I'm having a full system test of all my electronics and comms equipment.
The studio is strewn with cables, gadgets and gizmos of all
descriptions. And I'm having to try and get my head out of Mac mode and
into PC. It's a stretch…


  • “hey whats this for…zzzzzzt! (ozone smell) ohhh….” from the inside of my helicopter at 3000 feet decending rapidly. the cows in the field were quite friendly. travel heavy travel happy. blessings

  • Glad you’re still with us to tell the tale, Docsavage.

    Strange result with the blog yesterday. First test run worked perfectly. Second, third, etc – failed. Same kit, different result. Tried swapping in and out all the links in the comms chain, to no avail. Will now have to take it back to the mainland to get it tested out and replace any defective kit. Would be a tragedy if I can’t blog from the ocean!

  • Hi Roz. Just dropped in to say in reply to one of your Tweets – 1000 friends on Facebook?? Now if only they could each be persuaded to donate $25 to the cause …

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