Southampton, Hampshire

Today I met with Andrew Morris of PA Freight to discuss the ongoing saga of trying to get Sedna from Antigua to Miami. Andrew has stepped up after another shipping company proved unable to help. My progress across the Atlantic may have been slow, but nowhere near as slow as getting Sedna across the Caribbean.

As well as being the official race shipper, Andrew was surely the most dogged competitor in the Atlantic Rowing Race. Shortly after the start, he fell over on the boat and suffered concussion. While Andrew was in hospital his crewmate decided their row was off and flew back to France. Andrew recovered and still wanted to race but now had no partner. Over a beer one night, he persuaded Mick Dawson, one of the race officials, to drop everything and join him in rowing an ocean.

And they did it – overtaking me in the process (grrr!) – and finishing in the 7th fastest time. Impressive persistence.

I just hope Andrew can be as successful in persuading the Antiguan agents into action…

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