My boat is being not so much REfurbished as DEfurbished. We have been busy stripping out all the things that don’t work – i.e. almost everything, and now Brocade is nearly as naked as the day she was born.

I haven’t quite figured out how to arrange photos in Blogger (for some reason it has loaded them in reverse order), and I am already late for dinner with the team, so please excuse lack of elegant formatting.

1. Me with John Dunning of Powerflare, who swung by today to drop off 4 Powerflares. They look really cool! Onboard disco! (and more seriously, an important safety device)

2. Riggers and spare oar cups have been removed from side decks and sent to Tom in Michigan so he can use them as templates for replacements.

3. Rollbar now denuded of antennae and cameras – I will use handheld and standalone units. Go Pro have sent 3 cameras, which look really cool.

4. Nav instruments removed – I’ll just use the compass while I’m rowing, and check the GPS at the end of each shift.

5. Empty fore cabin

6. Empty aft cabin

7. One blushingly naked boat….

Must run – this has been thirsty/hungry work and dinner calls!

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  • Wow, very empty boat. Roz, as you start packing it up with equipment again, there’s something I’ve been thinking about… Have you ever thought about packing an emergency sail? In the event of an injury, equipment failure, etc., it could mean the difference between needing a rescue, and making it to safety on your own. I’m sure you could rig a mast with duct tape, rope, and an oar. Something like this:

    Very inexpensive too, if you make it yourself as per the instructions there. Pretty much just a piece of ripstop nylon.

  • Thanks, ER – I’m sure that I could probably manage to rig something using my fishing rod and a poncho! Necessity truly is the mother of invention!

  • I am a firm believer in KISS – especially on the water.

    Being a sailor, I like the emergency sail idea –

    Do you ever go with a “bimini” cover for shade and water collection?

    Also thanks for the heads-up on Olly Hicks. Quite a story and something I look forward to following. His style of writing is not as entertaining as yours; I have yet to get a feel about him as a person and what motivates him. Have you ever shared ideas/stories with him??

  • Roz – that’s the way blogger works. Everything is reverse chronological as in most recent at the top of the post. That way you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the most recent post. BUT! It’s a bother when you are posting photos, you have enter them on the upload page backwards -Thomas

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