Here is the first set of photos from Roz’s arrival in Tarawa!!! Many more to come soon…

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  • Fabulous pictures. I especially loved the Roz-Nicole swimming meetup pictures. Proves that any-temperature-beer is a good beer, under the right circumstances. And what a delightful welcoming ceremony. Roz, you earned every bit of this! What an amazing demonstration of strength you showed, especially during the last two days of the row!

  • Over a hundred days at sea, and you look fabulous! I spend one day in a car and end up looking like a drowned rat!

    Major congrats!! And, again, major kudos to Nicole for pulling off a grand Hero’s welcome! I can’t wait to see more photos and hear more stories.

  • It’s so appropriate that Nicole should be the first to greet Roz – and by actually swimming out to meet her!

    A great achievement for both of you!

  • Beautiful! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. We can see your joy, some sort of anguish and relief on your face and the trepidation on Nicole’s.
    Roz you look wonderful. No massage for Brocade but she needs a serious facial 🙂

    The people of Tarawa are so beautiful too – What a welcome!
    103 days at sea and all these hard bodies – sister your head must have been spinning 🙂

    BTW when I sent you 1,335,834 bravos the other day you need to know that I actually clapped 1,335,834 (give or take a few) or 7 sessions of 1/2 hour for a total of 3 and 1/2 hours of applause. Must be a record here too.



  • I don’t know how neither do I know why but those two men carrying you to shore is SO DAJAVU to me. It is like a glimpse of time that occured thousands of years ago. The entire experience resonates with me and by the looks of you in the photo it did with you as well.

    I am conscience of the environment so the cause of your adventure had no profound impact upon me. The spiritual interconnectiveness of humanity had a profound impact upon me. Congrats Roz!

  • Congrats Roz, great job in keeping us all up to date, what a strange thing these satellites are, we were all along with you day to day, even though you couldn’t see us. you truly are an inspiration to me and to so many. Thanks for being such a positive spirit. Rest well…

  • Hi Roz, great set of pictures, and your arrival was really a big deal and well done by the Tarawa people. Enjoy yourself, get rested, and prepare for your next leg of your rowing!

  • Congratulations, Roz!
    Thank you for the wonderful ride and the photos of the arrival ceremony.
    I bet that beer tasted great! What a wonderful welcoming from the people of Tarawa.
    Please get some well-deserved rest.
    All the best,

  • Excellent pics Roz! I’m so happy to see you got such a great welcome on such short notice. But please, you have to use more sunscreen! Enjoy you’re well deserved rest.


  • Congratulations!!!
    Glad that you arrived safely…been following you from the start!
    Enjoy some rest and relaxation! Great pics!

  • Congrats Roz. I have been following your daily blogs with great passion. Not only do I think that you are an amazing lady, but also a great writer. You inspire many of us and I look forward reading your upcoming Atlantic book and perhaps there will be a Pacific book as well.

  • Roz, you ROCK! Been peeking in on you from time to time and soooooo fabulous to see your shining face and gorgeous smile. Don’t think you needed to lose 30 pounds but perhaps you could start a new food fad – The Pacific Ocean Diet

    Carry forth and know you are much loved and admired for your courage, strength of convictions and for not only walking the eco talk, but for rowing it!! Best, Betsy (TCP’er and green radio host)

  • ” Congrats Roz….great,highly inspirational.Recently started reading about u,became fan of u…….great job..keep going……..I feel I am looking at mix of forest gump+ cast away…………Roz ur rocking………ATB” .


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