Still hiding

The mariner and poet Chris Couch sent me this poem, which sums up the more positive feelings I had about the ocean during my Atlantic crossing. (The less positive feelings were decidedly un-poetic, and indeed unpublishable…)

Alone on an open sea
Gazing at a star filled sky
Where would I be?
Had I passed this planet by

An empty vessel
Floating through time and space
A blue marbled port
How on earth did I land in this place?

Not easy is this world
A life of battles
Defeats and victories hard fought
Seeking balance on the surface
While living deep in thought

An unknown destination
Towards which I ride
Beyond a moonlit horizon
Where my two worlds collide

A truth we have learned
This secret we share
Feeling her movement
Breathing her air

Taking measure of life
Standing at the edge of this step
All I have lost
All I have kept

Having forgotten more
Than most will learn
Surrounded in her cold darkness
She beckons for my return

[Photo: sunrise on the Atlantic – photo taken by me]

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