This morning I got an email from my weatherman, Lee Bruce, saying that the forecast for Friday has shifted slightly, making Friday rather less attractive as a launch day. He went into much more detail, but for me the phrase that leaped out was: “Since the starting conditions are the only ones we get a chance to pick, I’m leaning toward Tuesday.”

Another one of those darned millipedes, showing that Friday is not so good.

When your weatherman says that, you have to take it seriously. But Lee is also very deferential to local experts, those who know the regional weather patterns. So today when I was down at the Royal Perth Yacht Club Annexe, working on my boat, I asked around. Two of the weather gurus that I inherited from Sarah Outen (now several days into her epic adventure London To London Via The World) also voiced doubts about Friday, and liked the look of Tuesday.

Then my new favourite photographer and cameraman, Col Leonhardt, called up to say that it might be a bit tricky to get the helicopter for Friday. Not a major factor in the decision, but that just about clinched it.

Another of Col Leonhardt's lovely photos of Sedna the Purple

The boat really is about ready to go. Today was a super-productive day. June and Pippa went shopping for the last few items on the shopping list while I worked on the boat – stowing, testing, installing, tidying. Michael from Fibrelite Boats added a few extra inches of antifoul to bring it up above the waterline – my boat seems to be riding lower in the water this year, probably due to unfeasibly enormous quantities of food. I reckon I have enough to last at least 6 months. Apart from a final provisioning with fresh bread, fruit and veg to last me the first few days of the voyage, Sedna is now ready and raring to go.

And I’m also ready to go. The ocean is calling.

Not to mention that it is now the end of mango season here in Australia (my favourite breakfast is mango, with organic yogurt, nuts and beansprouts). The seasons are shifting, change is in the air, and it’s time I was gone.

Soon, I will be. I’ll make the most of these last few days on land to do work on my website, tie off loose ends, putter around with technology. Even when you’re ready, there is always stuff to do.

Other stuff:

Today was the crucial meeting at City Hall in London, deciding whether the 2012 London Olympics will be plastic bag free. I’ve got everything crossed. In the final days we got some big names on board to support our campaign, including actor Jeff Bridges, musician Jackson Browne, and businesswoman Natalie Massenet of Net a Porter. But will it be enough to convince the powers-that-be? We can only hope… and I will let you know as soon as I hear anything!

Forthcoming blogs, by popular demand:

– what I eat at sea

– how to follow my voyage online.


  • At least you’ll get to enjoy some cool West Australian weather before you go, Roz. It’s been so hot for the past three months that I was beginning to think it would be the main thing you’d remember about Perth!
    Another great photo from Col! He’s amazing!
    xx Pippa
    ps. Hi Rita

  • Hey Dear Roz:

    I know the feeling of “Mother Nature” getting in the way of our calling – whether it is having to get out of a cozy bed in the middle of the night to answer “Natures Call/Beckon” when you would prefer not to (Chuckle, Sorry), or to postpone a long anticipated voyage due to what She throws at us, BOTH HAVE TO BE DONE, to prevent bigger problems – We are at Her service and call quite often…

    You also touch on something that we have been discussing here a bit, my Techie “Grapevine” Communications and Blog Connections seem to be falling into the same problematic thing I see happening too often these days due to the lousy world economic situation, and the like… “I can’t take on anything more than what I have to do to get ME through the day…” What few seem to realize these days is that WE – including those who THINK THEY CAN DO IT ON THEIR OWN, can get through “Today” and ALL OF OUR TOMORROWS, much easier working together than we can on our own… And that this Me, Me, Me stuff is what is KEEPING US in this “lousy world economic situation” – and always will, unless we look Big Picture again – as we did not so many generations ago… If We look at the Big Picture it is better for all involved, INCLUDING US INDIVIDUALLY, being one of those “Involved” than it can ever be on our own…

    Roz, THANK YOU for setting a Big Picture Example INDIVIDUALLY for US ALL to follow… Wish EVERYONE would do this, doubt they ever will, but your inspiration keeps ME hopeful… Oops, There is MY Me, Me, Me attitude showing through.

  • I’m really enjoying the photos by Col Leonhardt of Sedna.

    I can’t imagine that waiting to leave could actually be pleasant. It reminds me of when I was pregnant and in those last weeks I just couldn’t wait for that baby to be born so that I could move on! I hope that you face your wait with more patience and less frustration then I did.

    I’m looking forward to your blogs on what you eat and how to follow along. I know my son will really be fascinated with your journey and we’re looking forward to virtually tagging along (in a way!).

  • I’m back from Florida, and ready for the row. Earlier this year, I spent several weeks in and around the Kennedy Space Center, as the preparations for the final Discovery Shuttle mission were going on, and that may also have been appropriate in terms of Roz’s undertaking this year. There is a lot of parallelism between our last decades of exploration of space, and Roz’s travels across the face of the globe in her rowboat. And although the term is usually reserved for people engaged in activities “underneath” the ocean surface, I don’t see why we can’t call Roz an “oceanaut” because in my mind at least she has certainly earned such a title.

    And what I also love about Roz is her calm and cool decision-making style. I know you’ll pick the right moment to make the launch, and we’re ready to go whenever you are.

    R in A

  • Delay is really a good thing-ie, Roz! Gives you extra time to get last minute details completed. Then sit back, relaxed and assess!
    Rita: Thanks for your warm communique’.

  • Great photo, Roz …
    You and Sedna look poised and ready …

    soft and vibrant hues
    love Colonel Leonhardt’s pix
    clearly inviting

    Placid rowing, Roz!

  • Roz, I’ve been following your blog for sometime now, this is my first post though.
    Mango season is just about to start here in India. It will last till mid of June. Hope you can get here before the season ends.. a basket of mangoes from our grove will be waiting for you!


  • Roz – It must be frustrating, but it seems like you are already in “zen mode” by accepting a new launch date. Andrew’s and my thoughts are with you and I can’t wait to follow the blog of your journey. On another note, I still haven’t been able to sponsor some miles – is it because I want to sponsor quite a few miles? Should I make a donation another way? Take care, Bonnie

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