Roz's first attempt on the Pacific, in 2007, ended in high profile disaster when she ran into a fierce storm ten days after her departure from Crescent City, California. Her boat capsized three times in 24 hours, prompting a concerned well-wisher to send out the US Coast Guard to airlift her to safety. 

After salvaging her boat and making modifications to lower its centre of gravity, she set out again in May 2008 from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. She battled onshore winds for several weeks, but finally managed to break free of the California coast and headed to Hawaii, arriving 99 days later. 

In 2009 she continued her voyage, from Hawaii across the Equator to Tarawa in the Republic of Kiribati, taking 104 days to complete the crossing. 

In 2010, the final leg took a mere 46 days to row from Kiribati, across the remainder of the Pacific and into the Solomon Sea, making landfall in Madang, Papua New Guinea. 

It took her a total of 250 days to cross the 8,000 miles of the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first solo woman to complete the voyage. 







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Concern for the environment was the driving force behind Roz's voyages. She continues to advocate for a sustainable future, alongside a variety of partner organisations.


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