The Ocean River Institute Presents:

Roz Savage, Ocean Rower

7 p.m., Saturday October 17, 2009

at the Regatta Bar, the Charles Hotel, Cambridge, MA

During the Head of the Charles Regatta Weekend

~ Please Come and Support Roz Savage and ORI’s

Efforts To Make Our World Greener! ~

Roz Savage is “paddling the Pacific Ocean, rowing towards a greener world, one stroke at a time” to become the first woman to row solo from California to Australia.

This year’s fundraiser will benefit Roz Savage and the work ORI does with small groups and environmental partners. The benefit will be held in the ballroom by the Regattabar – beginning with a multi-media presentation by Roz telling her stories from her Pacific journey. This will be followed by more informal time with Roz in the Regattabar, accompanied with live jazz by Grace Hughes and friends.

Single Tickets – $100/ticket

Couples – $150/ticket

Sponsor Tickets $250/ticket (preferred seating)

Special recognition will be given to people who give $250 or more

Space is limited. To RSVP, or for more information, please see the ORI website, or contact Harper at 617-661-6647 or .

An opportunity for rowers and their families to meet Roz will take place in the Regatta Bar at 5 p.m., $10 admission. Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean by Roz Savage will be available.


  • Roz, I’ve been following you from the beginning of your Atlantic row. As with many of the people here who have become part of my daily camaraderie,each morning’s visit to your virtual sharing of your life’s quest has become an important & rewarding moment in my life.

    I’m a 1st time poster who like so many have wondered what it will take until I finally jump in? I’ve had a few “close calls”, the most recent being when I received a very nice response from your mother to my request for one of your Larabar bookmarks. You see, your book is scheduled to be released on my birthday, and I thought I would reward myself with a gift. However, life, as you clearly know, doesn’t always turn out how we planed. Well, I am finaly writing today because I received a surprise in the mail today from Amazon. Yes, your book!!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!! I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am to “dig in” to this. I hope that having received word that your book is now out for public consumption, that your own sense of excitement and pride will jump comensurably.

    This is all a very long way of saying to all of the Rozlings and most particularly to you and your team, a profound “Thank you” for sharing yourselves daily and for giving all of us discreet pieces of hope, purpose and of the light that comes from a powerful human spirit.

  • Thank you, BG, for your lovely comment. I really hope you enjoy the book. If you do, could you do me a huge favor and post a review on Amazon? Having some nice reviews on there would help me sell more copies – which in turn will help me finance the next stage of my row – which in turn means I can continue to blog from my little rowboat and share my adventure with the Rozling community!

  • Will Do. Any chance that you will be coming to TO on your book tour?

    (Not sure why, but so weird, but great to have you respond from NY whenever you want to!)

  • Sorry – no plans currently to visit Toronto. It’s not within my control – Simon & Schuster have determined the schedule. But maybe one day I’ll get there – especially if there’s a speaking opportunity as well!

  • First of all, just want to mention I am a huge fan. I have enjoyed watching your adventure and telling many others about it. Also, you looked amazingly refreshed and beautiful at the premier!

    But, I do have to mention feeling a slight bit of surprise at your response to the question asked during your interview with Outside Mag.

    Is there a team surrounding you? How do you navigate? How do you get food?

    There is no team.
    I don’t see a single human being while I’m out there. I’m just totally, totally on my own. How do I navigate? I’ve got a compass between my rowing shoes, so that’s actually out in the rowing cockpit. And then I have a GPS that’s inside the cabin so I just check the GPS at the end of each rowing shift.

    I am sure you meant no slight, but it seems that the incredible team you had and still have supporting you along the way suddenly disappeared.

    Again, knowing how grateful you were to have the support, in more ways than one, I was just a little surprised they were not mentioned. Perhaps, you thought a team “surrounding you” was meant literally, and maybe it was. But, nonetheless it seemed just a bit remiss, and I can’t imagine that would be your intention.

    Also, I would love to do the bike ride, but drat recent finances.
    Have a good ride!

  • Lea – you’re quite right about my wonderful team, but the context of the question was such that it was clear she was asking if I have a support vessel alongside. Unfortunately this didn’t come through in the article. Otherwise the article was mostly accurate – although I was surprised to see a reference to “brakes”. What I actually said was “everything breaks” – but maybe she thought I needed to slow my boat down because I just go SOOO fast!

    BTW, Nicole was in the room with me when I did the phone interview, and she took no offence over the team question – so if it’s okay with her, hopefully it’s okay with you!

  • Yes, of course, interview transcripts often take things out of context. I guess that is to be assumed.
    Like I said, I had no doubt about your intent.
    After it was pointed out to me , and assuming there might be others wondering the same thing,
    I decided to mention it. I knew you would have the right explanation!
    You’re always OK with me Roz!
    Happy biking!

  • Roz, in your tweet this morning, you asked: Do I really talk like that?!. Can’t say for sure without the lilt, but …

    I especially liked this “quote” … which seem typical of your style

    I think there are a lot of parallels between what’s happened in my life and what needs to happen collectively on the environment–metaphors like course correction.

    And as for the “misquote” about the brakes,
    just had to laugh – it’s deserving of a haiku …

    so much to prepare
    ocean brutal environs
    brakes get corroded

  • As an editor who has had her workload doubled with providing original blog content, I can venture that posted interviews likely receive less editing from the verbatim transcript to a more reader-friendly style than in previous times. There’s just less time for that finessing. So yes, it reads as very conversational, but still coherent and not at all bad.

    You’re certainly an ambitious soul, Roz, to do that ride after your row. At least the weather is likely to be good. Is Nicole in Hawaii laminating hundreds of Lara Bar wrappers?

    I think my cousin Geof and his wife, Leslie, may be able to attend one of your S.F. appearances. If I can’t get there myself, at least I can send relatives!

  • They’re both right. It rained for 8 or 9 days straight and the last three days were full of bonus torrential rain. Thanks for your concern. We’re just fine, high and dry in our abode fortunately. I’ve never seen so many roads closed due to flooding in Metro Atlanta, though. Thanks goodness there weren’t high winds as well or there would be downed trees and power outages everywhere as there has been when hurricane remnants come through.

  • Belated congrats on your latest triumphs, Roz. It’s been wonderful to ride along with you on your travels. I missed the last few posts because I was following in a feed reader and didn’t notice that your feed had changed. I’ve now subscribed to the new one, but I would really like it if you’d switch your current RSS feed to deliver full posts. They’re much easier to read. Have a great time on your ride…

  • It is so true that when your 2nd leg was over and the updates stopped I did not know how to get my morning started!I really missed the updates. I also missed Roz! 105 days seemed to go on and on . it was a very short 105 days for me at least. Glad it went so well for you and I hope the support comes for your next trip…I am anxious to get your book and my lara bar wrapper!!!!
    Looking forward to leg 3 and a new water maker…..

  • I have a client in London, asked them if they have heard of Roz, yes, they’ve seen Roz on TV. A star is born in the United Kingdom.

  • Unca Doug… I saw the crescent moon last night and thought of you — I’m not really sure what the whole “new crescent moon” thing is, but while reading Roz’s blogs over the last three months, you always made me aware of the moon’s phase and sparked me to look at it when you mentioned it. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing back that awareness!

  • I actually just moved to MA a few months ago, and would love to attend this event – however at this stage in my life I just can’t afford it. So, perhaps next time you come around I’ll be at a more secure level. 🙂

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