It’s the mid-term break at Yale, and I’m at home in the UK for a couple of weeks. But please read on, because I recently took part in an interview for Liz LaRocque’s Wild Women Summit, and I think you’ll enjoy this.

But just before we go there, if you’re looking for some courage resources, you might like to check out these posts from the archives:

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Okay – now over to Liz and those Wild Women (equally applicable to men!) in hiding…


Liz writes:

Are you feeling stuck and bored with life?

Do you have a wild woman in you just waiting to be unleashed?

Do want to live a joyful, adventurous life?

Do you want to live out loud?

Do you want to feel confident?

Do you want to have the type of presence that commands attention as soon as you walk in a room?

Attend the free online telesummit, Wild Women in Hiding:  Unleash Your Confidence Through Adventurous Challenges.


Click Here to go to the sign up page and you will have immediate access to free gifts and information on how to listen to the interviews.

When you attend this telesummit you will find inspiration, information, tips and strategies to unlocking your confidence, and unleashing the wild woman in you.  You will learn how to break out of your shell and make your mark on the world, and how taking on adventurous challenges can help you do just that, all while finding a healthy dose of joy.  You will also discover how to:

  • find your true grit and gumption,
  • push past self-imposed limitations,
  • connect with nature, and
  • seize life by the horns and really live life, not just exist.

This free online event starts on March 20, 2017 and runs for two weeks, with 2 interviews a day being released.  You will have 48 hours of free access to the interview of each of our amazing, adventurous speakers.  Get access by clicking on the following link: Wild Women in Hiding


Enjoy! I’ll be sending out another abbreviated blog post next week with news of a new podcast interview, then back to normal service on Thursday 30th March.


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