guess it’s pretty hot as she can’t stop mentioning it. Not just hot, but “hot, hot, hot”. My weather website says it’s only 85*F, but I can’t imaging the humidity and the sun just beating down. I think the ozone is thinner there…. -S

  • TT and Colin – Go and rain on someone else’s parade. Roz Savage has always been transparent about her activities including every assistance she has had. If she has, in fact, had outside help then she will be open about it when doing so will not risk spoiling the excitement that the rest of us are currently enjoying. Are you envious of her or what?

  • ok, it looks like she’s setting herself up to go around into the lagoon. do you see the same thing I do on the RT?

  • Wow that was fast! Congratulations! Go Go Go, I’ll see you in the hypothetical bar. I’m kidding, you won’t see me at all other than online. I predicted Tarawa, remember?

  • From twitter “the last 2miles. so nearly there…”. She also mentioned about the boat sighting. I am on the edge of my seat.

  • @ Sindy, yes, I see what you see. Also, if you zoom way in you can see where is the deepest part of the channel, and where is some type of jetty at lagoon side of Betio. Couldn’t quite make out Nicole’s voice recording, but sounded like they’ve arranged an outrigger to guide Roz in, as well as the larger boat on standby.

  • TOO COOL! Everyone … click on the Roz Tracker and then the icons to the right under “Recent Items” for the “Evoca recordings” of Nicole … they’ve JUST SPOTTED ROZ! We’ll soon hear Roz’s voice, I think. It’s cool to be listening in LIVE. Yipee.

    So glad she has been spotted! Someone will be sleeping like a baby tonight, eh?!

  • Nicole, the Evoca recordings really are much appreciated! Boat has sighted Roz. For anyone who wonders what I’m talking about, the tweets and Evoca recordings show up on the Roz Tracker. I’m having fun refreshing every 10 or 15 minutes or so now, and really looking forward to the post-landing story once the whole team has a chance to tell it.

    Really really looking forward to the documentary images and photos. And a far-off thanks to all of the local citizens of Tarawa who have helped Roz and her team make this a safe and happy landing.

  • Excellent! Nicole’s last recording was easier to understand. Roz is being guided in by a canoe? outrigger? not quite sure….

  • I just poured a cold LongBoard Island Lager from Kona Brewing Co on behalf of Roz. If I can’t drink on a South Pacific Island at least I can drink something from a South Pacific Island!

    The RozTracker is incredible! On one page, to be able to follow her progress on a “map” in near real time and to get tweets as well as Evoca voice recordings from Sat phones and listen to them in my kitchen in Seattle!

  • Well said, John Kay (re: TT and Colin raining on someone else’s parade … and Roz always being transparent about assistance she has had). Take a clue here, TT and Colin, NOT NOW. Write all you want about whatever is on your mind in a day or so, okay? Right now, we’re all celebrating ROZ for the amazing feat she has just accomplished and it would thrill us all if you two would simply STEP OFF — at least for this present moment. Eh?

    Naomi in NY

  • You know, the funny thing is when you are on the water, 2 miles and 1/2 mile away from land seems soooooo far and it takes a phenomenal amount of mental work to do that 1.5 miles.

  • I can’t help but keep posting … I’m so E X C I T E D !! Roz just Twittered about the final mile and being escorted in to land … and I could almost hear the joy, relief and extreme happiness in the ONE WORD she closed with: “PEOPLE”!

  • Don’t know if anyone else has checked the area in Google Earth, but there are some nice Panoramio photos of the harbor area

  • Sindy, you are welcome. Absolutely thrilling!!!
    Nicole can add superb safety officer to her list of accomplishments of the day!
    Thanks to the tech folks (Archinoetics, Evan, et al) who are enabling us the joy of sharing the journey!
    @ Judy — very cool. thx.

  • From an old US Marine…Semper Fi!!!!
    I cannot wait to see your arrival in Tarawa. Your fantastic accomplishment is bring tears to my eyes.

  • Seattle-Dave … I’m with you … totally amazed as I sit an hour north of NYC and listen to all this stuff LIVE! I used to live in Hawaii — thus my email handle, Lanikaigal — and I LOVED the beer from the Kona Brewing Co. How the heck did you get your hands on a bottle of that in Seattle?

  • I’m sure you’re right Naomi! This is so great! Cold beer, cold beer, cold beer, is probably what she is saying with each oarstroke. At least, that is what I would be saying….

  • Uh, oh … gotta go hear the latest Evoca recording from Nicole (or maybe even Roz herself) so I don’t miss Roz making land fall L I V E … MUCH worse than missing the New Year’s ball fall in Times Square a minute after midnight!

  • Naomi,

    Your excitement is delightful! It’s exactly how we all feel, and I’m glad that someone is verbalizing it on here. Oh, and “yes” we “are” going to Sydney in 2010. Who could not be there for “this” at the end of the whole journey?

  • Wow … Richard … how cool you’re going in 2010. You just may inspire me … but I have a coast-to-coast walk across England I’m going to be doing … not sure I could squeeze both in. 🙁 Back to the RozTracker!!

  • LOL Naomi! I’ve done that! however in LA the ball drops at 9pm. When we are on a sailing excursion, that’s midnight for us!

  • I have such great admiration for you, Roz. You have helped me understand eco-issues of which I had no clue, until you came to my attention on the web.

    Wishing many blessings for you,
    Rozta’ Bill

  • Can we just all IMAGINE how relieved Roz must be??! Exhausted … but relieved. I simply cannot imagine the feelings she must be having … knowing she has rowed two-thirds of the way across the open PACIFIC OCEAN alone … on sheer arm power and internal guts and grit alone!

    She’s my 21st Century Susan B. Anthony! 🙂

  • I am very happy for Roz. This has been a hard trip, but I am concerned that Roz did not “show up” until recently, (meaning the writing was nowhere are balanced as the second stage” That Plus never having a destination known until now and firing the weather support at a critical time and hiring someone who just threw out a bunch of # and then suddenly here she is? I fear being a media star is more important now than wasting days rowing a hazardous route. I’m sure we will find out and if Roz says everything is on the up and up, I’ll have to take her word there because I do not think she would lie to all of us who have been with her since the Atlantic. Whether I agree with Roz’s motivation or not, she is a tremendously brave woman and that can not be overlooked

  • Like Susan B. Anthony (wonder what the “B” stands for??) … unsung hero who CHANGED THE WORLD … one person at a time … by her extraordinary efforts of character and conscience.

  • I’ll be in Australia in 2010 as well. We should all go! The issue is where? Sure we’ll fly into Sydney. Maybe we vanpool to the landing zone??

  • *Pop* goes the cork. A toast, to Roz, Nicole, Rita, all of the other people behind the scenes who made this day possible, and to all of you wonderful Rozlings! What a spectacular day! It’s been such a delight to be with you for this journey!

  • But, on a brighter note, she has to be landing soon. . . I may be wearing out the RozTracker with all of the refreshes I’ve been doing!

  • Hmmm…she’s taking a bit of time to get there. Do you think those outrigger guys are “interesting”? I’ll be she’s having a good time right now…

  • Colin, unless you work for Archinoetics, you wouldn’t know that. What you say isn’t true. Thus everything you state is questionable.

  • That one-mile marker and the escort boat meeting her was 27 minutes ago … she was going about a mile every 35 minutes the last 10 miles or so (I THINK … could be mistaken) so that means about 8 more minutes or so to land?

    Am I becoming totally obnoxious here or what! Just so E X C I T E D 🙂 Yes, I know, I’ve said that already …. !

  • Hurray Roz. As promised there is a bonus bunch of carrot$ awaiting your actual setting foot on Tarawa in honor of todays date. As soon as we know the time, there will be another bonus symbolic of the hour and minute.

    Thank you for tweeting and thanks to Nicole for the Evoca Tell recordings. My phone does not have flash so I could not follow your GPS markers on RozTracker until just now. Just returned from my trip to SFMOMA exhibit of Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams, then lunch with my sister and friends at Greens at Fort Mason. You and Nicole are invited to be my guest at Greens when you visit San Francisco. My treat ;-D

  • I think we’ll have to grant a little leeway in mileage to the island as the crow (or boobie) flies vs. mileage for the safe approach into the harbor. Like a watched kettle waiting to boil, I’m sure the last mile into harbor seems to take forever.

  • Naomi – My sister lives in Kona. I was surprized to find the Kona Brewing Company at my local Costco in Seattle! It is pretty good!

    I think it is taking a while to land because of the maneuvering necessary to get into the harbor and then to the dock. Now is when we can comprehend how slow a row boat goes when it takes an hour or more of rowing to get to the dock. Remember the Brocade is over 20 feet long!

  • Just heard the latest Evoca recording … but the speaker didn’t say who he was … and so I haven’t a clue who just announced Roz’s arrival. Seattle-Dave, what you said makes sense … re: maneuvering into the harbor and then docking. Hope we get to hear Roz’s voice soon. 🙂 Then I can sleep soundly tonight. 🙂

    Colin … even if what you are saying is true — you’re an absolute Twit for bringing it here, right now, to this group of folks. And if what you are saying is fiction, you, sir, are no gentleman. In fact, if that IS so, I can think of a much more precise word to describe you . . . but I have too much class to post it here.

  • Sindy: Since the final “landing zone” might not be known until close to the end, Sydney might be an excellent place for a meet-up, and then work it out from there.

    Naomi: Are you sure you don’t want to do the walk in Australia? Oh, by the way, I once lived in Kailua, just up the street from Lanikai.

    What a WONDERFUL evening! 🙂 Roz, you are simply AMAZING!

  • Naomi, I suspect Roz has to row NNE three miles from her last marker (4:12PM) then easterly two miles before she turns south another three to the port area which appears as a deep blue area when zoomed out. Zoom way in and you can see how it has been dredged out in a rectangular shape. I think at here rate of ~2.5 mph it could be up to 3 more hours from the last marker (4:12PM, so my amateur’s guess is she will be on dry land about 7:30 PM ;-D Who was it that bet their shirt before … I bet my shirt … was it Richard? Any betters out there? Celebrating and giddy and and ecstatic for Roz, Nicole, Rita and the entire team for a job well done.

  • Colin; what on earth are you on about? Are you insinuating that Roz has been cheating in some way? Why do you take such evident pleasure in trying to spoil things for others? Is your life so empty that you can only attack other’s achievements? Please leave us and Roz alone.

  • (Naomi – you rock! I try my best to ignore the trolls (and hopefully no one misunderstood my TT reference, I meant his ‘alias’, not that what he said was true) but I’m having a really hard time of it today – with him trying to ruin our celebration.)

    Cheers to all!

  • Richard … Get OUT! How many people can say they once lived in Kailua just up the street from Lanikai? (I lived on A’alapapa in Lanikai … about six houses into the loop). One of the most healing-est times in my life. I long for that place … and toy w/ retiring there some day.

    You know, I’ve occasionally fancied hanging out w/ some real Aborigines down under (that is, if they’d have me … my intuitive skills are no match for theirs) … and have thought one day I’d be in Australia … so who knows about that walk. Perhaps if I encounter a $$ windfall, I could do both … and welcome Roz into the true home stretch w/ her fellow fans. May have to give this a think. 🙂

  • Doug: I’m not betting. I’m too busy drinking the vino. Plus, you’re too much of an expert on these things. Fools bet. 🙂 By the way, I sent you my email address (to your webpage email) in case you’re ever down here.

  • Unca Doug … I had no idea one could ZOOM in to the harbor in Tarawa! I’m off to do just that … and check the Evoca Recordings again … where oh where is Nicole? Don’t they know we are on the edges of our seats?? 🙂

  • Naomi: You know, it’s been years since I was there. And I “still” wake up about once a month having had a dream about Hawaii, with the big green pali cliffs looming out of the crystal blue sea. Once you’ve lived there, I don’t think you ever get it out of your mind/heart. And I think about going back there again, all the time. 🙂

  • The best way to deal with trolls is not to engage. It’s the attention they seek. The scroll wheel is a marvelous thing.

    Doug, I’m not betting my shirt on anything. I’ve been so wrong on previous bets, it’s probably bad luck. I’ll just throw in the towel.

    As a show of support and thanks, I’d like to suggest that the Roztas and Rozlings do a photo-post somewhere (facebook, personal sites, flickr) tonight or tomorrow with a “Go Roz” or “Congrats Roz,” etc., in the image, via sign or Photoshop text or whatever, and a link back to Rozsavage.com if you can. We can post links in tomorrow’s comments. If I recall correctly, you can’t post an image to the Roz Facebook fan site. But, if you make it a Facebook profile photo, it’ll show up that way until you change it.

  • Wow! Way to go Roz–I’m completely speechless at this amazing accomplishment–congratulations on the safe and happy landing! Still on the edge of my seat for the details!! I want this on the national news!!!

    Joan, I don’t have your level of sophistication with sign/Photoshop, tho’ I’d be happy to leave a message on the Facebook fan page. Unless you want to walk us through how to do an image with text? . . .

  • Richard, I did not see your email … what date, time, subject or other unique identifier can I search? Checked junk folder and inbox and don’t see. By the way, RozTracker 4:32 PM shows Roz made a hard right turn into the surf about 2.4 miles south of what appears to be the channel into the lagoon. Hope that is a GPS error. Zoom way in and you will see what I mean. Does not appear to me to be a pier outside the lagoon.

    Joan and Judi, please elaborate exactly what you mean. Should we upload photos that will be photoshopped into a collage? How do we get a community album to put them all together?

  • My intention is just to post one the best way you know how and then pass it on to Team Roz as best you can (via the fan page, e-mail or however). Something Roz can look over at her leisure in upcoming weeks or when she needs a morale boost.

  • Hey Roz, Way to go!!! After all of the parties and celebrations. Find a nice big comfy bed and enjoy the rest in the shade and hopefully some air conditioning, possibly have a bucket of ice cold beers near you and get a great, and much deserved rest. Certainly you will have a world wind few days to come on the island with meeting everyone.

    I was going to take off Labor Day, on the Pure Moxie du Jour http://www.PMdJ.com but I think for your “Labor” I will have to put out an extra special edition celebrating your major efforts.

    I hope everyone reading this will send a mass email to all of their friends and family linking to your website, explaining your efforts and your recent achievement.

    Great Job, Well Done!

    Steve in Ohio

  • I just updated Roz’s wikipedia entry to reflect her arrival at Tuwara. We’ll update it better when we have actual times.

  • Joan, you are right! I did not realize the pilot was a canoe until just now. That explains Roz turning east before the channel … shallow but not too shallow for canoe. Nicole probably had a couple of options lined up depending on the situation. Plan A – canoe. Plan B – tug boat ;-D

    Looks like about 2 miles to go so she should dock within the hour … as early as 4:30 PM. Just for fun, my estimated ETA is 5:55:55 PM exactly ;-D

    Roz, make a liar out of me … PLEASE!
    We want you here (well … there) now.

  • Does anyone know if the Roz Tracker (showing the little cartoon icon of Roz sitting north of the NE shoreline of Tarawa) is showing that Roz has still not made land? I noticed this when I zoomed in as far as I could on the Roz Tracker. I’m a little confused here … has Roz made land yet? 🙂

  • Naomi, the Roz tracker as I see it shows her position just above the bottom point of the > of Tarawa (it’s kind of like a lying down V with the point to the right). This would mean she’s rowing into the protected harbor.

  • I’m definitely staying online until I hear Roz’s voice! It’s 11:15 p.m. here in NY and a Saturday nite, so shouldn’t be too hard to do. Think I’m going to swipe one of my housemate’s non-alchoholic O’Doole’s … they taste JUST like beer. I simply must be in on the celebration, and this spring water w/ lime just isn’t cutting it. 😉

  • Grumble. Grumble. Five thousand useless channels on this satellite dish receiver, and I can’t get Tarawa TV when I need it. 🙂 You’d think that at a minimum one of the hundreds of shopping channels that I seem to get would have Roz’s stuff for sale. 🙂

  • Naomi – I suspect that Roz is doing what she did at the end of Stage 1 (as was done for the Atlantic race) – determine an arbitrary finish line and declare arrival when that is reached. It’s a bit like arriving home when you stop in your driveway to unload the shopping rather than when you get it in the garage.

  • Stuff it, Lisa. Or at the very least, don’t even THINK about posting another opinionated, judgmental post about our Roz here this evening. You have NO idea how your sanctimonious comments do NOT belong here, right now, in this place! (Maybe my post gives you a clue, tho.)

    Ta, ta! Cheers. I’m sure you have some other folks’ lives you can sort out at the moment. Perhaps you’d like to join TT and Colin over at the Killjoy Watering Hole for a pint or two?

  • I Love Wiki ! Hey Lisa don’t listen to NaJAPomi.
    We don’t drink , unlike all you groupies, it clouds your judgement.

  • Roz – I interviewed you in a Ramada Inn in Salt Lake City for NPR prior to your first attempt and have been following your story ever since.
    Most heart congratulations! Here’s to women over 40!

  • John, great analog (re: the driveway and groceries). Since I’ve only been along for this wild ride for the last 60 days or so … I didn’t realize “arrived” meant within territorial waters and not actual land.

    Lisa: sorry for the strong chiding on my part … and thanks for the “sorry” you just posted regarding your earlier comments about Roz’s personal life (but it seems the “sorry” has now been erased) ?? I’d guess you’d agree that none of us can really walk in another’s shoes … so whatever would make us think we can figure out another’s life and choices, much less know enough about those choices to comment, eh?

    This is a day to celebrate Roz’s amazing accomplishments … so let the celebration continue, I say! (As she lifts ice-chilled O’Doole’s bottle to her lips) 🙂

  • Roz has not claimed to have “arrived”; the statement was made by someone else. In any case, she is not attempting to hide where she is – her boat shows up on the tracker so she can hardly be accused of being untruthful.

    One of the reasons why I like Roz is that she has always been scrupulouly truthful and completely open about her activities, strengths and weaknesses. She quickly endeared herself to me and my wife early on and we have never had any reason to doubt her integrity. In addition, Roz is very generous and kind and we have never heard her say an unkind word about anyone – in contrast to some of the commentators on her blog who seem to overlook the fact that it is her blog to which we are invited to contribute, and not a forum.

  • Oh don’t get your feathers in a ruffle JK , she will erase everybodys comments anyway.
    Your ” Heroine ” is only doing it for the money anyhow or she would have just done it without seeking publicity. In doing so her entourage is creating ten thousand times the carbon that her few groupies will reduce becsause of her efforts.

  • Congratulations Roz!! Glad you made it safe. Enjoy your beers and a hot bath. I’m sure your muscles are sore and your person is taxed in every way. We had a terrific time in the last several hours. Relax and let Nicole take over as she’s been doing the past 105+ days. You’ve done well.

  • Richard … clever (and funny) post re: shopping channels and not even finding one that’s selling Roz’s stuff. 🙂 Amazing that out of about 500 channels, most folks like only a handful of ’em.

    Back to the Tracker.

  • How do you know what she will do? Don’t judge others by your standards. Roz does not get any money for what she does; she is funded exclusively by a number of business sponsors and donations from people like the rest of us as well as the publisher’s advance on the royalties on her book about her Atlantic row (to be published shortly). Her purpose is to publicise the need for more care to be taken with our planet’s resources – all this you would know were you to take the trouble to look through the various parts of her web site.

  • Ha! Colin, it’s only YOUR comments we will all erase. You are pretty funny with your mindset. Yes, you should fall off. The first leg of the journey we had someone to monitor messages. Obviously. this didn’t happen this time, and it should have. I’ll look into that process, believe me.

  • Ruffle away, John Kay … eloquently (and accurately) expressed (especially the part about this being ROZ’s BLOG … not an open forum). Colin, if you don’t know it’s location, Google the Killjoy Pub, will ya, and be on your way. We got some serious partying to do here!

  • Oh no, Naomi! It’s after 9pm Pacific Time. The ball has dropped for me. I hope she contacts us soon, but I am off to bed. This is pretty exciting and fun to be part of. Hope to see you all at some point! G’nite – Sindy

  • Colin has FLAMED Roz at Wikipedia – Roz Savage. I am not sure about the consensus process at Wikipedia but his writing has opened him up to charges of libel and slander. Lets all keep track of Colin and help him hang himself with his comments. I have copied the Wikipedia comments before he has had a chance to erase his edits and deny culpability.

    The good thing about the internet is everything is traceable back to your IP.

    Keep it up Colin you will get the attention you are asking for and more.

  • I’ve deleted it. I had planned to update it tomorrow (Sunday) after we have the full details and can add proper citations.

  • I’ve noticed that Google Earth has faster and more detailed imagery than Google Maps (or Roz Tracker), despite their all being based on the same data. Questions:

    Are the dozen or so ships in the lagoon, outside the port, modern ships at anchor, or are they WWII shipwrecks?

    The following questions are well illustrated by Buariki, Tarawa’s northmost islet:

    There are many “arrows” fringing the atolls Roz has passed, visible in the surf from the air. Are these WWII defenses, fish farms, erosion prevention levies, or ?

    There are many squared-off cuts into the shore. Are these the result of sand mining, described in the fascinating synopsis of Tarawa’s problems in the following BBC article?


    Oh, Congratulations, Roz!

  • John Kay – I did try http://www.tskl.net.ki/Kiribati/ (the Kiribati homepage cited by the BBC) but the server doesn’t respond. I did a traceroute, and I think it might actually be hosted in Oceania somewhere (!); via pacificteleports.net.

    And note that the BBC article called into question the candor of the Kiribati government, concerning the main sources of their problems (e.g. overpopulation, sand mining, etc.). Read the article. (FWIW, I don’t believe that American governments are any more candid about our problems.)

    I figured this blog, right now, may be the best combination of boots on the ground, and readers with knowledge of, or interest in, the area, to answer my questions. And I figured that other readers of this blog would be interested in the answers too. Maybe not.

    I’ll be happy to withhold future questions, if Roz tells us that questions about Tarawa are off-topic.

  • .

    Roz’s final tweet: 9/5/09 4:01PM – crack open the bubbly and toast the health of the planet!

    And her previous tweet: 9/5/09 3:58PM – ARRIVED!!! exhausted but very, very happy!

    In honor of Roz’s selfless mission, I’d like to complete the thought … for Roz …

    crack open bubbly
    toast the health of the planet
    time for a hot soak

  • Christopher – I think that Roz will be rather too preoccupied to respond for a while; my feeling is simply that this is not an appropriate site for you query and most of its followers are not in or near Tarawa but in various countries around the world. I would start with Wikipedeia and see where that leads. Remember, too, that Roz isn’t especially interested in Tarawa as such except as a way-station on her journey. Good luck anyway.

  • You are an unbelievably selfish person. Everything you seem to do is for yourself even though you give the impression that it is for others.

  • CONGRATULATIONS ROZ FROM CANADA. Have been watching and rooting for you all the way. Your my eco warrior/hero. Well done.

  • Well done Roz! Enjoy the beer! I will buy you one when you have time to visit Yorkshire, have followed you all the way.
    Well done Nicole and the team
    Cannot wait for the next stage!!!


    Whatever happened to telegrams? (Apologies for ‘shouting’, folks). Just woke up to the news of Roz’s arrival, sorry to miss the fun over the last eight hours. Lovely haiku, UncaDoug!

    Well done Roz, look forward to hearing all about the final few hours once you’ve recovered enough to speak and write! Sleep well, Cx

  • I suggest that the updating of Roz’s Wikipedia entry would best be left until we are able to verify her activities and ascribe appropriate citations as required by the Wikipedia rules. Speculation is inappropriate.

  • Welcome to Kiribati Roz,.. I am so proud of you being able to reach our kiribati and share your adventures to our people as well.. you are such a really brave lad, and woman with great determination, and we hope that your mission shall brings out something really essential too to our small country.. God bless you always and our warm greetings and love from our people. please remember Kiribati in your discussions on climate change and everywhere you go.

    best regards
    Kari James

  • Woke up this morning – and the first thing to do: start the Roz-Tracker. Whooooohoooo!!!!! Great joy, great relief – She is in.

    Wonderful Job, Roz. Many congratultions.

    Enjoy it, have a good time, and by the way: No, the firm ground is NOT rolling underneath you. Get used to it 😉

    Greez from Hamburg

  • John Kay
    Posted September 6, 2009 at 5:43 AM
    “”Christopher – I think that Roz will be rather too preoccupied to respond for a while; my feeling is simply that this is not an appropriate site for you query and most of its followers are not in or near Tarawa but in various countries around the world. I would start with Wikipedeia and see where that leads. Remember, too, that Roz isn’t especially interested in Tarawa as such except as a way-station on her journey. Good luck anyway””

    Yes Christopher don’t you know better than to speak your mind on a website full of proper popularist blind followers who only want you to parrot their superficial compliments to and immortalize their “Heroine Goddess”.

    Didn’t you realize from Nicole’s third world country comment , ( as the country was bending over backwards for her ) , that Roz and her “Lings , tafarians, worshipers” or whatever , ” isn’t especially interested in Tarawa as such except as a way-station on her journey. “

  • Christopher Schmidt – in an attempt to answer your questions, without wanting to detract from Roz’s incredible achievement. The ships are mostly modern ships, at anchor. Betio Port is a popular location for trans-shipping from fishing boats to fish carriers. There are a few rusting hulks, but they are a relatively recent addition. The remnants of war can still be seen, although perhaps not on Google Earth. The ‘arrows’ that you see in the water on the ocean-side of the atoll are traditional fish traps – the villagers catch fish in them on the outgoing tide. The squared-off areas are seawalls – attempts to reclaim land and prevent erosion. The BBC article you cite is almost 9 years old, but the issues it raises are no less relevant. It is our hope that Roz, and people like her, can help draw attention to the challenges that we in Kiribati face. It is true that not *all* of our problems are external in origin, but that does not mean that addressing them is any less of a formidable task. Hope this helps.

  • Hello Roz- I just want to tell you how incredibly brave I think you are. There have been several hurricanes (typhoons)in the pacific ocean lately. I salute you for your bravery and love of nature. It is ironic how the beauty of nature, the ocean, the weather,clouds,& sky can be so awesome in it’s majesty and yet it can turn to be a danger for ocean travelers such as yourself. Be careful, stay safe and congratulations. You made your dream a reality. God Bless you.

  • Wow, Colin … what has caused such a disturbing desire in you to stir up strife amongst people? Ya might want to look into that w/ a good therapist or two. Cheers!

    And cheers to you, Roz and crew, as you get ready to lay your heads down on soft pillows in some cozy, comfy hotel rooms! Can’t wait to hear more tomorrow.

    ‘Night all.

  • Cheers Roz! I was just heading off to bed, and saw the news. Now I have to head to the fridge to fetch an ice cold beer to raise in your honor! Well done Roz, well done!

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! A pat on the back to all of us Rozling’s

  • We are all eagerly awaiting news from Roz, or Nicole, in (or should it be on) Tarawa. Including myself! However, we need to remember that Nicole has had great difficulty with using the Internet there, and we will just have to be patient. When they can get online, there will certainly be more information about the arrival. Thank you for greetings and congratulations.

  • Congradulations Roz!! I lost one of my best friends Nojay Komoda years ago attempting to do a pacific crossing from Long Beach CA to Hawaii. His situation was different in so many ways but shared the same passion to get out there and accomplish his dreams. You will inspire many. Many safe trips ahead. Aloha

  • Congratulations Roz! I’m thrilled to hear you made it! All the best and enjoy the party.

    P.S. To other posters: Please don’t feed the Trolls.

  • Congratulations on a job well done! Sarah (now 6 yrs old) is still sleeping on this early Sunday morning in the SF Bay Area. She will be delighted to hear that you have arrived safely. What an inspiration you are!

  • Roz, you finished with a flair … your amazing end game was a feat of super human determination. It is astounding that your last real rest evidenced by the southwesterly drift during the night 9/3/09 12:02AM to 7:05 AM was apparently the last time had any significant sleep. During that 7-hour period, you drifted 5 miles WSW at 0.7 mph. That was the last time you deployed the sea anchor and was when you lost your beloved watch. I doubt your got got much needed sleep in the wake of that loss. The beginning and end of your rest was marked buy these two tweets:

    9/3/09 12:26AM – really upset. lost trusty old watch overboard. solar powered g-shock pathfinder.
    9/3/09 7:05AM – blown south. time to get sea anchor in and row like hell!

    RozTracker shows there was no drifting at slow speed in the 55 hours since then. You maintained a very consistent speed varying negligibly from the average 2.5 mph for the next 138 miles when you arrived at Tarawa. At times, you actually rowed closer to 3 mph.

    Question: How much sleep did you get, and in what increments? Did you cat nap or power nap?

    Your end game was a combination of strategy, good fortune, courage and guts intuition. The power of attraction played a role too. Leaving the Plan B decision to the last possible instant maximized your upside desired outcome and minimized the downside risks of unwanted outcomes. It was a well-played hand and you got what you set out for. Very gutsy and a successful strategy.

    But how did you do it on so little sleep?

  • Well done, Roz and crew. Glad to hear of your safe landing. Hope you have time to enjoy your accomplishments, starting with a long shower and a cold brew.

  • Aloha, James … “finding” Jesus (not that he was ever lost, mind you) is a curious thing for you to say to Roz, as it seems quite evident that He needs to run into YOU! And if he does, why not ask him about a few of his wise sayings from about 2000 years ago — things like, “Judge not, lest you be judged” and “love one another.” Ya might want to hang out w/ him a bit longer and hear some more words of wisdom — some from his ancestors on his mother’s side — like “love thy neighbor as you love yourself” and “there is life and death in the power of the tongue,” etc. You might have an enlightening time. And if you take his words to heart, it could be you feel like YOU’RE meeting him for the first time … even tho all these years you thought you knew him.

    Just sayin’.

  • Congratulations Roz – I am so happy you have completed the second portion of your Pacific Row. I’d have a beer, but it is 9:38 in the morning San Francisco time. You are such an incredible inspiration to all of us Rozlings – whenever I’ve had a tough day with my business or volunteer work, I just think of you out there by yourself rowing your heart out. Enjoy some down time, if you can find any, and know that you are well loved and well supported by your loyal followers. Cheers, Bonnie

  • Good morning, Naomi. Excellent response to James conveys my sentiments. Late last night I was reading through the drivel of the devilish detractors of Roz’s accomplishment. The two or three that labeled her as selfish seemed to be unusually hateful and rooted in their own selfishness. But this is not the main point I want to make … these people are often actually multiple incarnations of one individual who creates puppets that carry on with themselves, having conversations between and among themselves, while, in fact, it is one puppet master doing his/her handiwork (please pardon the pun) alone in secret.

    I agree with Eric” Please don’t feed the Trolls. — let him/her make a fool of himself/herself

  • LOL … look at the time stamp on my post above … 4:44 … the Chinese and Japanese word for the number four also means “death” … how appropriate … how funny … how serendipitous ;-D

  • Hi Doug, I believe the answer to “how did you do it on so little sleep” is adrenaline. A similar situ hit me in Hecate Straight (between mainland and Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwai) 3 years ago. In my reflection, dead tired, bone-weary, adrenaline kicks in big time, third eye opens, everything crystal clear – Keep on paddlin’ (kayak) and stop when you drop. Don’t remember much from reaching Prince Rupert and the following 4-5 days, though.

  • Thanks, Ron. I owe you an email … later today … heading out the door in a few …

    I missed seeing these tweets from Roz late last night after RozTracker went idle … nice to read … thanks Roz!

    7:42PM – incredible welcome. hundreds of people. traditional dancers. and an ice cold coconut water.
    8:05PM – boat safely stored for night. on way to hotel. trees! people! pigs! (seriously!)
    9:50PM – best shower of my life! and just weighed in. 30lb down.

  • I think people who don’t know the full story of Roz’s life, who’ve simply read a short article, don’t have a right to pass such bold, hate-filled judgments. All you people claiming moral superiority over Roz, or who cite some misguided interpretation of your religion, you really need to consider why you have so much hate inside you.

    Someone who feels fulfilled in his or her own life would be content to move on after reading about someone they dislike; they would not waste another moment with someone they considered immoral. Yet you all who spew this vile garbage are still spending your time obsessing over Roz, someone who you claim to dislike. You sit on your computer and burn inside while you vent this hatred. Please, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” If you really want to help other people consider whether what Roz has done was right or wrong, why write comments that are so self-assured, that don’t leave room for self-reflection?

    There must be something about Roz that inspires you, yet you are unable to admit it, even to yourself. You’re trying to suppress it through over-compensated malice, but I suspect it isn’t working for you. Perhaps there’s a part of you that is envious and frustrated that you’ve settled into an everyday life with no way out. Perhaps not. But you see someone who found a way out and want to cut her down so as to make yourself feel better.

    You presume that because some article you read about Roz was short, than her decision-making process was also quick and easy, that it didn’t involved a lot of pain and anguish. That her ex-husband thought he was living a perfect life until Roz blind-sided him. But, you don’t know what happened. Maybe you’ll read her book to learn more, maybe you won’t. But even then, I suspect you’ll still find a way to make things right in your mind so you don’t have to admit the truth: you are jealous of Roz, but you want to believe she did something immoral, which would preclude you from doing it too.

    You, with such hate; you, who can’t allow those who ARE inspired by Roz to enjoy this day… You have the worst kind of jealousy, because you don’t even know it. Cognitive dissonance is a tough summit to tackle. I’m saddened for you.

  • Roz,

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with the world. It gives people like me who are still (stuck?) in the ‘typical’ daily grind a different taste of life. It has been a joy to follow your adventure and I really l look forward to the last leg of the Pacific row.

    “Have faith, expect miracles”


  • ROZ; 1,335,834 bravos!

    I would love to call you a “Hero” a word that is too often used inappropriately but in your case it would have all it’s meaning – except that according to the dictionnary you have to be a “man” as in:

    1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
    2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child. (he as in man)
    3. the principal male character in a story, play, film, etc.

    I can call you a “heroine” but the definition is less:

    1. the principal female character in a novel, play, etc. (first recognized as a fictitious character)
    2. a woman of exceptional courage, nobility, etc. (I love the undefined etc.s)
    3. a woman who is idealized for having superior qualities in any field (but not anyone as in better then man)

    YOU are a true hero and heroine with all it’s strength and vulnerabilities! A selfless act that awaken consciousnesses, an inspiration for all.

    30lb less and all muscles, a shower of a lifetime, children celebrating you and a cold beer, I’m sure you will feel all human real soon.

    Thank you for keeping us engaged and I cant wait to see you in San Francisco.


  • Unca Dave … I am taking your (and Eric’s) advice and will no longer respond to disparaging trolls. I do feel that truth has to be spoken in the face of lies, but your advice also reminds me that one should not cast pearls before swine, either. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    Now … back to what these comments are really all about — celebrating Roz’s arrival in Tarawa — after over a million oar strokes! (In honor of HER achievement, I decided that anytime I can buy glass over plastic, I will, and anytime I can reuse the plastic I’ve already got — say, from take-out or the work cafeteria — I will. The deal, I think, is simply to find ways of not even having to use the stuff. Easier said than done … but so was Roz’s trip across oceans, until they became reality!

    It’s shocking to me when I realize how stupefied I’ve been about my cavalier use of plastics. By “stupefied” I mean I had not realized just how extensive and pervasive is my use of the substance. Yes, in large part because nearly everything is wrapped in the stuff or MADE of the stuff — but still — change comes from first becoming aware.

    I’m thankful that it was discovering Roz’s ocean-rowing challenge and journey that has been THE tipping point for me, the thing that really got through to me, regarding this stuff. It finally made me fully aware of the absolute lethalness of the substance — in that it, in most of its present forms will take years and years to break down. Learning that there are two huge masses of unrecyclable plastic — both larger than Texas twice over (!) — floating in two of our major oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific — was not only disheartening, but a clarion call to somehow, someway, become part of figuring out what we could do about it.

    If with one oar stroke at a time a single woman can row across thousands upon thousands of nautical miles and arrive at her destination — when it was landing a parachute on a penny — then one or two simple gestures a day regarding plastic may — just may — help lessen the mess we’ve made in our ‘house’ — Mother Earth.

    Imagine if more and more and more and more of us just pitched in. One person shoveling out a pig sty is not too effective — but a whole LOAD of people doing it and the job becomes easy-peasy.

    Thanks, Roz, for helping us see what one person can do. And if one person can wake up another, and then another, etc., “shovel by shovel” we surely can clean up this ‘pig sty’!

    For me, the ‘shovelin’ is starting w/ how I relate to plastic from now on.

    Roz — can’t wait to see a video of your happy arrival in Tarawa!

  • Good one Sebastian, Roz IS a hero. The “man” in your description I take to be a “human” not distinguishing between male or female. She is a HERO because she can touch so many with her wonderful self. Having met her in Tampa, Florida and again in Hawaii, I really admire her and her spirit. She is a true hero, brave in deed, noble in thought: a model in the true spirit of the word. She does not back down in the face of adversity. She is able to bring many people together for good. She loves life and really, really lives it. I hope to see her again in Australia, with some of you good people.

  • Congratulations, Roz!!!
    We cannot wait to see the video/photos of arrival.
    Enjoy your well-deserved rest and acclaim.
    Godspeed and thanks for the ride…it has been fantastic!!!

  • Congratulations Roz on your amazing row! We have been watching you and were excited to read that you’ve made it to dry lan! Bravo

    There were a bunch of posts on your blog that seem to be people hating your adventure. Having been a strong supporter of your adventures we didn’t give them much thought, but then went back and started reading previous posts, of fans and your own. We hope that you will be able to clarify what transpired on your row. Some things don’t make much sense, like turning your tracking off, positions/times, etc…. How did they get your position to post on teh tracking device if you had your tracking device turning off? I’m sure, given the posts that we’re not the only ones wondering.

    On the surface it appears that you were more concerned with getting off the ocean to sell your books, say it isnt’ so. I suppose we’ll learn what’s going on soon enough, hopefully from you directly, or maybe in the media – they love a scandal.

  • Sandra Evans,, Google earth is a wonderful thing,, The free version just shows old pics but the Pro version for $500 dollars shows any position on earth ,, IN REAL TIME , and at a much better resolution.

  • Sandra,

    When Roz “turned off tracking”, that simply meant that I made it so the RozTracker didn’t display all the new GPS data that was being sent by her GPS device. When she “turned tracking on” again, I allowed the RozTracker to show all the data that had been hidden. All the position data was there all along, it was just kept private from everyone except people responsible for her safety.

    Let me be abundantly clear, at no point were any of Roz’s original GPS positions modified for any reason! If anything on the tracker didn’t make sense to you, I promise it lies only in the tracker itself and not in anything having to do with Roz’s efforts. There is no conspiracy, nothing being hidden.

    Ask away with any technical questions you have; I’m happy to be fully transparent. Roz won’t be back to reliable Internet access for a few more days at least, so I’m happy to answer questions regarding logistics and technical details in the meantime.

  • Colin & Sandra – Google Earth Pro does not show real time imagery. This is directly from the Google Earth FAQ:


    Does Pro include better imagery? (such as enhanced, updated, real-time, or better resolution)
    Google Earth Pro uses the same image database as the free and Pro trial versions, so there are no changes to the locations you see in the free and Pro trial versions. However, with Google Earth Pro, you can print these locations at higher resolution (4800 pixels). You also receive additional professional tools to enhance your organisation’s productivity.

  • Congratulations you found Google Earth Pro’s Old sales page.. Guess what ,,that is old news look around some more.. They have near real time imagery available now. As in three hours ago.
    There are several other programs and sites that also offer real time and near real time views and in < 0.1 Meter resolution. As well as several programs to capture OpenGL and Direct X Images.
    The Boobie poop is visible on her boat.

  • On trolls and revolutions

    Many of you, like myself, don´t like to read those trollish comments of some posters. But thinking about those negative comments, brought me to the conclusion: They are usefull. Yes, they are.

    Those statements should make clear, that this blog and Roz´ efforts do not take place in the realms of virtuality.
    There are ignorant people who give a damn…..and there are those who care. There are those who live well-pampered in their illusions…. and there are those who dare to face the facts. The problem is now, that the trolls claim, that rowing across oceans does not change a thing. But this is an “i-want-it-all-and-i-want-it-now” point of view. It derives from an impatient – somehow revolutionary – mindset. They think, that if results do not show up immediatley, efforts are futile.

    The principle of revolutions is to cause big changes in no time (fantastic, we change the world with a fingersnip) – But their fate is to be reversible. Look at all the examples in history.

    The principle of evolution ist to cause little changes in generations – irreversable changes! And that´s why rowing oceans does change a thing. If Naomi in NY decides to change her use of plastics and me in Hamburg decide to support local farmers to avoid waste of gas for transportation of goods, something has already changed. And yes, the trolls are right, the change is barely visible! But this is no reason to surrender!

    So I always choose evolution, choose to go the long way, accept that there are many, many oar-strokes to be made. The goal might be behind the horizon, but I know each single small step takes me closer to it.

    So you see, not only Roz´ great adventure but too the trolling of some people, can fuel the the efforts of those who care.

    All the best to you all

    Good night.

  • FYI Hero, in Greek Mythology, was a WOMAN, a priestess of Aphrodite, tne Goddess of love and beauty. The downside is that, when her lover, Leander, drowned in the Hellespont, Hero drowned herself. Ergo, I pray Roz never rows across the Hellespont. Otherwise, the seven seas can be her domain. Lighten up, everybody; there is no Leander in her life (I hope).

  • Ditto to what Ron in Vancouver just wrote, Claus! Would love for you to expound and expand, if you would like. Revolution vs. evolution … never quite looked at the two the way you described, but it makes loads of sense. And given that “evolution” is the way of LIFE itself … it seems that evolution (over revolution) is the course all Living should be moving along. And that translates into little changes … done consistently, one person at a time, all over the world! But first people have to become aware and awake. Enter Roz and all others like her … like you, etc.

    I love what you wrote — “. . . change is barely visible! But this is no reason to surrender” — because the argument of the ignorant and nay-sayers (that if changes have to come in such tiny, negligible ways, then the change really isn’t happening at all! Since they arent’ changing everything at ONCE, there is no use doing the little things the argument goes! And that makes no sense at all!

  • I ran out of time in the “edit” phase, so my last post didn’t quite make sense. All I wanted to say was that little changes DO make big changes happen.

    If anyone caught the recent Nat’l. Geographic special, The Human Family Tree (http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/human-family-tree?source=redir_sub_family), you may have been as amazed as I was to learn that according to the tracing of DNA back to our genetic “parents” in East Africa (what researchers are calling “Scientific Eve” and “Scientific Adam”), what appear to be major differences to US (skin color, shape of eyes, nose, texture of hair, etc.) actually involved only SLIGHT genetic changes in the DNA strain over the thousands of years they traced back. What was mind-blowing was that, blood-line wise, we humans — ALL of us living on earth today — are nearly identical DNA wise! In other words, only slight blips in DNA over the millennia account for what appear to us to be HUGE differences — that is, it’s the small changes along the way that account for something really “big” happening — i.e., different races!

    Somewhere in there I know there’s a correlation … hope my point didn’t get lost along the way!

  • Never have I witnessed such tremendous input, and support, for a blog from any individual, nor mission -purpose, quest – as seen over past few days for Roz Savage.

    Her commitment is mind-boggling and spiritually euphoric, by any definition.

    It is so comforting to see that this “family” – which I can identify with – is growing so rapidly.

    If even half of us committed to join Roz at end of journey, would Sydney be able to accomodate us?

    btw I do not mind being addicted to Roz’s ecological messages, mission, purpose. So free to be!

  • I think this website needs a forum section, then all the fans can settle in, establish themselves and comment “off topic” to our heart’s content. Just a suggestion.

  • Mornin’ everyone! Or is it afternoon? Long night. Where did all this confetti come from? And these party streamers, and hats, and empty bottles? Oh, that’s right, we had a PARTY!

    Oh, by the way, I need a tweet. Will someone on Tarawa please tweet? I’m obviously going through tweet-withdrawal.

  • Nicole,

    Have been trying to contact others through URLs for purpose Miss Inquisitive just suggested. Ineffective so far. Value my privacy so do not want my address posted here. I am not a geek, have very limited resources, and need some help. Interested? If so, please contact me direct. Much appreciated.

  • Cool: Niu Hae Akala is now passing another island, the last one! Like a ball in a pinball machine, bouncing off of those mountains. Glad Roz had oars, or she would have been off to never, never land!

  • Richard,
    I was just about to reply with “me too” and happened to check my Twitter page, voila, a fix:

    12:57PM – slept like a sunburned baby last night. still surprised each time i see the stranger in the mirror. 45 mins ago

  • Congratulations!
    I spent some time with Gerard d’Aboville in Japan before and after he rowed across the Pacific from Choshi. It was in 1991. Before that he had been the first man to row alone across the Atlantic.

    It helped me understand how much dedication it takes to start on such an adventure.

    Those who complain about the celebrity status accompanying something which does not fit in the usual categories like acting, politics, tech gurus, etc., should reflect on the many less dangerous, less time consuming ways Roz could have chosen to attain such status if that had been her only goal, which certainly was not the case.

  • I don’t know much about “forums”, and I’ll leave it to you “smart” people to figure out whether we need one and how to do it. But what I think I would like to see on this website eventually … and I’m just thinking out loud here … is some kind of chat room or forum where people could talk about Australia 2010, swapping info on the best airline prices that they’ve found, hotel prices, visa requirements, possibly search for roommates, and all of that kind of information. This way, that discussion could be kept off the the regular threads during the row next year, and relegated to a side room purely designed for travel information. But again, I’ll leave it to smarter people than I to figure out how such a thing could be designed, with what formats, access requirements, etc. I’m not 100% sure myself that I’ll be going, but I think we’ve got an extremely large and vibrant international community here, and that it’s worth having a place to talk out these things. And who knows, people who “might not have gone” to Australia for the arrival, might change their minds if they have people helping them with information on travel arrangements, lodging ideas, transferring from airports, etc. As I said … I’m just thinking out loud here.

  • Hi Richard in Austin,
    I’ll touch base with UncaDoug and we’ll get something going. I don’t know if Roz has a start date for leaving Tarawa, but right now it’s winter in Oz and Sydney might have a temperate winter, but an arrival in October/November is perfect for us. Shoulder season is great for flight/hotel/car rates. Just make sure your passport is current for at least 6 months after arriving in Oz. Yes, you will need a visa and yes, there is a departure tax that you pay when you leave Oz and yes, you will be driving on the left side of the road. That’s always an adventure.

    I tried to find Naomi’s email on her website. Maybe I’m blind. I’ll work with Doug on a group forum.


  • Roz;

    You are awsome! Great job, girl. You inspire us all, bigtime. Congrats on the wonderful sleep / rest you so deserve. Can’t wait for your next leg.


  • Sunday night here in Asheville.

    Roz, I’m so grateful to have been a viewer on this leg of your journey. I love thinking of you with cold coconut water and dancers and welcomers of all kinds. What a gift you are giving to all of us, to all of them, and to the greater world.

    Thank you.
    Laurey in Asheville, NC

  • I have been critical on occasion, but I have always admired Roz’s courage. She started out totally unsupported and picked up sponsors and a “team” on the way. This is not an unusual, and since this voyage was totally her idea there is no reason to deceive anyone.

  • Keith Jackson – Posted September 6, 2009 at 11:59 PM
    Oh, come on, I’m not invited to the Google group?
    Gonna be awfully boring with just you Kool Aide drinking parasites.

    I guess my post was just too subtle for your quick and clear understanding of the intention.
    The forum ideas was proposed by Miss Inquisitive and seems a good idea for those listed, namely:
    Sandra, Miss Inquisitive, Collin and Keith, exclusively, where you can, in the words of Miss Inquisitive, “establish themselves and comment “off topic” to our heart’s content”

    Do you understand the intention? It’s a special forum just for you and the other puppets and the puppet master. So puppets and puppet master may post your email addresses and you will get your own special forum to meet.

    In the mean time, the rest of us will migrate over to the most recent wonder post by Roz.

  • Roz, serendipity … I just posted “Arrival Day + 1: HELLO TARAWA!” to The Climate Project wiki
    and noticed that the number of presenter views of the page is exactly 350 at this moment.
    How appropriate ;-D
    Cheers! Enjoy Tarawa!

  • Congratulations to an exceptional adventurer. You are an inspiration to the human spirit. God bless and safe travels.

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