Rowing The Atlantic, the film by JB Benna of Journeyfilm, was a finalist in the 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival. The film includes a lot of the footage Roz shot during the Atlantic Rowing Race – she was director, producer, scriptwriter, cameraman and star – plus interviews and commentary filmed afterwards in Sausalito.
The film is currently on tour in 34 countries around the world. Check the Banff website for details of showtimes.
Music credit: “Can’t Stay Here” by Jenn Grinells


  • Couldn’t get through the trailor without crying. How will I get thru the entire film? I will definitely pre-hydrate.

  • Hi Roz,
    Would so love to watch the Rowing The Atlantic film but…
    The Banff on tour already visited Toronto, JourneyFilm is not listing the film on their site either as a maker or for sale and Amazon is only listing your book, which I already have on my wishlist for my birthday.

    This sort of failure by the makers of what may be an excellent film just ends up forcing potential watchers to pirate a copy.

  • Roz,

    attended the banff film fest in Portland and your film was so spectaular, moving and amazing! Your journey is inspiring to all of us who live on the fringe needing a spark to ignite the willingness to change direction and take a risk to live fully! Thanks so very much and all the best rowing across the Pacific!


  • I saw the film in Davis California during the Banff MtFF, You rock!, please let me know when a copy if a copy will be available to buy someday. I will continue to look for one. My daughter is nine and one day soon we are gonna sit down and have that talk… the one about… dreams! and holding on:)

    Gonna wrap up that one on the couch. Just me and her watching your movie.

    I had to “go into the drink” once when I was only about three miles out to deal with a rudder issue off my kayak. How you cut away your sea anchor … well … there’s just no words… ~

    Bravo. Row Girl Row


  • HI Roz, just your book and really was inspired by your candor and
    humanity. While I love your drive and willingness to work through all the Mind____ chatter that going solo on a journey entails, I most like that you have shown the way for anyone with a different view of life to follow their dreams. Mine is to paddle my kayak to Catalina.

    Funny how silly that sounds after your epic travels, but hey got to start somewhere. I really feel more whole when I am paddling. SInce I live Inland in Calif., I have only done ocean paddling once and fell in love with that medium. Will be 59 in two months and want to do Catalina on or before my 60th.

    all the best on your continued journey!!


  • Brian – I’m working on it. Trying to get it made available as a digital download. But unfortunately JB is just rushed off his feet at the moment, so it’s proving difficult to get any of his time.

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