Hood River, Oregon

My ocean rowing boat, Sedna Solo, seems to be having quite an adventure of her own. After months of problems and delays, she was due to arrive into Miami from Antigua last Friday. But somehow she’s ended up in Trinidad instead.

She was on board the CC Grenadines, bound for Miami, but the last I heard, the Grenadines had stopped off in Trinidad and all the freight containers unloaded. Sedna is now due to be reloaded onto a different ship, the CGM Barbados, which will go to Jamaica and then, finally, to Miami.

So Sedna is due to finally arrive on the US mainland this weekend. But I’ve heard that one before. I’ll believe it when I see it….

(And then she still has to somehow get across the US from Miami to San Francisco – there are a number of options at the moment, but nobody seems very willing to tell me how much each option is going to cost me, which is making it difficult to make any kind of decision.)

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