-- Roz Savage

1967: Roz is born in Cheshire, England.

1972-1985: Attends school in County Durham, Cheshire and Cambridge.

1986-1989: Reads law at University College, Oxford.

1988: Rows for Oxford University Women’s Boat Club (Osiris crew) against Cambridge (half-blue).

1989: Rows for Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club against Cambridge (half-blue).

1989-1994: Works for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), as a management consultant in the Financial Markets Division. She continues rowing, now for the Thames Rowing Club in London.

1994-1997: Takes a job at CHP Consulting, providing software to asset finance companies.

1997-2000: Project manager for UBS investment bank.

2000-2001: Moves to New York, working part-time as a photographer.

2003: Embarks on her first adventure: three months in Peru. Her experiences include an expedition in the Peruvian cloudforest to discover Inca ruins; a pilgrimage to Ausangate; a study of petroglyphs in the desert near Arequipa; a trip up the Amazon to try hallucinogenic ayahuasca; and two mountaineering expeditions in the Cordillera Blanca. She writes a book about her experiences. Elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS).

2004: Announces her intention to row across the Atlantic Ocean, solo.

2005-2006: Roz completes her epic crossing, taking 103 days to cross from the Canary Islands to Antigua, posting daily blogs to her website until her communications fail a month before the end, leaving her totally isolated for the remainder of the row. 2,935 miles.

2006: Roz reveals her plan to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.

2007: Launches her Pacific attempt, only for it to end after 10 days when stormy weather causes her boat to capsize 3 times in 24 hours, losing vital equipment.

2008:Undaunted, Roz returns to the Pacific. Leaving from the Golden Gate Bridge on May 25, she reaches Waikiki in a time of 99 days, becoming the first woman in history to row solo from California to Hawaii. 2,324 miles.

2009: On May 24, Roz set out from Wakiki on Stage 2 of her solo Pacific crossing. She reached Tarawa, an atoll in the Republic of Kiribati, on September 6. She was at sea for 104 days. The book about her Atlantic adventure, Rowing The Atlantic – Lessons Learned On The Open Ocean, is published in the US by Simon & Schuster. 3,158 miles

2010: Becomes the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean by rowing from Kiribati to Madang in Papua New Guinea. Is named Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic. Gives a TED Talk at TED Mission Blue, a special ocean-themed TED conference held in the Galapagos Islands. 2,248 miles

2011: Is elected Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York. Sets out on May 4 to row solo across the Indian Ocean from Australia. Arrives 154 days later, on October 4, in Mauritius, becoming the first woman ever to row across 3 oceans. Is awarded world records by Guinness Book of Records. Is invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Is awarded the Ocean Inspiration Through Adventure Award, and is inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame. 3,675 miles.

2012: Is selected from over 3,000 candidates to be one of 16 Yale World Fellows.

2013: Is awarded the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Her second book, Stop Drifting, Start Rowing: One Woman’s Search for Happiness and Meaning Alone on the Pacific, is published by Hay House.

2014: Awarded an honorary doctorate (Doctor of Laws) by Bristol University

2015: Trains as a coach with the Coaches Training Institute

2016: Opening speaker at Secretary of State John Kerry's Our Oceans Conference in Washington DC

2017: Senior Fellow at Yale's Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, teaching Courage in Theory and Practice


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