Latest information just in! Posted by Rita Savage 2nd September.

Wednesday, October 6 – Intimate Evening with Roz.

Vancouver Maritime Museum 6:30 – 9:00
Welcome Reception featuring generous appies provided by Finest at Sea seafood boutique and welcome glass of fine local wine.
Price – minimum $80 donation, payable in advance.  $50 of this will go directly to Roz’s Fundraising Efforts.
To reserve – email

October 5 – 12:35 – 1:40 
Prince of Wales Secondary School 
No members of the public, please!

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  • Rita, this looks like a marvelous event … wish I were in VBC.
    A funny thing happened as I was reading this post …
    Probably I need new glasses or a cup of coffee to wake up!
    I thought I read “featuring generous apples” … LOL ;-D
    (the Pacific Northwest is known for it bountiful big apples)

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