If you’ve enjoyed reading my ocean-rowing blogs over the last few years, have you ever thought about rowing an ocean yourself?

I confess that I may not be the best advert for the joys of life on the ocean wave, having done more than my fair share of whinging on my way across three oceans. But genuinely, I wouldn’t change a thing. Here are several good reasons to row an ocean:

Arriving in Hawaii in 2008

1. A sense of perspective: it’s a lot harder to get bent out of shape about being stuck in traffic when you have spent several months rowing at two miles an hour.

2. A sense of your own abilities: when you are in the middle of an ocean you will discover inner resources you may not otherwise have known you had.

3. A sense of wonder: sunrises, sunsets, the infinite variety of clouds, and encounters with pelagic wildlife are some of the moments you will never forget.

4. A sense of purpose: for the duration of your ocean rowing campaign, from first commitment through the months of preparation to the achievement of the goal itself, your dedication to your mission is pure and invigorating.

5. A sense of connection: I rarely feel closer to nature than when I am on the ocean. The artificial boundaries we have constructed on dry land disappear, and I am reminded that humans are inseparable from the web of life.

Pure joy.

6. A sense of achievement: Indescribable. Incomparable. Unforgettable.

My friend Chris Martin, who along with me was a solo competitor in the Atlantic Rowing Race of 2005, has just announced the launch of a rowing race across the Pacific from California to Hawaii. The inaugural race is slated to take place in 2014. I am working with Chris on the project, contributing time, energy and introductions in exchange for a small equity share in the company. We are accepting expressions of interest now. Have a think about it. Why not?


Other Stuff:

In a rather different environment, this time last year I was in Antarctica, enjoying the company of penguins. Thanks to Rich Hular for this lovely video of penguins and the reminder of a spectacular trip. You might also enjoy my own little Antarctic slideshow on YouTube.

I will be doing a review of the papers on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow morning at 9am UK time. This is rather hilarious, as I hardly ever actually read the papers. So my comments will be, shall we say, coming from a fresh perspective. Even if you don’t live in the UK, you can listen to the broadcast online at the Radio 4 website.

Tomorrow I fly to the US to start a series of speaking engagements for National Geographic, in Phoenix and Dallas. Then I will be back in the US in April, to speak at the EG Conference in Monterey. Registration is now open online. Seating very restricted, so book your place now!



  • Exciting news, Roz. I think a Cal to Hawaii race would be a lot of fun to follow, and a lot of people around here I think would be into it. 

    And to actually participate…! I’m sure my wife will totally understand. Let’s see, I’ll need some sponsors. Jay, may I borrow those oars you have of Roz’s?  :0)

  • Roz, your inspiration has given me the courage to launch my own personal challenge of Slow Living activism which I fully intend to include all of the above — items 1 through 6 — beginning the first day of Spring. But rather than ocean rowing, I will be “road rowing” (metaphorically) with purpose, direction and minimal constraints. In fact, this weekend I am collaborating with another person who, like you, is influential in my life and has been on an adventure of a different sort for many years already, too.

    Unfortunately, I will miss you this year in Monterey, as I will be somewhere between the Pacific Coast and the Atlantic Coast from the Vernal Equinox to the Summer Solstice, springing into my encore career. One destination that I know for sure so far is http://SlowLivingSummit.org May 30-June 1st.

    Happy Spring, Roz!

    (There was really no winter here this winter)

  • The launch of the race has really raised a lot of interest from crews around the world. We’ve had expressions of interest from USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, France and a few others. It’s going to be really exciting.

  • I wanted to personally thank you for sharing yesterday morning in Phoenix.  I brought my three daughters (ages 14, 12, and 10), and they were all inspired by your talk.  Thank you for encouraging them to follow their dreams and live a life worth living!  Thank you for reminding me to pursue my dreams “one stroke at a time.”  Sincerely, Rhonda LaBatt

    • Hi Rhonda – I am so glad you and your daughters enjoyed it. And please don’t hold me responsible if your daughters turn out to be crazy adventurers! 😉

  • Roz fans, please note that Roz has events in the USA …

    Dallas/Fortworth on Feb 21 

    Newport Beach on Feb 23http://events.ocregister.com/newport-beach-ca/events/show/239256005-roz-savage-around-the-world-in-5-million-oar-stokes 

    The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival on March 8thhttp://www.oceanfilmfest.org/ And of course my welcome back to the San Francisco Bay Area party in her honor on March 9th

    https://www.facebook.com/events/365608590121184/ And lastly; And in Monterey, CA April 12-14 at e.g. conference

    http://www.the-eg.com/homepage/prologue Row Roz Row!

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