Leeds, UK

(Rita Savage)

One frozen, foggy, frosty day in December Roz and I were filmed and interviewed by Yorkshire TV in Roundhay Park in Leeds, and later at my home. The resulting TV documentary will be shown in the Yorkshire area on March 12th – one year minus one day since Roz’ arrival in Antigua at the end of her epic row across the Atlantic. The title of the programme will be “Is it worth it?”, part of a series of 12 interviews with people who have done things a bit out of the ordinary.
It is a pity that most of you reading this blog will not be able to view it. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what they have made of all the material that they have taken. This includes photographs of Roz as a child, her video tapes made before and during the rowing race, interviews in the park, and one to one interviews here at the house.
Roz and I both came up with very positive views about whether it was all worth it, and I hope that this comes over strongly during the half-hour viewing. Even though you may not be able to see it, I trust that you will continue to support Roz in her adventure, knowing how important it is to her.

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