A surprise delivery 5 minutes ago – a huge, HUGE box full of 9 Bars, from those nice people at Wholebake.

The last consignment got mis-delivered to the Blockbuster video shop up the road, and by the time the mistake was discovered the staff there had made a significant dent in my snack bar supply.

So Jenni Gibson has very kindly dispatched emergency replacements from the wilds of Wales, all the way to Yorkshire. I wonder if their delivery service extends to mid-Atlantic?

Blimey – I just worked out how many calories there are in this box – 80,640. Theoretically, if I ate them all in one go, I’d put on 23lb overnight – talk about Super Size Me. But even I would be hard-pushed to chomp my way through them all in one go – these should turbo-charge my workouts for quite some time – oh, at least a week.

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