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I hate to see food go to waste. I want to lose weight. I am in America. These three facts present me with a moral dilemma. America just doesn’t do small.

This is what I love and hate about America. I love it because it’s larger than life. Americans like to think big. Why try to raise a mere $100,000 to row the Pacific? Why not aim for $1 million?

But I hate it too, because the same generosity of spirit and expansiveness of mind also lead to super-size everything. My bran and apple breakfast muffin yesterday in Vegas was as big as my head. [See above for head. See below for muffin. Spot the difference.] But it was so good I ate it all anyway.

Then I felt guilty and had to go to the gym to try and sweat it off. And thus compounded my greed (using up more than my share of the world’s food resources) by using up its fuel resources too – using an electric treadmill in an air-conditioned gym. I know I could have run outside, but it was 100 degrees out there and I would probably have died.

I guess nobody’s perfect, and better a pragmatic environmentalist than no environmentalist at all. But the guilt, the guilt!

A muffin

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