After an aborted attempt on the Pacific in 2007, when her boat capsized 3 times in 24 hours, Roz set out from under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on May 25, 2008. For the first few weeks, strong winds repeatedly blew her back towards the Californian coast, but eventually she broke free and struck out towards Hawaii.

Unfortunately the rough conditions had taken their toll, and her watermaker succumbed to rust damage a few weeks later. A lucky encounter with some fellow environmental campaigners enabled Roz to replenish her water supplies. Her encounter with the JUNK Raft - two scientists aboard  a vessel made of 15,000 empty water bottles - also allowed her to witness at first hand the research they had been conducting into the levels of plastic pollution in the notorious North Pacific Garbage Patch.

Roz rowed in past Diamond Head on the Hawaiian island of Oahu after 99 days at sea, the first woman ever to row from California to Hawaii.

San Francisco to Hawaii 2008:

Miles rowed: 2,324

Oarstrokes: about 1,000,000

Time alone at sea: 99 days, 8 hours, 55 minutes

Watermakers broken: 2

Larabars consumed: 336

Average hours of rowing per day: 11

Pounds lost: 25

Audiobooks read: 62





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