At sunrise on April 19, 2010, the President of Kiribati was amongst the small crowd that waved Roz off from the Marine Training Centre in Tarawa for the third and final stage of her solo row across the Pacific. This voyage was notable for its brevity, a mere 46 days at sea, largely due to the strong currents in the western Pacific. Roz’s average daily mileage was 49 miles, compared with her previous best-ever day of 42 nautical miles.

Wildlife sightings were rare, but container ships were frequent, with 5 ships sometimes within sight as she passed through the Solomon Sea on the final approach to Papua New Guinea. On Friday, June 4, Roz arrived in Madang to a warm welcome. Around 5,000 people lined the shore to greet her, and many more came out in traditional canoes to escort her the last half mile into port, cheering her on as she became the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.

Kiribati to Papua New Guinea 2010:

Miles traveled: 2,248

Oarstrokes: about 460,000

Time alone at sea: 46 days

Average daily miles: 49 (compared with previous best ever daily mileage of 42)

Larabars consumed: 210

Pounds lost: sadly not enough to fit back into my jeans

Container ships sighted: too many for comfort, sometimes 4 or 5 at once





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