To herald the publication of my next book, Stop Drifting, Start Rowing: One Woman’s Search for Happiness and Meaning Alone on the Pacific, I am revisiting some of my blogs from the Pacific crossing, adding a postscript either with additional details or a kind of “if I’d known then what I know now….” comment.

Day 10: 40 Knots

Roz and Rita Savage
22 Aug 2007, Pacific Ocean

[Comment: Little did I know what was in store. It all seemed like a jolly jape when the wind started to rise. It was blowing the right direction, so I was happy and singing the Hawaii Five-O theme song as I surfed the waves. But not for long!

I was amazed to see this video now has over 25,000 views on YouTube. For an ultra-low res video, with barely-legible captions, and even worse, featuring me singing – never a good thing – this is quite remarkable!]


Day 11 (Audio Log): Rough Seas

22 Aug 2007


Day 11a: 2nd PodCast: A Night in a Washing Machine

Roz and Rita Savage
22 Aug 2007

A couple of days ago there was a report on TV about a badger that had crawled into a washing machine – and survived a washing cycle when it was turned on. In this second Podcast Roz describes what it was like to experience the boat rolling over twice during the night. Sounds like a similar experience. However, she does have great faith her boat’s ability to self-right, having been through something similar on the Atlantic Ocean. Until the weather improves this is how she will continue to send her reports.

[Comment: sadly these audio logs have also been lost in translation from one blogging platform to another. A real shame – I would love to know what I said! If anybody wishes to do some techno-detective work and figure it out, here is the link to the blog post on x-journal. I don’t know if that might offer some clues to the initiated! They say that everything that goes online lives on somewhere, somehow, so if anybody can salvage these two recordings I would be immensely grateful.

Meanwhile, the comments that were posted on this blog entry and the one before might give some indication as to the content.]

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  • that spooks me every time I watch it !…BRAVO Roz , you are one tough and inspirational lady 🙂 Glad you have decided to stay on terra firma now !

    David Church

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