Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

The Leander story has taken on a life of its own. Apparently I got 8 column inches in the Telegraph today. I am also in the Times, I’m due to be on Radio Five Live in about half an hour (5:50pm), ITV News and GMTV have been in touch, and I’m on the BBC website.

And why? Because a group of pink-socked gentlemen decided, as it is perfectly within their discretion to do, that I did not meet the criteria for membership of a club that few people outside of rowing or outside of the UK have ever heard of.

In my blogs I regularly talk about things that are important to me – the environment, anti-materialism, finding life purpose, etc – but apart from a few loyal readers making comments, these things rarely cause a stir.

In the overall scheme of things, what matters more? That a small and insignificant club turned down a small and insignificant rower, or that the whole planet is going to hell while politicians twiddle their thumbs and watch their popularity ratings?

What is going on with our scale of values? It makes me want to scream. Stop reading this site immediately, and go and use your mental energy for something more important instead. Like deciding what you’re going to do with your time on this earth, or how you’re going to do your bit for the environment.

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