Tonight I will be appearing at the New York premiere of the important sustainability movie, The Age of Stupid. In fact, I will be arriving in a rowboat with the film’s dynamic director, Franny Armstrong. If you are watching the premiere in your own local cinema, hopefully you will get to see me in the pre-film action screened live from New York.

I was at the UK premiere of the film back in March, and can highly recommend it. Shot on a super-low budget of £450,000 (about $700,000) it delivers huge bang for the buck – and for your time. You may never think about our current era – or current errors – in quite the same way again.

Book your ticket now!


  • Hiya Roz! I was up at the theatre at 1st and 62nd Street … but was about 10 minutes late (working overtime — ugh) and missed your arrival in the boat! Too bad. I didn’t have time to get down to where you guys were in the tent but I did watch the presentation until the end … and was so glad you had made it there. There were about 110 of us in the theatre that held 300 — but, hey, there were 110 of us! All being awakened just a little more, all being motivated to do just a little more — or a lot more — and so it was good.

    I was most impressed with Franny … who did not defer to politicians like most do … she sees all of us on the earth equally … AND equally responsible to retake our home from the global spoiling that is occurring. I was moved … touched so much that I’ve spoken to two people this morning (on the train and my cabbie) and encouraged them to google “The Age of Stupid” and “” and to become involved. That 5-year “window” is what got to me most. Franny is so passionate that it grabbed me on the inside … and the guy transmitting from the disappeared glaciers in the Hamalayas … omgoodness … supplies the water for nearly all of China and India … and if that is gone … millions will be without food and water and walking west into Europe seeking it! Listening to the Brit politician was hopeful, too, because he seemed determined to have something good come out of Copenhagen; let’s all pull together and do what we each can, eh?!

    Roz … how long will you be in NYC, and is your schedule tightly booked? (If not — would love to take you (and a friend of yours) to dinner either Wed. or Thursday at Pure Food & Wine (as I had extended earlier). I work in midtown but live about an hour north of NYC in Garrison. I know you must be swamped w/ interviews, meetings, etc., so if your commitments enable good things to happen to “advance the cause,” by all means, do not clear time just for a dinner!)


  • Roz, You are truly amazing! Pls keep Tweeting us so we can keep up with you. Hope you and your sunburned skin have recovered by now.
    Jimmy-in-Dallas 😉

  • Roz,

    It was great to get a feed blitz up date. I had not received one in months. I was wondering what happened ? Will feed blitz now continue to update again ??

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