On the Atlantic
On the Atlantic

On Feb 5 I will be in San Francisco for the Ocean Film Festival screening of Rowing The Atlantic, the film by JB Benna of Journeyfilm. It was a finalist in last year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival. The film includes a lot of the footage I shot during the Atlantic Rowing Race – I was director, producer, scriptwriter, cameraman and, errr, star, plus interviews and commentary filmed afterwards in Sausalito.

If you live in the Bay Area, I hope you might be able to come and join us. I will be around for Q&A afterwards.

And there are many more stunning films in the SFOFF lineup – all connected in some way with our incredibly precious oceans. Check out the program for full details.

See you there!


  • Lulu will make/sell DVD’s at a cost starting at only $7.50 per disc, with no minimum.


    I haven’t published any DVD’s, but I have published 2 of my father’s children’s books there:


    The pricing was as Lulu describes (no hidden fees), and the upload/publishing process was almost as easy as they describe.

    It gets more complicated if you need an ISBN (e.g. to sell on Amazon), but you don’t have to start out that way. (Note: I don’t know if DVD’s even need ISBN’s.)

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    The only solutions are to patronise the sort of place that doesn’t do take-out coffee but expects you to sit down at one of their tables and drink it out of proper chinaware that they can wash up after you’ve gone (it tastes much better then), or forgo coffee and carry a bottle of water – stainless-steel of course.

  • Thanks, Christopher. I think the main cost was actually at the artistic end – creating a menu, designing the DVD case, etc – so we would still need to find the finance for that. But I’ve filed the Lulu information for future reference. Thank you!

  • Roz,

    Initially I was excited to see you were part of the NGS lecture series in Seattle on March 22 & 23, then I checked my calendar and found that those days conflict with a commitment to participate in a conference aimed at increasing public awareness of the recreational value of and environmental status of our local river here in Spokane, Washington.

    I became a fan of yours after seeing your film at Banff last November. I recently finished your book and if you haven’t already had it entered in the Banff Mountain Book Festival, you need to do so. I for one think it will make it as a finalist. I say that as a pre-screener – one who selects the finalists – who has a pretty good record at picking the eventual finalists.

    As an additional FYI, I recommended that my friends at Banff consider contacting you regarding your participating in a festival soon.

    Keep up the good work an I look forward to meeting you some day soon.

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