I’ve been back in the UK for a couple of weeks now. As subscribers to my newsletter will know (and if you’re not signed up already, go to my website and enter your email address in the box bottom right) I’ve been involved in a hectic round of meetings – but have also taken the opportunity to catch up with a few friends on a whistle-stop tour of England.

Devon and Oxfordshire are two of my favourite counties. Devon for its gorgeous countryside and alternative vibe. Oxfordshire for the lovely honey-coloured Cotswold stone that glows in the sunshine, and for happy memories of rowing, regattas, and student days. Oh, incidentally, also some of the best pubs in the world.

We (Nicole, Program Director) and I seem to have brought the sunshine with us. Apparently it was cold and rainy until recently, but since we arrived we have enjoyed nonstop spring weather. Daffodils are yellowing hedgerows and gardens everywhere, skies have been blue, and there is a definite spring in the step of Mother Nature.

But it was late in the day when we pulled into Lyme Regis, the sun was setting, and the air was cooling rapidly – as you can tell by the pinkness of my nose.

Other stuff:

My book about my Atlantic row – and the life transformation that I went through to get there – is now available on Amazon. Click here to reserve your advance copy!

Photo: from L to R – Mick Dawson, Jan Meek, George Simpson and me at the launch party for the Golden Gate Endeavour crew, rowing double-handed from Japan to San Francisco. They launch shortly before my own departure on May 24. Good luck guys! And I hope to see you in San Francisco in September! Hopefully after hugely successful rows for all of us.

Meanwhile, the hard work continues. The green mission for 2009 continues to gather pace. Announcement is on April 27. Stay tuned!

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