Eaton Shopping Mall, Montreal, Quebec

I travel half way round the world, and then spend my days sitting the in food court of a huge shopping mall. How sad is that?!

But I have work to do, and here I have access to free internet and electrical sockets. It’s also air-conditioned, and the temperature outside is in the thirties. So for the last 2 days I have sat on my perch at the long bar and tapped away at my keyboard, lining up speaking engagements, making contacts on the West Coast, and catching up on my emails.

I’ve also at long last become a member of the Skype community, which will be very handy whenever my nomadic lifestyle puts me somewhere with broadband. Mum rang me on my Skype connection yesterday and it was great to chat without worrying about a GDP-sized mobile phone bill.

But speaking of oversized things, the one big disadvantage of spending my days in a food court is that I have unlimited access to food of all the worst kinds. A new Montreal contact rang this morning to suggest he can probably get me on the radio, and maybe even the TV. ‘Radio is better,’ I said. ‘TV adds 7 pounds.’

He also offered to put me in touch with some local Ironman triathletes if I wanted training partners. I nearly choked on my chocolate chip cookie. I’d be struggling to keep up with the Tin Man, let alone an Ironman…

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