The end of the road: Roz and Suzy with Sedna at KKMI
The end of the road: Roz and Suzy with Sedna at KKMI

Woodside, California

My boat Sedna made it safely to the KKMI boatyard yesterday – and in the nick of time. Today Quackers the truck, after 7,052 miles (and $1,298.97 of petrol) of faithful service over the last 3 weeks, temporarily collapsed. His blinkers went on the blink (clicking on and off at double-speed ever since I disconnected the trailer at KKMI) and he got a flat tyre. Obviously a bit of TLC is in order…

It’s good to be back in my home-from-home in Woodside. It’s been huge fun being on the road, but there is a lot happening over the next few weeks and a bit of geographical stability will be a nice change – and more conducive to productivity. This is the key time for getting Sedna shipshape again… and for getting my poor old ageing bod shipshape again too. Also lots happening on media leads, technology opportunities, and who knows – maybe even some $$$!

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