Washington DC

Last week in DC, I met up with Margo Pellegrino, who in just a couple of months will set off to row an outrigger canoe from Miami to Maine – to bring attention to one of the most critical problems the entire world faces – the future of our oceans.

In many ways, we have much in common – both women, both 5 ft 5in (ish), both 39 years old, both keen to raise awareness of environmental issues, and both paddling – one forwards, one backwards, one east coast from town to town, one west coast – straight out! And both keen to support each other.

Margo is an amazing woman – buzzing with energy, and passionate about her environmental cause. She has hooked up with an incredible array of environmental charities, trains like a maniac, looks as lean and fit as a greyhound – and all this while also being a good wife and mother to two young children. Yay – I have it easy!

She sets out on May 5th this year, just 2 days before her 40th birthday. Check out her website, and give her your support!

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