Woodside, California

Phew – what a relief. I was waiting for a package of documents from my mother – bank statements, tax statements, mobile phone bills, etc – to prove that I live in England. It was starting to look as if it wasn’t going to arrive in time, or was lost in the post, but has now been discovered in my neighbour’s mailbox.

Meanwhile, brief panic when it looked as if I had to pay US$100 processing fee into a Scotiabank account – and the only branch in the US is in New York. Paying it once I got to Canada would be equally impossible as I arrive at 10.30pm Tuesday night and my interview is at 8am on Wednesday morning.

But on closer inspection it turns out that this requirement only comes into force on July 1. For now, I can pay at the embassy.

This process is going to be the death of me…

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